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Words formed from any letters in rusks, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

a -   sarks   skuas   suras

b -   brusk   busks

c -   cusks   rucks   sucks

d -   dusks   surds

e -   ruses   suers   users

f -   surfs

h -   husks

i -   risks   risus

k -   rusks

l -   lurks   slurs   sulks

m -   murks   musks

n -   knurs

o -   kusso   sorus   souks   sours

p -   spurs

r -   rusks

s -   rusks

t -   rusts   truss   turks   tusks

u -   kurus   rusks

4 letters

a -   arks   asks   auks   sark   skas   skua   sura   ursa

b -   burs   busk   buss   rubs   subs   urbs

c -   crus   curs   cusk   cuss   ruck   suck

d -   dusk   suds   surd   urds

e -   kues   rues   ruse   sers   suer   sues   sure   ukes   user   uses

f -   furs   fuss   surf

g -   rugs

h -   husk   rhus   rush

i -   irks   kirs   kiss   kris   risk   sirs   skis   sris

k -   rusk

l -   lurk   slur   sulk

m -   murk   musk   muss   rums   sums

n -   knur   runs   sunk   suns   urns

o -   kors   koss   ours   souk   sour   sous

p -   purs   puss   spur   sups

q -   suqs

r -   rusk

s -   rusk   suss

t -   rust   ruts   tsks   turk   tusk

u -   kuru   rusk   urus

w -   wuss

y -   yuks

3 letters

a -   ark   ars   ask   ass   auk   kas   ras   sau   ska

b -   bur   bus   rub   sub   urb

c -   cur

d -   urd

e -   ers   ess   kue   res   rue   ser   sue   uke   use

f -   fur

g -   rug

i -   irk   kir   sir   sis   ski   sri

j -   jus

m -   mus   rum   sum

n -   nus   run   sun   uns   urn

o -   kor   kos   ors   our   sos   sou

p -   pur   pus   sup   ups

q -   suq

t -   rut   tsk   uts

y -   sky   yuk

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