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Words formed from any letters in rooted, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

m -   motored

p -   torpedo   trooped

r -   redroot

s -   roosted

u -   outdoer   outrode

6 letters

a -   orated   roadeo

b -   booted   debtor   reboot

c -   cooter   doctor

d -   odored   rooted

e -   rooted   teredo

f -   foetor   footed   footer   foredo   roofed

h -   dehort   hooted   hooter   hotrod

i -   dotier   editor   oroide   rioted   toroid   triode

k -   retook   rooked   troked

l -   looted   looter   retold   retool   toledo   tooled   tooler

m -   moored   mooted   mooter   roomed

n -   enroot   rodent

o -   rooted

p -   deport   ported   redtop

r -   rooted   rooter   torero

s -   doters   rodeos   roosed   sooted   sorted   stored   strode   torose

t -   dotter   rooted   rotted   tooted   tooter

u -   detour   redout   routed   toured

v -   overdo

w -   trowed

x -   dextro

z -   doozer

5 letters

a -   adore   dater   derat   oared   oater   orate   oread   rated   tardo   tared   trade   tread

b -   booed   bored   brood   dobro   orbed   robed   robot

c -   coder   cooed   cooer   cored   coted   credo   decor   recto

d -   doted   doter   odder   rodeo   trode

e -   deter   doter   erode   rodeo   treed   trode

f -   fetor   fordo   forte   ofter

g -   ergot   godet   gored

h -   doeth   horde   oohed   ortho   other   thoro   throe

i -   droit   oorie   ootid   tired   tried

k -   toked   toker   troke

l -   dolor   drool   looed   older   toled

m -   metro   mooed   motor   romeo

n -   donor   drone   noted   noter   odeon   redon   rondo   tenor   tondo   toned   toner   trend   trone

o -   doter   rodeo   trode

p -   depot   doper   droop   dropt   opted   pedro   pored   repot   roped   toped   toper   troop   trope

r -   doter   order   retro   rodeo   rotor   trode

s -   doers   doest   doors   doser   dotes   drest   odors   ordos   redos   resod   roods   roose   roost   roots   rosed   roset   rotes   rotos   stood   store   tores   toros   torse   torso

t -   doter   otter   rotte   torot   torte   toted   toter   trode

u -   odour   outdo   outed   outer   outre   route   trued   uredo

v -   drove   overt   roved   trove   voted   voter

w -   dower   rowed   towed   tower   wooed   wooer   wrote

x -   detox   oxter   redox

y -   dorty   rooty   toyed   toyer   tyred

z -   dozer   oozed   trooz

4 letters

a -   aero   dare   dart   date   dato   dear   doat   drat   odea   orad   rate   rato   read   road   rota   tare   taro   tear   toad   toea   tora   trad

b -   bode   boor   boot   bore   bort   bred   broo   debt   oboe   robe

c -   cero   code   coed   coot   cord   core   cote   deco   torc

d -   dodo   doer   door   dore   dote   eddo   odor   ordo   redd   redo   rode   rood   toed   trod

e -   deer   deet   dere   doer   dore   dote   dree   rede   redo   reed   rete   rode   rote   teed   toed   tore   tree

f -   deft   feod   food   foot   ford   fore   fort   fret   froe   reft   roof   tref

g -   doge   dreg   ergo   goer   good   gore   grot   ogre

h -   doth   herd   hero   hoed   hoer   hood   hoot   ohed   thro

i -   diet   dire   dirt   dite   doit   edit   ired   ride   riot   rite   roti   tide   tied   tier   tire   tiro   tori   trio

j -   dojo

k -   dork   drek   keto   kore   koto   rook   toke   took   trek

l -   delt   dole   dolt   lode   loot   lord   lore   oleo   orle   role   rotl   told   tole   tool

m -   demo   derm   dome   doom   dorm   mode   mood   moor   moot   more   mort   mote   omer   room   term   tome   toom

n -   dent   done   nerd   node   note   onto   rend   rent   tend   tern   tone   toon   torn

o -   doer   door   dore   dote   odor   ordo   redo   rode   rood   root   rote   roto   toed   tore   toro   trod

p -   dope   dorp   drop   oped   pert   poet   pood   poor   pore   port   prod   repo   rope   tope   trop

r -   doer   door   dore   dorr   odor   ordo   redo   rode   rood   root   rote   roto   tore   toro   torr   trod

s -   does   dors   dose   dost   dots   eros   erst   odes   oots   ores   orts   reds   rest   rets   rods   roes   rose   rots   soot   sord   sore   sort   teds   tods   toes   tors

t -   dote   otto   root   rote   roto   toed   toot   tore   toro   tort   tote   tret   trod   trot

u -   dour   duet   dure   duro   euro   roue   rout   rude   rued   tour   true   turd

v -   dove   over   rove   vert   veto   vote

w -   drew   owed   trow   wert   wood   word   wore   wort

y -   dory   doty   dyer   oyer   ryot   tody   tory   toyo   trey   troy   tyer   tyre   tyro   yore

z -   doze   ooze   orzo   zero

3 letters

a -   ado   are   art   ate   ear   eat   era   eta   oar   oat   ora   rad   rat   tad   tae   tao   tar   tea

b -   bed   bet   bod   boo   bot   bro   deb   obe   orb   reb   rob

c -   cod   coo   cor   cot   doc   orc   rec   roc

d -   doe   dor   dot   odd   ode   red   rod   ted   tod

e -   dee   doe   ere   ode   ore   red   ree   ret   roe   ted   tee   toe

f -   eft   fed   fer   fet   foe   for   fro   oft   ref

g -   dog   ego   erg   ged   get   god   goo   gor   got   reg   teg   tog

h -   edh   eth   her   het   hod   hoe   hot   oho   ooh   rho   the   tho

i -   die   dit   ire   rei   rid   tie

j -   jet   joe   jot

k -   kor   oke

l -   del   dol   eld   led   let   loo   lot   old   ole   tel

m -   dom   med   met   mod   moo   mor   mot   rem   rom   tom

n -   den   don   end   eon   ern   net   nod   noo   nor   not   one   ten   ton

o -   doe   dor   dot   ode   oot   ore   ort   rod   roe   rot   tod   toe   too   tor

p -   ope   opt   ped   per   pet   pod   pot   pro   rep   top

r -   dor   err   ore   ort   red   ret   rod   roe   rot   tor

s -   dos   eds   ers   ods   oes   ors   ose   res   ser   set   sod   sot

t -   dot   oot   ort   ret   rot   ted   tet   tod   toe   too   tor   tot

u -   due   duo   oud   our   out   rue   rut   udo   urd

v -   dev   rev   vet   voe

w -   dew   dow   owe   row   tew   tow   two   wed   wet   woe   woo   wot

x -   dex   oxo   rex

y -   dey   dry   dye   rye   toy   try   tye   yet   yod

z -   zed   zoo

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