More Words

Words formed from any letters in rhuses, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

b -   brushes   bushers

c -   crushes

e -   rushees

g -   gurshes   gushers

k -   huskers

m -   mushers

o -   housers

p -   pushers

q -   qurshes

r -   rushers

6 letters

a -   assure   hussar   rashes   shares   shears   surahs   urases

b -   burses   busher   bushes   shrubs   subers

c -   cruses   curses   cusser   ruches   sucres

d -   druses   duress   rushed   sherds   shreds   sudser

e -   reshes   reuses   rhesus   rhuses   rushee   rushes   sheers   ushers

f -   fusser

g -   gusher   gushes   shrugs   surges

h -   hushes   rhesus   rhuses   rushes   ushers

i -   hisser   issuer   shiers   shires   sieurs

k -   husker

l -   lusher   lushes

m -   musers   musher   mushes   rheums   serums

n -   nurses

o -   horses   houser   houses   rouses   serous   shoers   shores

p -   purses   pusher   pushes   sprues   supers

r -   rhesus   rhuses   rusher   rushes   ushers

s -   rhesus   rhuses   rushes   ushers

t -   estrus   hursts   russet   shutes   surest   tushes   tusseh   tusser

u -   rhesus   rhuses   rushes   uruses   ushers

v -   versus

w -   shrews

y -   shyers

5 letters

a -   arses   ashes   aures   hares   hears   rases   rheas   sears   share   shear   sheas   surah   suras   urase   ureas   ursae

b -   brush   buhrs   burse   buses   herbs   rebus   rubes   shrub   suber

c -   chess   cress   cruse   crush   cures   curse   ecrus   ruche   sucre

d -   dress   druse   dures   herds   hurds   sheds   sherd   shred   surds

e -   erses   heres   reuse   ruses   seers   seres   sheer   suers   users   usher

f -   fresh   fuses   serfs   surfs

g -   grues   guess   gursh   huger   shrug   sughs   surge   urges

h -   shush   usher

i -   heirs   hires   issue   rises   risus   shier   shies   shire   shris   sieur   sires   sushi

j -   jehus

k -   husks   rusks

l -   herls   hurls   lehrs   lures   rules   shuls   slues   slurs   slush

m -   herms   mures   muser   muses   rheum   serum

n -   herns   nurse   runes   shuns

o -   euros   heros   hoers   horse   hoses   hours   house   roses   roues   rouse   shoer   shoes   shore   sores   sorus   sours   souse

p -   press   purse   puses   sprue   spues   spurs   super   supes

q -   qursh

r -   ruers   ruses   suers   surer   users   usher

s -   ruses   suers   users   usher

t -   hests   hurst   hurts   rests   rusts   ruths   shute   shuts   suets   tress   trues   truss

u -   ruses   suers   users   usher

w -   shews   shrew

x -   xerus

y -   hussy   rushy   shyer

4 letters

a -   ares   arse   ears   eras   haes   hare   hear   rase   rash   rhea   sash   sear   seas   sera   shea   sura   urea   ursa

b -   buhr   burs   bush   buss   herb   hubs   rebs   rube   rubs   subs   urbs

c -   cess   crus   cues   cure   curs   cuss   ecru   ecus   recs   secs   such

d -   dues   dure   edhs   herd   hued   reds   rude   rued   shed   suds   sued   surd   urds   used

e -   eses   here   hers   hues   rees   resh   rues   ruse   seer   sees   sere   sers   shes   suer   sues   sure   user   uses

f -   fehs   fess   feus   furs   fuse   fuss   refs   serf   surf

g -   ergs   grue   gush   huge   hugs   regs   rugs   segs   sugh   ughs   urge

h -   hehs   hers   hues   hush   resh   rhus   rush   shes

i -   heir   hies   hire   hiss   ires   reis   rise   seis   shri   sire   sirs   sris

j -   jehu   jess

k -   husk   kues   rusk   ukes

l -   herl   hurl   lehr   less   lues   lure   lush   rule   sels   shul   slue   slur

m -   emus   hems   herm   hums   mesh   mess   mure   muse   mush   muss   rems   rums   sums

n -   erns   hens   hern   huns   ness   rune   runs   shun   suns   urns

o -   eros   euro   hero   hoer   hoes   hose   hour   ores   oses   ours   rhos   roes   rose   roue   shoe   sore   sour   sous

p -   pehs   pure   purs   push   puss   reps   spue   spur   supe   sups

q -   suqs

r -   errs   hers   resh   rhus   ruer   rues   ruse   rush   sers   suer   sure   user

s -   hers   hues   resh   rhus   rues   ruse   rush   sers   shes   suer   sues   sure   suss   user   uses

t -   erst   eths   hest   hets   hurt   huts   rest   rets   rust   ruth   ruts   sets   shut   suet   thru   thus   true   tush

u -   hues   rhus   rues   ruse   rush   suer   sues   sure   urus   user   uses

v -   revs

w -   hews   sews   shew   wuss

y -   ryes

3 letters

a -   are   ars   ash   ass   ear   eau   era   hae   has   rah   ras   sae   sau   sea   sha

b -   bur   bus   hub   reb   rub   sub   urb

c -   cue   cur   ecu   rec   sec

d -   due   duh   edh   eds   red   urd

e -   ere   ers   ess   her   hes   hue   ree   res   rue   see   ser   she   sue   use

f -   efs   feh   fer   feu   fur   ref

g -   erg   hug   reg   rug   seg   ugh

h -   heh   her   hes   hue   huh   she   shh

i -   hie   his   ire   rei   sei   sir   sis   sri

j -   jeu   jus

k -   kue   uke

l -   els   leu   sel

m -   ems   emu   hem   hum   mus   rem   rum   sum

n -   ens   ern   hen   hun   nus   run   sen   sun   uns   urn

o -   hoe   oes   ohs   ore   ors   ose   our   rho   roe   sos   sou

p -   hep   hup   peh   per   pes   pur   pus   rep   sup   ups

q -   suq

r -   err   ers   her   res   rue   ser

s -   ers   ess   hes   res   ser   she   sue   use

t -   eth   het   hut   ret   rut   set   the   uts

u -   hue   rue   sue   use

v -   rev

w -   hew   sew

x -   hex   rex   sex

y -   hey   rye   shy   yeh   yes

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