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Words formed from any letters in rends, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

a -   denars   redans   sander   snared

e -   denser   enders   resend   sender

i -   diners   rinsed   snider

o -   drones   redons   snored   sonder   sorned

t -   trends

u -   nursed   sunder

5 letters

a -   dares   darns   deans   dears   denar   earns   nards   nares   nears   rands   rased   reads   redan   saned   saner   sedan   snare

b -   bends   brens

c -   scend

d -   nerds   redds   rends

e -   deers   denes   dense   drees   ender   ernes   needs   nerds   redes   reeds   rends   seder   sered   sneer

f -   fends   ferns

g -   dregs

h -   herds   herns   shend   sherd   shred

i -   diner   dines   dries   nides   reins   resid   resin   rides   rinds   rinse   risen   serin   sired   siren   snide

k -   dreks   kerns

l -   lends

m -   derms   mends

n -   nerds   rends

o -   doers   doser   drone   nodes   nosed   redon   redos   resod   rosed   senor   snore   sonde

p -   pends   spend

r -   nerds   rends

s -   dress   nerds   rends   sends   sneds

t -   dents   drest   nerts   rents   stern   tends   terns   trend

u -   druse   dunes   dures   durns   nuder   nudes   nurds   nurse   runes   under

v -   vends

w -   wends   wrens

y -   dyers   dynes   nerdy   rynds   syren

4 letters

a -   ands   anes   ares   arse   dare   darn   dean   dear   earn   ears   eras   nard   near   rads   rand   rase   read   sade   sand   sane   sard   sear   sera

b -   beds   bend   bens   bred   bren   debs   nebs   rebs

c -   recs

d -   dens   ends   nerd   redd   reds   rend   send   sned

e -   deer   dees   dene   dens   dere   dree   ends   erne   erns   need   nerd   rede   reds   reed   rees   rend   seed   seen   seer   send   sene   sere   sned

f -   feds   fend   fens   fern   refs   serf

g -   dreg   engs   ergs   geds   gens   regs

h -   edhs   hens   herd   hern   hers   resh   shed

i -   deni   dies   dine   dins   dire   ides   ired   ires   nide   rein   reis   ride   rids   rind   rins   rise   side   sine   sire

k -   desk   drek   kens   kern

l -   dels   elds   lend   lens   sled

m -   derm   mend   rems

n -   dens   ends   erns   nerd   rend   send   sned

o -   doer   does   done   dons   dore   dors   dose   eons   eros   node   nods   noes   nose   odes   ones   ores   redo   rode   rods   roes   rose   sone   sord   sore   sorn

p -   peds   pend   pens   reps   sped

r -   erns   errs   nerd   reds   rend

s -   dens   ends   erns   ness   reds   send   sers   sned

t -   dent   erst   nest   nets   rent   rest   rets   sent   teds   tend   tens   tern

u -   dues   dune   duns   dure   durn   nude   nurd   rude   rued   rues   rune   runs   ruse   sued   suer   surd   sure   unde   urds   urns   used   user

v -   devs   revs   vend

w -   dews   drew   news   sewn   weds   wend   wens   wren

y -   deny   deys   drys   dyer   dyes   dyne   ryes   rynd   snye   syne   yens

z -   zeds

3 letters

a -   ads   and   ane   are   ars   ear   era   nae   rad   ran   ras   sad   sae   sea

b -   bed   ben   deb   neb   reb

c -   rec   sec

d -   den   eds   end   red

e -   dee   den   eds   end   ens   ere   ern   ers   nee   red   ree   res   see   sen   ser

f -   efs   fed   fen   fer   ref

g -   eng   erg   ged   gen   reg   seg

h -   edh   hen   her   hes   she

i -   die   din   dis   ids   ins   ire   rei   rid   rin   sei   sin   sir   sri

k -   ken

l -   del   eld   els   led   sel

m -   ems   med   men   rem

n -   den   end   ens   ern   sen

o -   doe   don   dor   dos   eon   nod   nor   nos   ode   ods   oes   one   ons   ore   ors   ose   rod   roe   sod   son

p -   ped   pen   per   pes   rep

r -   ern   err   ers   red   res   ser

s -   eds   ens   ers   ess   res   sen   ser

t -   net   ret   set   ted   ten

u -   due   dun   nus   rue   run   sue   sun   uns   urd   urn   use

v -   dev   rev

w -   dew   new   sew   wed   wen

x -   dex   rex   sex

y -   dey   dry   dye   rye   syn   yen   yes

z -   zed

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