More Words

Words formed from any letters in reflows, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

t -   felworts

7 letters

a -   foresaw   loafers   safrole   seafowl

b -   blowers   bowlers

c -   scowler

d -   folders   refolds   weldors

e -   flowers   fowlers   reflows   wolfers

f -   flowers   fowlers   reflows   wolfers

g -   glowers   golfers   reglows

h -   howlers

l -   fellows   flowers   fowlers   reflows   wolfers

n -   reflown

o -   flowers   fowlers   reflows   wolfers   woofers   woolers

p -   plowers

r -   flowers   fowlers   reflows   rolfers   wolfers

s -   flowers   fowlers   reflows   wolfers

t -   felwort   florets   lofters   trowels   twofers

u -   ourself

v -   wolvers

w -   flowers   fowlers   reflows   werwolf   wolfers

x -   flexors

y -   flowery   yowlers

6 letters

a -   falser   farles   flares   florae   floras   loafer   safrol   wafers   walers   warsle

b -   belows   blower   bowels   bowers   bowler   browse   elbows   robles

c -   ceorls   closer   cowers   cresol   escrow   forces   fresco

d -   dorsel   dowels   dowers   dowser   drowse   flowed   folder   fowled   refold   resold   rolfed   slowed   solder   weldor   wolfed   worlds

e -   fleers   flower   fowler   lowers   refels   reflew   reflow   resole   rowels   slower   wolfer

f -   flower   fowler   offers   reflow   wolfer

g -   forges   glower   gofers   golfer   growls   oglers   reglow

h -   howler   reshow   shower   wholes   whores   whorls

i -   filers   filose   fliers   lifers   lories   oilers   oriels   reoils   rifles

l -   fellow   flower   folles   fowler   lowers   reflow   rowels   slower   wolfer

m -   formes   morels   morsel   mowers

n -   enrols   felons   frowns   loners   nerols   owners   resown   rowens   worsen

o -   floors   flower   fowler   looser   lowers   reflow   rowels   slower   wolfer   wooers   woofer   wooler

p -   lopers   plower   polers   powers   proles   prowls   sloper   splore

r -   flower   fowler   lowers   reflow   rolfer   rowels   rowers   slower   sorrel   wolfer   worser

s -   lessor   losers   lowers   resows   rowels   serows   slower   sorels   sowers   worses

t -   fetors   floret   forest   fortes   foster   frowst   lofter   lowest   ostler   owlets   softer   sterol   towels   towers   trowel   twofer   worset

u -   flours   fluors   fouler   woeful

v -   lovers   solver   vowels   vowers   wolver   wolves

w -   flower   fowler   lowers   reflow   rowels   slower   wolfer   wowser

x -   flexor

y -   flyers   foyers   frowsy   lowery   sorely   yowler

5 letters

a -   afore   alefs   aloes   arles   arose   awols   earls   false   fares   farle   farls   faros   fears   feral   flare   flaws   fleas   flora   foals   lares   laser   leafs   lears   loafs   orals   rales   reals   resaw   safer   sawer   seral   sewar   sofar   solar   sowar   swale   sware   swarf   swear   wafer   waler   wales   wares   weals   wears

b -   below   blows   boles   bores   bowel   bower   bowls   bowse   brews   brose   brows   elbow   forbs   lobes   robes   roble   sober

c -   ceorl   ceros   clefs   clews   close   coles   cores   corse   cower   cowls   crews   crows   flocs   force   score   scowl   screw   socle

d -   delfs   doers   doles   doser   dowel   dower   dowse   feods   folds   fords   lodes   lords   lowed   older   redos   resod   rosed   rowed   soled   sowed   sword   welds   wolds   words   world

e -   erose   ewers   feels   feres   fewer   fleer   flees   flews   floes   fores   frees   froes   leers   lores   loser   lower   lowes   lowse   orles   reefs   reels   refel   resew   resow   roles   rowel   serow   sewer   sorel   sower   sweer   swore   worse

f -   flews   floes   flows   fores   fowls   froes   frows   offer   rolfs   wolfs

g -   flogs   forge   frogs   glows   goers   gofer   golfs   gores   gorse   growl   grows   loges   ogler   ogles   ogres

h -   flesh   fresh   frosh   helos   herls   heros   hoers   holes   horse   hosel   howes   howfs   howls   lehrs   shelf   sheol   shoer   shore   shorl   shrew   welsh   whole   whore   whorl   whose

i -   filer   files   filos   fires   flier   flies   foils   fries   frise   lewis   liers   lifer   loris   lweis   oiler   oriel   osier   reifs   reoil   riels   rifle   riles   roils   serif   slier   solei   swirl   weirs   wifes   wiles   wires   wiser   wries

j -   joles   jowls

k -   folks   forks   kerfs   koels   works

l -   fells   flews   floes   flows   fowls   lores   losel   loser   lower   lowes   lowse   orles   roles   rolfs   rolls   rowel   sorel   swell   wells   wolfs

m -   forme   forms   meows   merls   mewls   moles   morel   mores   morse   mower   omers   worms

n -   enols   enows   enrol   felon   ferns   flown   frons   frown   lenos   loner   nerol   noels   owner   owsen   rewon   rowen   senor   snore   sworn   wrens

o -   floes   floor   flows   fools   fores   fowls   froes   frows   loofs   loose   lores   loser   lower   lowes   lowse   oleos   orles   resow   roles   rolfs   roofs   roose   rowel   serow   sorel   sower   swore   wolfs   wooer   woofs   wools   worse

p -   flops   loper   lopes   pelfs   plews   plows   poler   poles   pores   poser   power   profs   prole   prose   prowl   prows   repos   ropes   slope   spore

r -   fores   froes   frore   frows   lores   loser   lower   orles   resow   roles   rolfs   rowel   rower   serow   sorel   sorer   sower   swore   worse

s -   flews   floes   floss   flows   fores   fosse   fowls   froes   frows   loess   lores   loser   loses   lowes   lowse   orles   resow   roles   rolfs   roses   selfs   serfs   serow   slews   sloes   slows   soles   sorel   sores   sower   swore   wolfs   worse

t -   felts   fetor   forte   forts   frets   frost   lefts   lofts   ofter   owlet   roset   rotes   rotls   stole   store   strew   strow   telos   toles   tores   torse   towel   tower   trews   trows   wefts   welts   worst   worts   wrest   wrote

u -   euros   flour   flues   fluor   fouls   fours   fuels   furls   fusel   lours   louse   lures   ousel   roues   rouse   rules   sulfo   woful

v -   lover   loves   overs   roves   servo   solve   verso   voles   vowel   vower   vrows

w -   flews   flows   fowls   frows   lower   lowes   lowse   resow   rowel   serow   sower   swore   wolfs   worse

x -   foxes   loxes

y -   ferly   fleys   flyer   foyer   lyres   oyers   refly   slyer   wyles   yores   yowes   yowls

z -   froze   zeros

4 letters

a -   aero   alef   ales   aloe   alow   also   ares   arfs   arse   awes   awls   awol   earl   ears   eras   fare   farl   faro   feal   fear   flaw   flea   foal   fora   frae   lars   lase   laws   leaf   lear   leas   loaf   oafs   oars   olea   oral   osar   rale   rase   raws   real   safe   sale   seal   sear   sera   slaw   soar   sofa   sola   sora   waes   wale   ware   wars   weal   wear

b -   bels   blew   blow   bole   bore   bowl   bows   brew   bros   brow   fobs   forb   lobe   lobs   obes   orbs   rebs   robe   robs   slob   sorb   swob   webs

c -   cels   cero   clef   clew   cole   cols   core   corf   cors   cowl   cows   crew   crow   floc   orcs   recs   rocs   scow

d -   delf   dels   dews   doer   does   dole   dols   dore   dors   dose   dows   drew   elds   feds   feod   fled   fold   ford   lewd   lode   lord   odes   olds   owed   redo   reds   rode   rods   sled   sold   sord   weds   weld   wold   word

e -   eels   else   eros   ewer   ewes   feel   fees   fere   flee   flew   floe   foes   fore   free   froe   leer   lees   lore   lose   lowe   oles   ores   orle   owes   owse   reef   reel   rees   refs   roes   role   rose   seel   seer   self   sere   serf   slew   sloe   sole   sore   weel   weer   wees   were   woes   wore

f -   effs   flew   floe   flow   foes   fore   fowl   froe   frow   offs   refs   rolf   self   serf   wolf

g -   egos   ergo   ergs   flog   fogs   frog   gels   glow   goer   goes   golf   gore   grew   grow   legs   loge   logs   ogle   ogre   regs   sego   slog   wogs

h -   fehs   helo   herl   hero   hers   hews   hoer   hoes   hole   hols   hose   howe   howf   howl   hows   lehr   resh   rhos   shew   shoe   show

i -   file   filo   fils   fire   firs   foil   ires   isle   leis   lief   lier   lies   life   lire   lwei   oils   reif   reis   riel   rife   rifs   rile   rise   roil   seif   silo   sire   soil   soli   sori   weir   wife   wile   wire   wise

j -   jews   joes   jole   jowl   jows

k -   elks   folk   fork   kefs   kerf   koel   kore   kors   leks   okes   skew   soke   woke   woks   work

l -   ells   fell   flew   floe   flow   fowl   lore   lose   lowe   lows   oles   orle   owls   role   rolf   roll   self   sell   slew   sloe   slow   sole   well   wolf

m -   elms   emfs   fems   form   from   mels   meow   merl   mewl   mews   mole   mols   more   mors   mows   omer   rems   roms   smew   some   worm

n -   enol   enow   eons   erns   fens   fern   fons   leno   lens   lone   lorn   lown   news   noel   noes   nose   nows   ones   owns   sewn   snow   sone   sorn   sown   wens   wons   worn   wren

o -   eros   floe   flow   foes   fool   fore   fowl   froe   frow   loof   loos   lore   lose   lowe   lows   oleo   oles   ores   orle   owes   owls   owse   roes   role   rolf   roof   rose   rows   sloe   slow   sole   solo   sore   woes   wolf   woof   wool   woos   wore

p -   epos   flop   fops   lope   lops   opes   pelf   peso   pews   plew   plow   pole   pols   pore   pose   pows   prof   pros   prow   repo   reps   rope   slop   spew   swop   wops

r -   eros   errs   fore   froe   frow   lore   ores   orle   refs   roes   role   rolf   rose   rows   serf   sore   wore

s -   eros   fess   foes   foss   less   lose   loss   lows   oles   ores   oses   owes   owls   owse   refs   roes   rose   rows   self   sels   serf   sers   sews   slew   sloe   slow   sole   sols   sore   sows   woes

t -   efts   erst   felt   fets   fort   fret   left   lest   lets   loft   lost   lots   orts   reft   rest   rets   rote   rotl   rots   slot   soft   sort   stew   stow   swot   tels   tews   toes   tole   tore   tors   tows   tref   trow   twos   weft   welt   wert   west   wets   wort   wost   wots

u -   euro   feus   flue   flus   foul   four   fuel   furl   furs   fuse   lour   lues   lure   ours   roue   rues   rule   ruse   slue   slur   soul   sour   suer   sure   surf   user

v -   levo   love   over   revs   rove   voes   vole   vows   vrow   wove

w -   flew   flow   fowl   frow   lowe   lows   owes   owls   owse   rows   slew   slow   woes   wolf   wore   wows

x -   flex   oxes

y -   fley   foys   leys   lory   lyes   lyre   lyse   oyer   oyes   rely   rosy   ryes   wyes   wyle   yews   yore   yowe   yowl   yows

z -   zero

3 letters

a -   ale   als   are   arf   ars   awe   awl   ear   era   far   fas   lar   las   law   lea   oaf   oar   ora   ras   raw   sae   sal   saw   sea   wae   war   was

b -   bel   bos   bow   bro   fob   lob   obe   orb   reb   rob   sob   web

c -   cel   col   cor   cos   cow   orc   rec   roc   sec

d -   del   dew   doe   dol   dor   dos   dow   eds   eld   fed   led   ode   ods   old   red   rod   sod   wed

e -   eel   efs   elf   els   ere   ers   ewe   fee   fer   few   foe   lee   oes   ole   ore   ose   owe   ree   ref   res   roe   see   sel   ser   sew   wee   woe

f -   eff   efs   elf   fer   few   foe   for   fro   off   ref

g -   ego   erg   fog   gel   gor   gos   leg   log   reg   seg   wog

h -   feh   foh   her   hes   hew   hoe   how   ohs   rho   she   who

i -   fie   fil   fir   ifs   ire   lei   lie   lis   oil   rei   rif   sei   sir   sri   wis

j -   jew   joe   jow

k -   elk   kef   kor   kos   lek   oke   wok

l -   elf   ell   els   low   ole   owl   sel   sol

m -   elm   emf   ems   fem   mel   mew   mol   mor   mos   mow   oms   rem   rom   som

n -   ens   eon   ern   fen   fon   new   nor   nos   now   one   ons   own   sen   son   wen   won

o -   foe   for   fro   loo   low   oes   ole   ore   ors   ose   owe   owl   roe   row   sol   sow   woe   woo   wos

p -   fop   lop   ope   ops   per   pes   pew   pol   pow   pro   rep   sop   wop

r -   err   ers   fer   for   fro   ore   ors   ref   res   roe   row   ser

s -   efs   els   ers   ess   oes   ors   ose   res   sel   ser   sew   sol   sos   sow   wos

t -   eft   fet   let   lot   oft   ort   ret   rot   set   sot   tel   tew   toe   tor   tow   two   wet   wot

u -   feu   flu   fou   fur   leu   our   rue   sou   sue   use

v -   lev   rev   voe   vow

w -   few   low   owe   owl   row   sew   sow   woe   wos   wow

x -   fox   lex   lox   rex   sex   sox

y -   fey   fly   foy   fry   ley   lye   rye   sly   soy   wry   wye   yes   yew   yow

z -   fez   lez

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