More Words

Words formed from any letters in reedits, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

a -   readiest   seriated   steadier

b -   bestride   bistered

c -   desertic   discreet   discrete

e -   reediest

f -   resifted

g -   digester   redigest

h -   diethers

i -   siderite

l -   relisted

m -   demerits   dimeters

n -   inserted   nerdiest   resident   sintered   trendies

p -   preedits   priested   respited

r -   destrier

s -   diesters   editress   resisted   sistered

t -   tiredest

w -   weirdest

7 letters

a -   aeriest   aridest   astride   dearest   dearies   derates   diaster   disrate   ideates   readies   redates   sedater   seriate   staider   tardies   tirades

b -   bestrid   betides   bistred   derbies

c -   cerites   credits   crested   deceits   decries   deicers   directs   recited   recites   tierced   tierces

d -   derides   desired   diester   dieters   reddest   reedits   resided   resited   tedders   teddies

e -   diester   dieters   eeriest   reedits   reested   resited   seedier   steered

f -   defiers   serifed

g -   edgiest   sedgier

h -   diether   dithers   heisted   heister

i -   deities   diester   dieters   dirties   ditsier   reedits   resited   tidiers

k -   keister   kiester   skirted

l -   leister   resiled   retiled   retiles   sterile

m -   demerit   dimeter   merited   metiers   mitered   reemits   remised   retimed   retimes   triseme

n -   deniers   destine   endites   entires   entries   nereids   resined   retines   tenders   tinders   trienes

o -   editors   oersted   oreides   sortied   steroid   storied   teredos   triodes

p -   despite   pestier   preedit   preside   respite   speired   spiered   spirted   striped

r -   derries   desirer   diester   dieters   redries   reedits   resider   resited   retired   retires   retried   retries   serried   stirred   strider   terries   tireder

s -   deserts   desires   dessert   diester   dieters   dissert   reedits   resides   resited   resites   strides   tressed

t -   diester   dieters   reedits   resited   testier

u -   dustier   erudite   residue   studier   ureides

v -   derives   deviser   diverse   diverts   restive   revised   riveted   strived   veriest   verites

w -   dewiest   strewed   wrested

x -   existed

z -   resized   zestier

6 letters

a -   aeried   aeries   aiders   airest   airted   aretes   daters   deairs   dearie   derate   derats   easier   easter   eaters   erased   ideate   irades   raised   redate   rediae   redias   resaid   reseat   reseda   satire   seared   seated   seater   sedate   stared   striae   teared   teased   teaser   terais   tirade   trades   treads   triads

b -   bedsit   berets   beside   bested   bestir   betide   betise   biders   bidets   bister   bistre   biters   bredes   breeds   brides   debits   debris   rebids   tribes

c -   ceders   cerise   cerite   certes   ciders   citers   credit   creeds   deceit   deicer   deices   dicers   direct   edicts   erects   recite   resect   screed   scried   secret   steric   terces   tierce   triced   trices

d -   deride   desert   desire   deters   dieted   dieter   direst   driest   eddies   edited   eiders   reedit   reside   rested   retied   stride   tedder   tiered

e -   desert   desire   deters   dieter   direst   driest   eiders   reedit   reseed   reside   resite   rested   retied   reties   seeder   stride   tiered

f -   defers   defier   defies   defter   drifts   fester   fisted   freest   frisee   refits   resift   rifest   rifted   sifted   sifter   strife

g -   digest   dirges   edgers   edgier   egrets   girted   greeds   greets   grides   ridges   sieged   tigers

h -   dither   either   ethers   heders   heired   hiders   histed   theirs   theres   thirds   threes

i -   desire   dieter   direst   driest   eiders   irides   irised   reedit   reside   resite   retied   reties   stride   teiids   tidier   tidies   tiered

j -   jerids   jested   jester

k -   dikers   kiters   risked   skited   streek   strike   trikes

l -   delist   diesel   ediles   elders   eldest   elides   elites   idlers   idlest   lieder   listed   listee   lister   liters   litres   relets   relied   relies   relist   resile   retile   sedile   seidel   sidler   silted   slider   streel   tildes   tilers   tirled

m -   demies   demise   demits   dermis   dimers   itemed   merdes   merest   merits   meters   metier   metred   metres   misted   mister   miters   mitred   mitres   reemit   remise   remits   retems   retime   smiter   termed   timers

n -   denier   denies   denser   dienes   diners   enders   endite   enters   entire   estrin   inerts   insert   inters   nereid   nereis   nested   nester   niters   nitres   reined   renest   rented   rentes   resend   resent   retine   rident   rinsed   seined   seiner   sender   serein   serine   sinter   snider   teinds   tender   tensed   tenser   ternes   tinder   treens   trends   triene   triens   trined   trines

o -   dories   doters   dotier   droits   editor   erodes   oreide   redoes   rioted   soiree   sorted   sortie   stereo   stored   strode   teredo   todies   tories   triode   triose

p -   espied   esprit   peised   perdie   pester   peters   preset   prides   priest   prised   redips   redipt   ripest   spider   spired   spited   sprite   stiped   stripe   trepid   tripes

r -   derris   desert   desire   deters   dieter   direst   driers   driest   eiders   reedit   rerise   reside   resite   rested   rester   retied   reties   retire   riders   sirree   stride   terser   tiered   triers

s -   deists   desert   desire   desist   deters   dieses   direst   driest   eiders   esters   reests   resets   reside   resids   resist   resite   rested   reties   seders   seised   seiser   serest   series   sirees   sister   steeds   steers   steres   stride

t -   desert   deters   detest   dieter   direst   driest   reedit   resite   rested   retest   retied   reties   retted   setter   sitter   street   stride   tested   tester   tiered   titers   titres   triste

u -   duster   duties   etudes   retuse   reused   rudest   rusted   suited   suiter   ureide

v -   derive   devest   devise   divers   divert   divest   drives   everts   evited   evites   reived   reives   revest   revets   revise   rivets   served   sieved   stiver   strive   verist   verite   versed   verset   verste   vested   viseed

w -   dewier   reweds   rewets   stewed   tweeds   twiers   weirds   wester   widest   wisted   wriest   writes

x -   dexies   dexter   exerts   exited   exsert   sexier

y -   dryest   eyries   redyes   yester

z -   ditzes   resize   ritzes   seized   seizer   zested   zester

5 letters

a -   adits   aedes   aerie   aider   aides   aired   airts   arete   arise   aside   aster   astir   dares   darts   dater   dates   deair   dears   derat   ditas   drats   eared   eased   eater   erase   ideas   irade   irate   raids   raise   rased   rated   rates   reads   redia   retia   saree   sated   serai   setae   sitar   stade   staid   stair   stare   stead   stria   tared   tares   tarsi   tears   tease   terai   trade   tread   triad   tsade   tsadi

b -   beers   beets   beret   beset   bider   bides   bidet   biers   birds   birse   biter   bites   brede   breed   brees   bride   bries   brits   debit   debts   dribs   rebid   ribes   tribe

c -   ceder   cedes   cedis   cered   ceres   cesti   cetes   cider   cires   cited   citer   cites   creed   crest   cried   cries   deice   dicer   dices   edict   erect   recti   riced   rices   scree   terce   trice

d -   deeds   deers   deets   deist   deter   didst   diets   dirts   dites   dreed   drees   drest   dried   dries   edits   eider   redds   reded   redes   redid   reeds   resid   rides   seder   sered   sided   sired   sited   steed   stied   tided   tides   tired   treed   tried

e -   deers   deets   deist   deter   diets   dites   drees   drest   dries   edits   eerie   eider   ester   redes   reeds   reest   resee   reset   resid   retie   rides   rites   seder   sered   sired   siree   sited   steed   steer   stere   stied   terse   tides   tiers   tired   tires   treed   trees   tried   tries

f -   defer   defis   drift   feeds   feist   feres   feted   fetes   fetid   fired   fires   first   freed   frees   frets   fried   fries   frise   frits   reefs   refed   refit   reifs   rifts   serif

g -   dirge   dregs   edger   edges   egers   egest   egret   geest   geste   girds   girts   greed   grees   greet   gride   grids   grist   grits   reges   ridge   sedge   serge   siege   tiger   trigs

h -   ether   heder   heeds   heirs   heist   herds   heres   hider   hides   hired   hires   ither   sheer   sheet   sherd   shied   shier   shire   shirt   shred   their   there   these   third   three

i -   deist   diets   dirts   dites   dries   edits   eider   irids   resid   retie   rides   rites   sired   siree   sited   stied   teiid   tides   tiers   tired   tires   tried   tries

j -   jeers   jerid   jetes

k -   dekes   diker   dikes   dirks   dreks   esker   irked   keets   keirs   kiers   kited   kiter   kites   reeks   siker   skeed   skeet   skied   skier   skirt   skite   steek   stirk   tikes   treks   trike   tsked

l -   deils   deles   delis   delts   dirls   edile   elder   elide   elite   idler   idles   isled   islet   istle   leers   leets   liers   liter   litre   reels   relet   relit   riels   riled   riles   sidle   sleet   slide   slier   steel   stele   stile   teels   teles   tilde   tiled   tiler   tiles   tirls

m -   deems   deism   demes   demit   derms   dimer   dimes   disme   emirs   emits   items   meeds   meets   merde   meres   merit   meted   meter   metes   metis   metre   midst   mired   mires   miser   miter   mites   mitre   remet   remit   retem   rimed   rimes   smite   stime   teems   terms   timed   timer   times   trims

n -   denes   dense   dents   diene   diner   dines   dints   ender   enter   ernes   inert   inset   inter   needs   neist   nerds   nerts   nides   niter   nites   nitre   reins   rends   rente   rents   resin   rinds   rinse   risen   seine   sente   senti   serin   siren   sneer   snide   stein   stern   teens   teind   tends   tense   terne   terns   tined   tines   treen   trend   trine

o -   doers   doest   doits   doser   doter   dotes   droit   eidos   erode   erose   odist   osier   redos   resod   riots   rosed   roset   rotes   rotis   store   tiros   tores   torse   torsi   trios   trode   trois

p -   deeps   drips   dript   pedes   peers   peise   peris   perse   peter   piers   piste   preed   prees   prese   prest   pride   pried   pries   prise   redip   riped   ripes   siped   speed   speer   speir   spied   spier   spire   spirt   spite   spree   sprit   steep   stipe   stirp   strep   strip   tepid   tripe   trips

r -   deers   deter   direr   dirts   drees   drest   drier   dries   eider   erred   ester   redes   reeds   reest   reset   resid   retie   rider   rides   riser   rites   seder   sered   serer   sired   siree   steer   stere   terse   tiers   tired   tires   treed   trees   tried   trier   tries

s -   deers   deets   deist   diets   dirts   dites   drees   dress   drest   dries   edits   erses   ester   redes   reeds   reest   reset   resid   rests   rides   rises   rites   seder   seeds   seers   seise   sered   seres   sides   sired   siree   sires   sited   sites   steed   steer   stere   stied   sties   stirs   terse   tides   tiers   tires   trees   tress   tries

t -   deets   deist   deter   diets   dirts   dites   drest   edits   ester   reest   reset   retie   rites   sited   steed   steer   stere   stied   terse   tides   tiers   tired   tires   titer   titre   treed   trees   trets   tried   tries   trite

u -   druse   duets   duits   dures   durst   etude   etuis   reuse   sieur   suede   suite   trued   trues   turds   uteri

v -   diver   dives   drive   evert   evite   reive   revet   rived   rives   rivet   serve   sever   sieve   siver   veers   verse   verst   verts   viers   vires   vised

w -   ewers   resew   rewed   rewet   sewed   sewer   strew   swede   sweer   sweet   tewed   trews   tweed   twier   weeds   weest   weets   weird   weirs   wider   wides   wired   wires   wised   wiser   wited   wites   wrest   wried   wries   wrist   write   writs

x -   desex   dexes   dexie   exert   exist   exits   rexes   sexed   sixte

y -   deity   dirty   ditsy   dyers   eyers   eyres   eyrie   redye   reedy   seedy   styed   treys   tyees   tyers   tyred   tyres   yetis   yirds

z -   seize   sized   sizer

4 letters

a -   adit   aide   aids   airs   airt   aits   ares   arid   arse   arts   ates   dais   dare   dart   date   dear   dita   drat   ears   ease   east   eats   eras   etas   idea   rads   raid   rase   rate   rats   read   rias   sade   sadi   said   sard   sari   sate   sati   sear   seat   sera   seta   star   tads   tare   tars   tear   teas   trad   tsar

b -   beds   beer   bees   beet   best   bets   bide   bids   bier   bird   bise   bite   bits   bred   bree   brie   bris   brit   debs   debt   dibs   drib   rebs   ribs

c -   cede   cedi   cees   cere   cete   cire   cist   cite   cris   dice   disc   etic   iced   ices   recs   rice   sect   sice   tics

d -   deed   deer   dees   deet   dere   died   dies   diet   dire   dirt   dite   dits   dree   edit   eide   ides   ired   redd   rede   reds   reed   ride   rids   seed   side   teds   teed   tide   tied

e -   deer   dees   deet   dere   dies   diet   dire   dite   dree   edit   eide   erst   ides   ired   ires   rede   reds   reed   rees   reis   rest   rete   rets   ride   rise   rite   seed   seer   sere   side   sire   site   teds   teed   tees   tide   tied   tier   ties   tire   tree

f -   defi   deft   efts   feds   feed   fees   feet   fere   fete   fets   fids   fire   firs   fist   fits   free   fret   frit   reef   refs   reft   reif   rife   rifs   rift   seif   serf   sift   tref

g -   digs   dreg   edge   eger   egis   ergs   geds   geed   gees   gest   gets   gids   gied   gies   gird   girt   gist   gits   gree   grid   grit   regs   rigs   tegs   trig

h -   dish   edhs   eths   heed   heir   herd   here   hers   hest   hets   hide   hied   hies   hire   hist   hits   resh   shed   shit   shri   sith   thee   thir   this

i -   dies   diet   dire   dirt   dite   dits   edit   eide   ides   ired   ires   irid   iris   reis   ride   rids   rise   rite   side   sire   site   stir   tide   tied   tier   ties   tire

j -   jeed   jeer   jees   jest   jete   jets

k -   deke   desk   dike   dirk   disk   drek   eked   ekes   irks   keet   keir   kids   kier   kirs   kist   kite   kits   kris   reek   risk   seek   sike   skee   skid   skit   tike   trek

l -   deil   dele   deli   dels   delt   diel   dirl   eels   elds   else   idle   isle   leer   lees   leet   leis   lest   lets   lids   lied   lier   lies   lire   list   lite   lits   reel   riel   rile   seel   sild   silt   sled   slid   slit   teel   tele   tels   tile   tils   tirl

m -   deem   deme   derm   dime   dims   emes   emir   emit   idem   item   meed   meet   mere   mete   mids   mire   mirs   mise   mist   mite   rems   rime   rims   seem   seme   semi   smit   stem   teem   term   time   trim

n -   dene   deni   dens   dent   dine   dins   dint   ends   erne   erns   need   nerd   nest   nets   nide   nite   nits   rein   rend   rent   rind   rins   seen   send   sene   sent   sine   sned   snit   teen   tend   tens   tern   tine   tins

o -   doer   does   doit   dore   dors   dose   dost   dote   dots   eros   odes   ores   orts   redo   riot   rode   rods   roes   rose   rote   roti   rots   sord   sore   sori   sort   tiro   tods   toed   toes   tore   tori   tors   trio   trod

p -   deep   dips   dipt   drip   peds   peed   peer   pees   peri   pert   pest   pets   pied   pier   pies   pits   pree   reps   ripe   rips   seep   sept   sipe   sped   spit   step   tips   trip

r -   deer   dere   dire   dirt   dree   errs   erst   ired   ires   rede   reds   reed   rees   reis   rest   rete   rets   ride   rids   rise   rite   seer   sere   sire   stir   tier   tire   tree

s -   dees   dies   diss   dits   erst   eses   ides   ires   reds   rees   reis   rest   rets   rids   rise   seed   seer   sees   seis   sere   sers   sets   side   sire   sirs   site   sits   sris   stir   teds   tees   ties

t -   deet   diet   dirt   dite   dits   edit   erst   rest   rete   rets   rite   sett   site   stet   stir   teds   teed   tees   test   tets   tide   tied   tier   ties   tire   tits   tree   tret

u -   dues   duet   duit   dure   dust   etui   rude   rued   rues   ruse   rust   ruts   stud   sued   suer   suet   suit   surd   sure   true   tuis   turd   urds   used   user

v -   devs   dive   ever   eves   revs   rive   veer   vees   vert   vest   vets   vide   vied   vier   vies   vise

w -   dews   drew   ewer   ewes   stew   tews   twee   weds   weed   weer   wees   weet   weir   were   wert   west   wets   wide   wire   wise   wist   wite   wits   writ

x -   exes   exit   sext

y -   deys   drys   dyer   dyes   eery   eyed   eyer   eyes   eyre   ryes   stey   stye   tidy   trey   tyee   tyer   tyes   tyre   yeti   yids   yird

z -   ditz   ritz   size   zeds   zees   zest   zits

3 letters

a -   ads   aid   air   ais   ait   are   ars   art   ate   ear   eat   era   eta   rad   ras   rat   ria   sad   sae   sat   sea   tad   tae   tar   tas   tea

b -   bed   bee   bet   bid   bis   bit   deb   dib   reb   rib   sib

c -   cee   cis   ice   rec   sec   sic   tic

d -   dee   did   die   dis   dit   eds   ids   red   rid   ted

e -   dee   die   eds   ere   ers   ire   red   ree   rei   res   ret   see   sei   ser   set   ted   tee   tie

f -   efs   eft   fed   fee   fer   fet   fid   fie   fir   fit   ifs   ref   rif

g -   dig   erg   ged   gee   get   gid   gie   git   reg   rig   seg   teg

h -   edh   eth   her   hes   het   hid   hie   his   hit   she   the

i -   die   dis   dit   ids   ire   its   rei   rid   sei   sir   sit   sri   tie   tis

j -   jee   jet

k -   eke   irk   kid   kir   kit   ski   tsk

l -   del   eel   eld   els   led   lee   lei   let   lid   lie   lis   lit   sel   tel   til

m -   dim   eme   ems   ism   med   met   mid   mir   mis   rem   rim   sim

n -   den   din   end   ens   ern   ins   nee   net   nit   rin   sen   sin   ten   tin

o -   doe   dor   dos   dot   ode   ods   oes   ore   ors   ort   ose   rod   roe   rot   sod   sot   tod   toe   tor

p -   dip   ped   pee   per   pes   pet   pie   pis   pit   psi   rep   rip   sip   tip

r -   ere   err   ers   ire   red   ree   rei   res   ret   rid   ser   sir   sri

s -   dis   eds   ers   ess   ids   its   res   see   sei   ser   set   sir   sis   sit   sri   tis

t -   dit   its   ret   set   sit   ted   tee   tet   tie   tis   tit

u -   due   dui   rue   rut   sue   tui   urd   use   uts

v -   dev   eve   rev   vee   vet   vie   vis

w -   dew   ewe   sew   tew   wed   wee   wet   wis   wit

x -   dex   rex   sex   six   xis

y -   dey   dry   dye   eye   rye   sty   try   tye   yes   yet   yid

z -   zed   zee   zit

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