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Words formed from any letters in recta, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

a -   carate

d -   carted   crated   redact   traced

e -   cerate   create   ecarte

h -   rachet

k -   racket   retack   tacker

l -   cartel   claret   rectal

n -   canter   carnet   centra   nectar   recant   tanrec   trance

o -   coater

p -   carpet   preact

r -   carter   crater   tracer

s -   carets   cartes   caster   caters   crates   reacts   recast   traces

u -   acuter   curate

5 letters

a -   aceta   areca   carat   caret   carte   cater   crate   react   reata   recta   trace

b -   acerb   brace   bract   caber   taber

c -   caret   carte   cater   crate   react   recta   trace

d -   acred   acted   arced   cadet   cadre   cared   cedar   dater   derat   raced   rated   tared   trade   tread

e -   arete   caret   carte   cater   crate   eater   erect   react   recta   terce   trace

f -   after   craft   facer   facet   farce

g -   cager   grace   grate   great   retag   targe   terga

h -   chare   chart   cheat   chert   earth   hater   heart   ratch   rathe   reach   retch   tache   teach   theca

i -   areic   ceria   citer   erica   irate   recti   retia   terai   triac   trice

k -   crake   creak   taker   track

l -   alert   alter   artel   carle   clear   cleat   eclat   lacer   later   ratel   taler

m -   armet   cream   macer   mater   ramet   tamer

n -   antre   caner   crane   enact   nacre   rance

o -   actor   oater   ocrea   orate   recto   taroc

p -   apter   caper   crape   crept   epact   pacer   pater   peart   prate   recap   taper

r -   carer   caret   carte   cater   crate   racer   rater   react   recta   tarre   terra   trace

s -   acres   aster   cares   carse   carts   caste   cates   cesta   crest   escar   races   rates   scare   scart   serac   stare   taces   tares   tears

t -   caret   carte   cater   crate   react   recta   tacet   tater   tecta   tetra   trace   tract   treat

u -   acute   cruet   curet   cuter   eruct   recut   truce   urate

v -   avert   carve   caver   crave   trave

w -   tawer   water

x -   carex   exact   extra   retax   taxer

y -   teary

z -   craze

4 letters

a -   acre   acta   area   care   cart   cate   race   rate   tace   tare   tear

b -   abet   bare   bate   bear   beat   beta   brae   brat   carb   crab

c -   acre   care   cart   cate   ceca   race   tace

d -   aced   cade   card   dace   dare   dart   date   dear   drat   read   trad

e -   acre   care   cate   cere   cete   race   rate   rete   tace   tare   tear   tree

f -   cafe   face   fact   fare   fart   fate   fear   feat   feta   frae   frat   fret   raft   reft   tref

g -   ager   cage   crag   gate   gear   geta   grat   rage

h -   ache   arch   char   chat   each   eath   etch   haet   hare   hart   hate   hear   heat   rath   rhea   tach   tahr   thae

i -   airt   cire   cite   etic   rice   rite   tier   tire

k -   cake   cark   kart   rack   rake   reck   tack   take   teak   trek

l -   alec   carl   celt   earl   lace   late   lear   rale   real   tael   talc   tale   teal   tela

m -   acme   came   cram   mace   marc   mare   mart   mate   meat   meta   ream   tame   team   term   tram

n -   acne   ante   cane   cant   carn   cent   earn   etna   narc   near   neat   rant   rent   tarn   tern

o -   aero   arco   cero   coat   core   cote   orca   rato   rota   rote   taco   taro   toea   tora   torc   tore

p -   aper   cape   carp   crap   pace   pact   pare   part   pate   pear   peat   pert   prat   rape   rapt   reap   tape   tarp   tepa   trap

r -   acre   care   carr   cart   race   rare   rate   rear   tare   tear

s -   aces   acts   arcs   ares   arse   arts   ates   cars   case   cast   cats   ears   east   eats   eras   erst   etas   rase   rats   recs   rest   rets   sate   scar   scat   sear   seat   sect   sera   seta   star   tars   teas   tsar

t -   cart   cate   rate   tace   tact   tare   tart   tate   tear   teat   tret

u -   cure   curt   cute   ecru   true   urea

v -   aver   cave   rave   vera   vert

w -   craw   crew   twae   ware   wart   wear   wert

y -   aery   arty   eyra   racy   tray   trey   tyer   tyre   yare   year

z -   czar   raze   tzar   zeta

3 letters

a -   ace   act   arc   are   art   ate   car   cat   ear   eat   era   eta   rat   tae   tar   tea

b -   arb   bar   bat   bet   bra   cab   reb   tab

c -   ace   act   arc   car   cat   rec

d -   cad   rad   red   tad   ted

e -   ace   are   ate   cee   ear   eat   era   ere   eta   rec   ree   ret   tae   tea   tee

f -   aft   arf   eft   far   fat   fer   fet   ref

g -   age   erg   gae   gar   gat   get   rag   reg   tag   teg

h -   eth   hae   hat   her   het   rah   the

i -   air   ait   ice   ire   rei   ria   tic   tie

j -   jar   jet   raj   taj

k -   ark   kae   kat   kea

l -   ale   alt   cel   lac   lar   lat   lea   let   tel

m -   arm   cam   mac   mae   mar   mat   met   ram   rem   tam

n -   ane   ant   can   ern   nae   net   ran   tan   ten

o -   cor   cot   oar   oat   oca   ora   orc   ore   ort   roc   roe   rot   tao   toe   tor

p -   ape   apt   cap   cep   pac   par   pat   pea   pec   per   pet   rap   rep   tap

q -   qat

r -   arc   are   art   car   ear   era   err   rat   rec   ret   tar

s -   ars   ers   ras   res   sac   sae   sat   sea   sec   ser   set   tas

t -   act   art   ate   att   cat   eat   eta   rat   ret   tae   tar   tat   tea   tet

u -   cue   cur   cut   eau   ecu   rue   rut   tau   uta

v -   ave   rev   tav   vac   var   vat   vet

w -   awe   caw   raw   taw   tew   twa   wae   war   wat   wet

x -   axe   rax   rex   tax

y -   aye   cay   cry   ray   rya   rye   try   tye   yar   yea   yet

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