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Words formed from any letters in pyrite, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

c -   pyretic

e -   yperite

f -   petrify

s -   pyrites

6 letters

a -   parity   pirate

c -   pricey

d -   redipt   trepid

e -   pyrite   retype   typier

f -   ferity

g -   gripey

i -   pitier   pyrite   typier

l -   peltry   pertly   ripely   triple   triply

m -   permit

n -   nitery   pinery   pterin

o -   poetry   protei

p -   pyrite   tipper   trippy   typier

r -   pyrite   typier

s -   esprit   priest   ripest   sprite   stripe   stripy   tripes

t -   pretty   pyrite   typier

u -   purity

v -   privet   verity

x -   expiry

y -   pyrite   typier

5 letters

a -   apery   apter   atrip   irate   party   pater   payer   peart   peaty   pieta   prate   repay   retia   taper   tapir   teary   terai

b -   biter   tribe

c -   citer   crept   crepy   cripe   crypt   price   pricy   pyric   recti   trice   typic

d -   deity   dirty   dript   perdy   pride   pried   redip   riped   tepid   tired   tried   typed   tyred

e -   eyrie   peery   peter   piety   retie   tripe

f -   fiery   refit   reify

g -   gripe   gript   gripy   tiger

h -   hyper   ither   pithy   their   thrip   yirth

i -   piety   tripe

k -   kiter   kyrie   perky   piker   trike

l -   liter   litre   peril   plier   plyer   relit   reply   riley   tiler

m -   empty   merit   miter   mitre   prime   remit   tempi   timer

n -   entry   inept   inert   inter   niter   nitre   piney   print   repin   ripen   trine

o -   repot   ropey   tepoy   toper   toyer   trope

p -   piety   piper   pipet   tippy   tripe

r -   eyrir   perry   prier   pryer   retry   riper   terry   trier   tripe

s -   peris   pesty   piers   piste   prest   preys   pries   prise   pyres   ripes   rites   speir   spier   spire   spirt   spiry   spite   sprit   stipe   stirp   strep   strip   tiers   tipsy   tires   treys   tries   trips   tyers   types   tyres   yetis   yipes

t -   petit   petti   petty   piety   titer   titre   tripe   trite

u -   erupt   tuyer   uteri

v -   privy   rivet   viper

w -   pewit   twerp   twier   twirp   twyer   wiper   write

x -   prexy   pyxie

y -   piety   typey

z -   prize   ritzy

4 letters

a -   aery   airt   airy   aper   arty   eyra   pair   pare   part   pate   paty   pear   peat   pita   prat   pray   rape   rapt   rate   reap   tape   tare   tarp   tear   tepa   trap   tray   yare   year

b -   bier   bite   brie   brit   byre   byte

c -   cire   cite   city   epic   etic   pice   pyic   rice

d -   diet   dipt   dire   dirt   dite   drip   dyer   edit   ired   pied   ride   tide   tidy   tied   yird

e -   eery   eyer   eyre   peer   peri   pert   pier   pree   prey   pyre   rete   ripe   rite   tier   tire   tree   trey   tyee   tyer   type   tyre   yeti   yipe

f -   fire   fret   frit   reft   reif   rife   rift   tref

g -   girt   grey   grip   grit   gyre   gyri   prig   trig

h -   heir   hire   hype   hyte   pith   they   thir

i -   peri   pier   pity   ripe   rite   tier   tipi   tire   trip   yeti   yipe

k -   keir   kepi   kept   kier   kite   kyte   perk   pike   ryke   tike   trek   tyke   yerk

l -   lept   lier   lipe   lire   lite   lyre   pelt   pile   pily   plie   rely   riel   rile   tile   tirl   yelp

m -   emir   emit   item   mire   miry   mite   mity   perm   prim   rime   rimy   temp   term   time   trim

n -   nite   pein   pent   pine   pint   piny   pirn   pyin   rein   rent   tern   tine   tiny   tyin   tyne

o -   oyer   poet   pore   port   repo   riot   rope   ropy   rote   roti   ryot   tiro   tope   topi   tore   tori   tory   trio   trop   troy   typo   tyro   yore

p -   peri   perp   pert   pier   pipe   pipy   pity   prep   prey   pyre   repp   ripe   trip   type   typp   yipe

r -   peri   pert   pier   prey   pyre   ripe   rite   tier   tire   trey   trip   tyer   tyre   yirr

s -   erst   espy   ires   pest   pets   pies   pits   pyes   reis   reps   rest   rets   rips   rise   ryes   sept   sipe   sire   site   spit   spry   step   stey   stir   stye   ties   tips   tyes   yips

t -   pert   pity   rite   tier   tire   tret   trey   trip   tyer   type   tyre   yeti   yett

u -   etui   pure   puri   true   yurt

v -   rive   tivy   vert   very   vier

w -   weir   wept   wert   wipe   wire   wiry   wite   writ   wyte

x -   exit   pixy   prex

y -   eyry   pity   prey   pyre   trey   tyer   type   typy   tyre   yeti   yipe

z -   prez   ritz

3 letters

a -   air   ait   ape   apt   are   art   ate   aye   ear   eat   era   eta   par   pat   pay   pea   pia   pya   rap   rat   ray   ria   rya   tae   tap   tar   tea   yap   yar   yea

b -   bet   bey   bit   bye   reb   rib

c -   cep   cry   ice   icy   pec   pic   rec   tic

d -   dey   die   dip   dit   dry   dye   ped   red   rid   ted   yid

e -   ere   eye   ire   pee   per   pet   pie   pye   ree   rei   rep   ret   rye   tee   tie   tye   yep   yet

f -   eft   fer   fet   fey   fie   fir   fit   fry   ref   rif

g -   erg   get   gey   gie   gip   git   gyp   peg   pig   reg   rig   teg

h -   eth   hep   her   het   hey   hie   hip   hit   hyp   peh   phi   pht   the   thy   yeh

i -   ire   pie   pit   rei   rip   tie   tip   yip

j -   jet

k -   irk   kep   key   kip   kir   kit

l -   lei   let   ley   lie   lip   lit   lye   ply   tel   til

m -   imp   met   mir   rem   rim

n -   ern   net   nip   nit   pen   pin   rin   ten   tin   yen   yin

o -   ope   opt   ore   ort   poi   pot   pro   roe   rot   toe   top   tor   toy

p -   pep   per   pet   pie   pip   pit   pry   pye   rep   rip   tip   yep   yip

r -   err   ire   per   pry   rei   rep   ret   rip   rye   try

s -   ers   its   pes   pis   psi   res   sei   ser   set   sip   sir   sit   spy   sri   sty   tis   yes

t -   pet   pit   ret   tet   tie   tip   tit   try   tye   yet

u -   piu   pur   put   rue   rut   tui   tup   yup

v -   ivy   rev   vet   vie

w -   pew   tew   wet   wit   wry   wye   yew

x -   pix   pyx   rex

y -   pry   pye   rye   try   tye   yep   yet   yip

z -   zip   zit

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