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Words formed from any letters in punch, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

a -   paunch

y -   punchy

5 letters

a -   nucha   uncap

b -   bunch

c -   punch

d -   dunch

h -   hunch   punch

i -   pinch   unhip

k -   chunk

l -   lunch

m -   chump   munch

n -   punch

o -   pouch

p -   punch

r -   churn

u -   punch

4 letters

a -   caph   chap   puna

b -   chub

e -   pech   puce

g -   chug   hung   pugh   pung

h -   hunh

i -   chin   chip   huic   inch   unci

k -   huck   hunk   puck   punk

m -   chum   hump   much

o -   chon   chop   coup   ouch   ouph   phon   unco   upon

r -   curn

s -   cups   cusp   huns   puns   push   scup   shun   spun   such

t -   cunt   hunt   phut   punt

y -   puny   yuch

3 letters

a -   can   cap   hap   nah   nap   pac   pah   pan

b -   bun   cub   hub   nub   pub

c -   cup

d -   cud   duh   dun   dup   pud

e -   cep   cue   ecu   hen   hep   hue   pec   peh   pen

f -   fun

g -   gnu   gun   hug   pug   ugh

h -   huh   hun   hup

i -   chi   hic   hin   hip   ich   nip   phi   pic   pin   piu

j -   jun

l -   pul

m -   cum   hum   mun   ump

n -   hun   nun   pun

o -   con   cop   hon   hop   noh   poh   upo

p -   cup   hup   pun   pup

r -   cur   pur   run   urn

s -   nus   pus   sun   sup   uns   ups

t -   cut   hut   nth   nut   pht   put   tun   tup

u -   cup   hun   hup   pun

y -   hyp   yup

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