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Words formed from any letters in proffer, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

s -   proffers

7 letters

e -   offerer   proffer   reoffer

f -   proffer

m -   perform   preform

o -   offeror   proffer   proofer   reproof

p -   proffer

r -   proffer

t -   troffer

6 letters

b -   prober

c -   coffer   forcer

d -   doffer   dorper

e -   prefer

g -   forger   goffer   groper

i -   ripoff   ropier

k -   forker   porker

l -   rolfer

m -   former   reform   romper

n -   perron

o -   poorer   reroof   roofer

p -   proper

s -   offers   proser   repros   ropers

t -   effort   porter   pretor   report

u -   furore   pouffe   pourer   puffer   repour

v -   fervor   prover

w -   prower

y -   ropery

5 letters

a -   afore   farer   opera   pareo   parer   raper

b -   borer   probe   rebop

c -   coper   corer   crore   force

d -   doper   offed   order   pedro   pored   roped

e -   freer   frere   frore   offer   refer   repro   roper

f -   feoff   frore   offer

g -   forge   gofer   grope   roger

h -   ephor   hoper

i -   fifer   firer   frier   prier   prior   rifer   riper

k -   poker

l -   loper   poler   prole

m -   forme   moper   ormer   proem

n -   prone

o -   frore   offer   proof   repro   roper

p -   repro   roper

r -   error   frore   offer   repro   roper

s -   fores   froes   pores   poser   profs   prose   repos   ropes   sorer   spore

t -   fetor   forte   ofter   repot   retro   toper   trope

u -   furor   pouff   purer   ruffe

v -   prove   rover

w -   power   rower

y -   ferry   foyer   fryer   perry   pryer   refry   ropey

z -   froze

4 letters

a -   aero   aper   fare   faro   fear   fora   frae   frap   orra   pare   parr   pear   prao   proa   raff   rape   rare   reap   rear   roar

b -   boff   bore   forb   robe

c -   cero   coff   cope   core   corf   crop

d -   doer   doff   dope   dore   dorp   dorr   drop   feod   ford   oped   prod   redo   rode

e -   fere   fore   free   froe   peer   pore   pree   reef   repo   rope

f -   fore   froe   prof

g -   ergo   frog   goer   gore   gorp   ogre   prog

h -   hero   hoer   hope

i -   fief   fife   fire   peri   pier   reif   rife   riff   ripe

k -   fork   kerf   kore   perk   poke   pork

l -   floe   flop   lope   lore   orle   pelf   pole   role   rolf

m -   form   from   mope   more   omer   perm   poem   pome   prom   romp

n -   fern   nope   open   peon   pone   porn

o -   fore   froe   poof   poor   pore   prof   repo   roof   rope

p -   pepo   perp   pope   pore   prep   prof   prop   repo   repp   rope

r -   fore   froe   pore   prof   repo   rope

s -   effs   epos   eros   errs   foes   fops   offs   opes   ores   peso   pose   pros   refs   reps   roes   rose   serf   sore

t -   fort   fret   pert   pfft   poet   port   reft   rote   teff   toff   tope   tore   torr   tref   trop

u -   euro   four   pouf   pour   puff   pure   purr   roue   roup   ruer   ruff

v -   over   rove

w -   frow   prow   wore

x -   expo   prex

y -   oyer   prey   pyre   ropy   yore

z -   prez   zero

3 letters

a -   aff   ape   are   arf   ear   era   far   oaf   oar   ora   par   pea   rap

b -   bop   bro   brr   fob   obe   orb   reb   rob

c -   cep   cop   cor   orc   pec   rec   roc

d -   doe   dor   fed   ode   ped   pod   red   rod

e -   eff   ere   err   fee   fer   foe   ope   ore   pee   per   ree   ref   rep   roe

f -   eff   fer   foe   fop   for   fro   off   ref

g -   ego   erg   fog   gor   peg   reg

h -   feh   foh   hep   her   hoe   hop   peh   poh   rho

i -   fie   fir   iff   ire   pie   poi   rei   rif   rip

j -   joe

k -   kef   kep   kop   kor   oke

l -   elf   lop   ole   pol

m -   emf   fem   mop   mor   pom   rem   rom

n -   eon   ern   fen   fon   nor   one   pen

o -   foe   fop   for   fro   off   ope   ore   pro   roe

p -   fop   ope   pep   per   pop   pro   rep

r -   err   fer   for   fro   ore   per   pro   ref   rep   roe

s -   efs   ers   oes   ops   ors   ose   pes   res   ser   sop

t -   eft   fet   oft   opt   ort   pet   pot   ret   rot   toe   top   tor

u -   feu   fou   fur   our   pur   rue   upo

v -   rev   voe

w -   few   owe   pew   pow   row   woe   wop

x -   fox   pox   rex

y -   fey   foy   fry   pry   pye   rye   yep

z -   fez

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