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Words formed from any letters in prick, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

e -   picker

s -   pricks

y -   pricky

5 letters

a -   carpi

b -   brick

c -   crick   prick

e -   cripe   icker   piker   price

h -   chirk   chirp

i -   prick

k -   prick

m -   crimp

n -   prink

p -   prick

r -   prick

s -   crisp   picks   ricks   scrip   spick

t -   trick

w -   wrick

y -   picky   pricy   pyric

4 letters

a -   cark   carp   crap   pack   paik   pair   park   pica   pika   rack   raki

b -   birk   crib

c -   pick   rick

d -   dick   dirk   drip

e -   cire   epic   keir   kepi   kier   peck   peri   perk   pice   pier   pike   reck   rice   ripe

g -   grip   prig

h -   chip   hick   rich

i -   pick   piki   rick

k -   kick   kirk   pick   rick

l -   clip   lick

m -   mick   mirk   prim

n -   kirn   nick   pink   pirn   rink

o -   coir   cork   crop   pock   pork   rock

p -   pick

r -   rick

s -   cris   irks   kips   kirs   kris   pics   rips   risk   sick   skip   spic   spik

t -   tick   trip

u -   puck   puri   ruck   uric

w -   wick

y -   icky   pyic

3 letters

a -   air   arc   ark   cap   car   pac   par   pia   rap   ria

b -   rib

c -   ick   pic

d -   dip   kid   rid

e -   cep   ice   ire   kep   pec   per   pie   rec   rei   rep

f -   fir   kif   rif

g -   cig   gip   pig   rig

h -   chi   hic   hip   ich   khi   phi

i -   ick   irk   kip   kir   pic   rip

k -   ick   irk   kip   kir

l -   ilk   lip

m -   imp   mir   rim

n -   ink   kin   nip   pin   rin

o -   cop   cor   koi   kop   kor   orc   poi   pro   roc

p -   kip   pic   pip   rip

r -   irk   kir   rip

s -   cis   pis   psi   sic   sip   sir   ski   sri

t -   kit   pit   tic   tip

u -   cup   cur   piu   pur

x -   pix

y -   cry   icy   pry   yip

z -   zip

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