More Words

Words formed from any letters in potence, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

a -   conepate

s -   potences

w -   twopence

7 letters

a -   acetone

c -   concept   potence

d -   pentode

e -   potence

h -   penoche   potheen

i -   entopic   nepotic   picotee

m -   compete

n -   potence

o -   ecotone   potence

p -   peptone   potence

r -   percent   precent

s -   cenotes   openest   pectens   pentose   posteen   poteens

t -   potence   potteen

y -   ecotype   neotype   potency

6 letters

a -   capote   cetane   coatee   octane   tenace   teopan   toecap

c -   cenote   pecten

d -   decent   denote   depone   docent   encode   opened   ponced

e -   cenote   pecten   poteen

g -   cogent   congee   pongee

h -   thence

i -   entice   incept   noetic   notice   pectin   poetic   pointe

k -   ketone   pocket

l -   lepton   pencel

m -   cement   coempt   metope   potmen   toneme

n -   cenote   nocent   pecten   ponent   poteen

o -   cenote   poteen

p -   pecten   poteen

r -   center   centre   copter   cornet   crepon   encore   opener   pereon   recent   recept   reopen   repent   tenrec

s -   centos   contes   copens   netops   peones   ponces   pontes   spence   topees

t -   cenote   pecten   poteen   potent

u -   pounce   toupee

w -   townee

x -   except   expect

y -   cotype   ectype   peyote

5 letters

a -   atone   canoe   canto   capon   coapt   cotan   eaten   enact   enate   epact   etape   oaten   ocean   octan   paeon   panto   paten   peace   pecan

b -   beton

c -   cento   conte   copen   pence   ponce

d -   coden   coned   coped   coted   depot   donee   epode   noted   opted   toned   toped

e -   cento   conte   copen   netop   pence   ponce   tepee   topee

f -   fence   often

g -   conge   genet   pengo   tenge

h -   cheep   epoch   hence   notch   phone   tench   tophe

i -   inept   niece   ontic   opine   optic   picot   piece   pinot   pinto   piton   point   tonic   topic

j -   eject   jeton

k -   pekoe   token

l -   clepe   clept   clone   elect   elope   lento   leone   pelon

m -   comet   compt   comte   emote   monte   tempo

n -   cento   conte   copen   netop   nonce   nonet   pence   penne   ponce   tenon   tonne

o -   cento   conte   conto   cooee   coopt   copen   netop   ponce   topee

p -   copen   netop   pence   ponce   topee

r -   coper   creep   crepe   crept   crone   enter   erect   noter   peter   preen   prone   recon   recto   rente   repot   tenor   terce   terne   toner   toper   treen   trone   trope

s -   cense   cents   cepes   cetes   cones   copes   copse   coset   cotes   escot   estop   neeps   notes   onces   onset   opens   peens   penes   peons   pesto   poets   pones   scene   scent   scone   scope   sente   seton   spent   steep   steno   stone   stope   teens   tense   tones   topes

t -   cento   conte   netop   octet   petto   tenet   topee

u -   centu   count   coupe   ounce   punto   puton

v -   coven   covet   event

w -   tween

y -   coney   cyton   peony   teeny   tepoy   toney   yente

z -   cozen

4 letters

a -   acne   aeon   ante   atop   cane   cant   cape   capo   cate   coat   etna   nape   neap   neat   nota   pace   pact   pane   pant   pate   pean   peat   tace   taco   tape   tepa   toea

b -   been   beep   beet   bene   bent   bone   ebon

c -   cent   cepe   cete   cone   cope   cote   once

d -   cede   code   coed   deco   deep   deet   dene   dent   done   dope   dote   need   node   oped   peed   pend   pond   teed   tend   toed

e -   cent   cepe   cete   cone   cope   cote   epee   neep   nope   note   once   open   peen   pent   peon   poet   pone   teen   tone   tope

f -   coft   feet   fete   font

g -   gene   gent   gone   ogee   pong   tong

h -   chon   chop   eche   echo   etch   hent   hone   hope   pech   phon   phot   thee   then   toph

i -   cine   cion   cite   coin   coni   epic   etic   icon   into   nice   nite   otic   pein   pice   pine   pint   pion   tine   topi

j -   jeep   jeon   jete

k -   coke   conk   keen   keep   keet   keno   kent   kept   keto   knee   knop   knot   neck   nock   peck   peek   peke   pock   poke   toke

l -   celt   clon   clop   clot   cole   colt   enol   leet   leno   lent   lept   lone   lope   noel   peel   pele   pelt   plot   pole   teel   tele   tole

m -   come   comp   meet   meno   mete   mope   mote   neem   nome   omen   poem   pome   teem   temp   tome

n -   cent   cone   conn   neep   nene   neon   none   nope   note   once   open   peen   pent   peon   pone   teen   tone

o -   cone   coon   coop   coot   cope   cote   nope   note   once   onto   open   peon   poco   poet   pone   poon   tone   toon   tope

p -   cepe   cope   neep   nope   open   peen   peep   pent   peon   pepo   poet   pone   pope   tope

r -   cere   cero   core   corn   crop   erne   peer   pert   pore   porn   port   pree   rent   repo   rete   rope   rote   tern   torc   tore   torn   tree   trop

s -   cees   ceps   cons   cops   cost   cots   eons   epos   nest   nets   noes   nose   ones   opes   opts   pecs   pees   pens   peso   pest   pets   pons   pose   post   pots   scop   scot   sect   seen   seep   sene   sent   sept   snot   sone   spec   spot   step   stop   tees   tens   toes   tons   tops

t -   cent   cete   cote   nett   note   pent   poet   teen   tent   tone   tope   tote

u -   coup   cunt   cute   pout   puce   punt   tune   unco   unto   upon

v -   cove   even   neve   oven   veep   vent   veto   vote

w -   enow   newt   nowt   town   twee   ween   weep   weet   went   wept   wont

x -   exec   exon   expo   next   oxen

y -   cony   copy   eyen   eyne   pony   tony   tyee   tyne   type   typo

z -   zone

3 letters

a -   ace   act   ane   ant   ape   apt   ate   can   cap   cat   eat   eta   nae   nap   oat   oca   pac   pan   pat   pea   tae   tan   tao   tap   tea

b -   bee   ben   bet   bop   bot   cob   neb   nob   obe

c -   cee   cep   con   cop   cot   pec

d -   cod   dee   den   doc   doe   don   dot   end   nod   ode   ped   pod   ted   tod

e -   cee   cep   eon   nee   net   one   ope   pec   pee   pen   pet   tee   ten   toe

f -   eft   fee   fen   fet   foe   fon   fop   oft

g -   cog   ego   eng   gee   gen   get   got   nog   peg   teg   tog

h -   eth   hen   hep   het   hoe   hon   hop   hot   noh   nth   peh   pht   poh   the   tho

i -   ice   ion   nip   nit   pic   pie   pin   pit   poi   tic   tie   tin   tip

j -   jee   jet   joe   jot

k -   eke   ken   kep   kop   oke

l -   cel   col   eel   lee   let   lop   lot   ole   pol   tel

m -   eme   men   met   moc   mon   mop   mot   nom   pom   tom

n -   con   eon   nee   net   not   one   pen   ten   ton

o -   con   coo   cop   cot   eon   noo   not   one   oot   ope   opt   pot   toe   ton   too   top

p -   cep   cop   ope   opt   pec   pee   pen   pep   pet   pop   pot   top

r -   cor   ere   ern   nor   orc   ore   ort   per   pro   rec   ree   rep   ret   roc   roe   rot   tor

s -   cos   ens   nos   oes   ons   ops   ose   pes   sec   see   sen   set   son   sop   sot

t -   cot   net   not   opt   pet   pot   tee   ten   tet   toe   ton   top   tot

u -   cue   cup   cut   ecu   nut   out   pun   put   tun   tup   upo

v -   eve   vee   vet   voe

w -   cow   ewe   new   now   owe   own   pew   pow   tew   tow   two   wee   wen   wet   woe   won   wop   wot

x -   cox   pox

y -   coy   eye   pye   toy   tye   yen   yep   yet   yon

z -   coz   zee

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