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Words formed from any letters in pleopod, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

s -   pleopods

7 letters

b -   blooped

c -   clopped   copepod

d -   pleopod

e -   peopled   pleopod

f -   flopped

g -   glopped

h -   hoppled

l -   pleopod

m -   popedom

o -   pleopod

p -   pleopod   plopped   poppled

s -   opposed   poodles   slopped   spooled

t -   toppled

y -   polypod

6 letters

a -   dapple   lapped   pedalo

b -   boodle   bopped

c -   cooled   cooped   copped   locoed

d -   doodle   looped   lopped   poodle   pooled   pooped

e -   doolee   eloped   looped   lopped   people   poodle   pooled   pooped

f -   fooled   fopped

h -   hooped   hopped   hopple   poohed

i -   diploe   dipole   doolie   lipped

k -   looked

l -   dollop   looped   lopped   polled   poodle   pooled

m -   loomed   mopped   pomelo

n -   noodle

o -   looped   lopped   poodle   pooled   pooped

p -   looped   lopped   poodle   pooled   pooped   popped   popple

r -   looper   lopper   polder   propel

s -   loosed   oodles   oppose   peplos   podsol   sloped   soloed   sopped

t -   looted   toledo   tooled   topped   topple

u -   louped   pulped

w -   dewool   plowed   wooled

y -   deploy   ployed

z -   podzol

5 letters

a -   appel   apple   padle   paled   pedal   pepla   plead

b -   blood   bloop   booed   lobed   obole

c -   coled   cooed   coped   dolce

d -   doled   doped   looed   loped   poled

e -   elope   epode   looed   loped   poled

f -   flood

g -   lodge   ogled

h -   dhole   ephod   holed   hoped   oohed

i -   looie   oiled   oldie   piled   piped   plied   polio

k -   poked

l -   looed   loped   poled

m -   model   mooed   moped

n -   loden   odeon   olden   pelon

o -   looed   loped   poled

p -   loped   poled

r -   dolor   doper   drool   droop   loper   older   orlop   pedro   poler   pored   prole   rodeo   roped

s -   doles   dopes   lodes   loops   loose   lopes   oleos   pepos   plods   plops   poles   polos   poods   pools   poops   popes   posed   sloop   slope   soldo   soled   spode   spool

t -   depot   opted   toled   toped

u -   duple   loupe   puled   upped

v -   loved   poove   voled

w -   dowel   lowed   wooed

x -   loxed   poxed

y -   dooly   dopey   looey   loopy   loppy   odyle   polyp   yodel   yodle

z -   oozed

4 letters

a -   aloe   aped   apod   dale   deal   dopa   lade   lead   leap   load   odea   olea   opal   pale   palp   peal   plea

b -   bled   bode   bold   bole   bolo   lobe   lobo   oboe   obol   pleb

c -   clod   clop   code   coed   cold   cole   cool   coop   cope   deco   loco   poco

d -   dodo   dole   dope   eddo   lode   oped   pled   plod   pood

e -   deep   dele   dole   dope   lode   lope   oleo   oped   peed   peel   peep   pele   pepo   pled   pole   pope

f -   delf   feod   fled   floe   flop   fold   food   fool   loof   pelf   poof

g -   doge   geld   gled   glop   gold   good   goop   loge   logo   ogle

h -   held   helo   help   hoed   hold   hole   holp   hood   hoop   hope   ohed   pooh

i -   deil   deli   diel   diol   idle   idol   lido   lied   lipe   olio   pied   pile   pipe   plie

j -   dojo   jole

k -   kelp   koel   kolo   look   poke

l -   dell   dole   doll   lode   loop   lope   oleo   pled   plod   plop   pole   poll   polo   pool

m -   demo   dome   doom   loom   meld   mode   mold   mole   mood   mool   mope   poem   pome   pomp

n -   done   enol   lend   leno   lone   loon   node   noel   nolo   nope   open   pend   peon   pond   pone   poon

o -   dole   dope   lode   loop   lope   oleo   oped   pepo   plod   plop   pole   polo   pood   pool   poop   pope

p -   dope   loop   lope   oped   pepo   pled   plod   plop   pole   polo   pood   pool   poop   pope

r -   doer   door   dore   dorp   drop   lord   lore   odor   ordo   orle   perp   poor   pore   prep   prod   prop   redo   repo   repp   rode   role   rood   rope

s -   dels   does   dols   dose   elds   epos   loos   lops   lose   odes   olds   oles   oops   opes   peds   peps   peso   pods   pols   pops   pose   sled   sloe   slop   sold   sole   solo   sped

t -   delt   dolt   dote   lept   loot   pelt   plot   poet   toed   told   tole   tool   tope

u -   duel   dupe   leud   loud   loup   lude   pule   pulp   updo

v -   dove   levo   love   veld   vole

w -   lewd   lowe   owed   plew   plow   weld   wold   wood   wool

x -   expo

y -   dopy   odyl   oldy   ploy   poly   yeld   yelp

z -   doze   ooze

3 letters

a -   ado   ale   alp   ape   dal   dap   lad   lap   lea   pad   pal   pap   pea

b -   bed   bel   bod   boo   bop   deb   lob   obe

c -   cel   cep   cod   col   coo   cop   doc   pec

d -   del   doe   dol   eld   led   odd   ode   old   ped   pod

e -   dee   del   doe   eel   eld   led   lee   ode   ole   ope   ped   pee   pep

f -   elf   fed   foe   fop

g -   dog   ego   ged   gel   god   goo   leg   log   peg

h -   edh   hep   hod   hoe   hop   oho   ooh   peh   poh

i -   die   dip   lei   lid   lie   lip   oil   pie   pip   poi

j -   joe

k -   elk   kep   kop   lek   oke

l -   del   dol   eld   ell   led   loo   lop   old   ole   pol

m -   dom   elm   med   mel   mod   mol   moo   mop   pom

n -   den   don   end   eon   nod   noo   one   pen

o -   doe   dol   loo   lop   ode   old   ole   ope   pod   pol   pop

p -   lop   ope   ped   pep   pod   pol   pop

r -   dor   ore   per   pro   red   rep   rod   roe

s -   dos   eds   els   ods   oes   ops   ose   pes   sel   sod   sol   sop

t -   dot   let   lot   oot   opt   pet   pot   ted   tel   tod   toe   too   top

u -   due   duo   dup   leu   oud   pud   pul   pup   udo   upo

v -   dev   lev   voe

w -   dew   dow   low   owe   owl   pew   pow   wed   woe   woo   wop

x -   dex   lex   lox   oxo   pox

y -   dey   dye   ley   lye   ply   pye   yep   yod

z -   lez   zed   zoo

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