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Words formed from any letters in pithy, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

c -   pitchy

5 letters

c -   itchy   pitch   typic

e -   piety

h -   pithy

i -   pithy

m -   thymi

o -   tophi

p -   hippy   pithy   tippy

r -   thrip   yirth

s -   piths   tipsy

t -   pithy

w -   whipt   whity   withy

y -   pithy

4 letters

a -   path   paty   phat   pita

c -   chip   chit   city   itch   pyic

d -   dipt   tidy

e -   hype   hyte   they   type   yeti   yipe

h -   pith

i -   pith   pity   tipi

k -   kith

l -   hilt   pily

m -   mity   myth

n -   hint   pint   piny   pyin   thin   tiny   tyin

o -   hypo   phot   thio   toph   topi   typo

p -   pipy   pith   pity   typp

r -   thir   trip

s -   hips   hist   hits   hyps   phis   pish   pits   ship   shit   sith   spit   syph   this   tips   yips

t -   pith   pity

u -   phut

v -   tivy

w -   whip   whit   with

x -   pixy

y -   pity   typy

z -   phiz

3 letters

a -   ait   apt   hap   hat   hay   pah   pat   pay   pia   pya   tap   yah   yap

b -   bit

c -   chi   hic   ich   icy   pic   tic

d -   dip   dit   hid   yid

e -   eth   hep   het   hey   hie   peh   pet   pie   pye   the   tie   tye   yeh   yep   yet

f -   fit

g -   ghi   gip   git   gyp   pig

h -   hip   hit   hyp   phi   pht   thy

i -   hip   hit   phi   pit   tip   yip

k -   khi   kip   kit

l -   lip   lit   ply   til

m -   him   imp

n -   hin   nip   nit   nth   pin   tin   yin

o -   hop   hot   hoy   opt   poh   poi   pot   tho   top   toy

p -   hip   hyp   phi   pht   pip   pit   tip   yip

r -   pry   rip   try

s -   his   its   pis   psi   shy   sip   sit   spy   sty   tis

t -   hit   pht   pit   thy   tip   tit

u -   hup   hut   piu   put   tui   tup   yup

v -   ivy

w -   why   wit

x -   pix   pyx

y -   hyp   thy   yip

z -   zip   zit

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