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Words formed from any letters in pillow, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

s -   pillows

y -   pillowy

6 letters

a -   wallop

b -   billow

i -   pillow

l -   pillow

o -   pillow

p -   pillow

w -   pillow   willow

5 letters

a -   allow   pilaw

c -   wilco

f -   fillo

h -   hillo

o -   polio

r -   prill   prowl

s -   pills   plows   polis   polls   spill   spoil   swill   wills

t -   pilot   twill

u -   poilu

x -   oxlip

y -   lowly   willy

4 letters

a -   alow   awol   lipa   olla   opal   pail   pall   pawl   pial   wail   wall

b -   bill   blip   blow   boil   boll   bowl

c -   clip   clop   coil   cowl   loci

d -   dill   diol   doll   idol   lido   plod   wild   wold

e -   lipe   lope   lowe   lwei   pile   plew   plie   pole   well   wile   wipe

f -   fill   filo   flip   flop   flow   foil   fowl   wolf

g -   gill   glop   glow

h -   hill   holp   howl   whip   whop

i -   pili   pill   will

j -   jill   jowl

k -   kill   kilo

l -   loll   pill   plow   poll   will

m -   limo   limp   mill   milo   moil   moll   wimp

n -   lino   lion   loin   lown   nill   noil   pion   wino

o -   loop   olio   plow   poll   polo   pool   wool

p -   pill   plop   plow   poll

r -   prow   rill   roil   roll

s -   ills   lips   lisp   lops   lows   oils   owls   piso   pois   pols   pows   sill   silo   slip   slop   slow   soil   soli   swop   wisp   wops

t -   lilt   loti   plot   till   toil   toll   topi   wilt

u -   loup   puli   pull

v -   vill   viol

w -   plow   will

y -   illy   lily   oily   pily   ploy   poly   wily   yill   yowl

z -   zill

3 letters

a -   ail   all   alp   awl   lap   law   pal   paw   pia   wap

b -   bio   bop   bow   lib   lob   obi

c -   col   cop   cow   pic

d -   dip   dol   dow   lid   old   pod

e -   ell   lei   lie   ole   ope   owe   pew   pie   woe

f -   fil   fop

g -   gip   log   pig   wig   wog

h -   hip   hop   how   phi   poh   who

i -   ill   lip   oil   poi

j -   jow

k -   ilk   kip   koi   kop   wok

l -   ill   lip   lop   low   oil   owl   pol

m -   imp   mil   mol   mop   mow   pom

n -   ion   lin   nil   nip   now   own   pin   win   won

o -   loo   lop   low   oil   owl   poi   pol   pow   woo   wop

p -   lip   lop   pip   poi   pol   pop   pow   wop

r -   pro   rip   row

s -   lis   ops   pis   psi   sip   sol   sop   sow   wis   wos

t -   lit   lot   opt   pit   pot   til   tip   top   tow   two   wit   wot

u -   piu   pul   upo

v -   vow

w -   low   owl   pow   wop   wow

x -   lox   pix   pox

y -   ply   yip   yow

z -   wiz   zip

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