More Words

Words formed from any letters in petasos, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

b -   postbase

d -   podestas

g -   gestapos   postages

h -   pathoses   potashes   spathose   teashops

i -   soapiest

l -   apostles

r -   espartos   protases   seaports

7 letters

a -   petasos   sapotas   sapotes

c -   aspects   capotes   scapose   toecaps

d -   despots   podesta

e -   pesetas   petasos   poetess   sapotes

f -   fatsoes   fossate

g -   gestapo   postage   potages

h -   poshest   spathes   teashop

i -   atopies   opiates   pasties   patsies   petsais   potsies   sopites   tapises

l -   apostle   pastels   pelotas   postals   solates   staples   topless

n -   aptness   patness   stepson   teopans

o -   petasos   sapotes

p -   apposes   petasos   sapotes

r -   esparto   pasters   pastors   posters   prestos   proteas   repasts   respots   seaport   soapers   sparest   stopers

s -   petasos   possets   sapotes

t -   petasos   sapotes   teapots

u -   outpass   petasus

v -   avosets

x -   sexpots

y -   teapoys

z -   topazes

6 letters

a -   paseos   pastas   pastes   sapota   sapote   spates   stapes

b -   basest   basset   bastes   beasts   besots   boasts   sabots

c -   ascots   aspect   capote   castes   cestas   cestos   coapts   coasts   copses   cosets   cosset   costae   epacts   escots   scapes   scopes   spaces   toecap

d -   adepts   adopts   depots   despot   passed   pasted   posted   soaped   spades   spodes   stades   steads   stoped   tossed   tsades

e -   eposes   estops   etapes   paseos   passee   pastes   peases   peseta   pestos   posset   ptoses   sapote   setose   spates   stapes   steeps   stopes   teases   topees

f -   fatsos   feasts   fossae   safest   softas

g -   potage   sagest   stages

h -   hastes   hostas   pashes   pathos   phases   potash   shapes   shoats   shotes   spathe   staphs   tophes   toshes

i -   opiate   pastie   pastis   patios   patois   petsai   pietas   pistes   poises   posies   posits   potsie   ptosis   sepias   siesta   sopite   spaits   spites   stipes   tassie

k -   skates   speaks   spokes   stakes   steaks   stokes

l -   aslope   lapses   leasts   osteal   palest   palets   passel   pastel   pelota   petals   plates   pleats   postal   saleps   sepals   septal   slates   slopes   solate   spales   spelts   splats   stales   staple   steals   stoles   tassel   tepals   teslas

m -   stamps   steams   stomas   stomps   tempos

n -   aspens   assent   atones   netops   onsets   paeons   pantos   patens   pontes   sanest   santos   season   setons   sneaps   speans   stanes   stenos   stones   teopan

o -   estops   paseos   pestos   posset   ptoses   sapote   stoops   stopes

p -   appose   estops   paseos   pastes   pestos   posset   ptoses   sapote   spates   stapes   stopes

r -   aspers   assert   assort   asters   oaters   operas   orates   pareos   parses   passer   paster   pastor   paters   posers   poster   prases   prates   presto   prests   proses   protea   repass   repast   repots   respot   roasts   rosets   sapors   serosa   soaper   sorest   spares   sparse   spears   spores   sports   sprats   stares   stoper   stores   straps   streps   strops   tapers   topers   torses   tosser   trapes   tropes   tsores

s -   assets   estops   paseos   passes   pastes   pestos   posses   posset   ptoses   sapote   spates   stapes   stases   stopes   tasses   tosses

t -   aptest   estops   pastes   pestos   posset   ptoses   sapote   spates   stapes   states   stoats   stopes   tasset   tastes   teapot   toasts

u -   opuses   pauses   sautes   setous   setups   spouse   spouts   stoups   stupas   stupes   taupes   tossup   touses   upases   upsets   uptoss

v -   avoset   soaves   staves   stoves   vestas

w -   stowps   sweats   tawses   wastes

x -   expats   sexpot   sextos

y -   pyoses   sayest   sepoys   teapoy   tepoys   yeasts

z -   azotes

5 letters

a -   apses   asset   ataps   easts   oases   oasts   paseo   pases   passe   pasta   paste   pasts   pates   peats   psoae   psoas   sates   seats   septa   soaps   spaes   spate   spats   stoae   stoas   tapas   tapes   tasse   tepas   toeas

b -   abets   bases   basso   baste   basts   bates   beast   beats   besot   bests   betas   boast   boats   botas   sabes   sabot   stabs   stobs   tabes

c -   ascot   capes   capos   cases   caste   casts   cates   cesta   coapt   coast   coats   copes   copse   coses   coset   costa   costs   cotes   epact   escot   paces   pacts   scape   scats   scope   scops   scots   sects   space   specs   taces   tacos

d -   adept   adopt   apods   assed   dates   datos   depot   doats   doest   dopas   dopes   doses   dotes   opted   pated   posed   sades   sated   sodas   spade   spado   spaed   spode   stade   stead   taped   toads   toped   tsade

e -   apses   asset   eases   easts   estop   etape   oases   paseo   pases   passe   paste   pates   pease   peats   pesos   pesto   pests   poets   poses   posse   psoae   sates   seats   seeps   septa   septs   setae   spaes   spate   steep   steps   stoae   stope   tapes   tasse   tease   tepas   toeas   topee   topes

f -   fasts   fates   fatso   feast   feats   fetas   fossa   fosse   safes   sofas   softa   softs

g -   gapes   gases   gasps   gasts   gates   gesso   gests   getas   goats   pages   peags   sages   sagos   segos   stage   stags   togae   togas

h -   ashes   ephas   ethos   haets   hasps   haste   hates   heaps   heats   hests   hopes   hoses   hosta   hosts   oaths   opahs   paths   phase   phots   shape   sheas   shoat   shoes   shops   shote   shots   sophs   soths   staph   stash   those   tophe   tophs

i -   apsis   aspis   iotas   oasis   ossia   ostia   paise   patio   pieta   pisos   piste   pitas   poise   posit   psoai   satis   sepia   sipes   sites   spait   spies   spite   spits   sties   stipe   stoai   tapis   topis

j -   japes   jatos   jests   jotas   sojas   tajes

k -   askos   peaks   pokes   sakes   skate   skats   skeps   soaks   sokes   spake   speak   spoke   stake   steak   stoke   takes   tasks   teaks   tokes

l -   aloes   altos   lapse   lases   lasso   lasts   leaps   leapt   least   lepta   loess   lopes   loses   lotas   opals   pales   palet   peals   pelts   petal   plate   plats   pleas   pleat   plots   poles   salep   sales   salps   salts   seals   sepal   setal   slaps   slate   slats   slept   sloes   slope   slops   slots   soles   spale   spelt   splat   stale   steal   stela   stole   taels   tales   teals   telos   tepal   tesla   tolas   toles

m -   atoms   masse   masts   mates   meats   mesas   moats   mopes   moste   mosts   motes   poems   pomes   samps   satem   seams   smote   somas   spams   spasm   stamp   steam   stems   stoma   stomp   tames   tamps   teams   tempo   temps   tomes

n -   aeons   antes   aspen   atone   etnas   napes   nates   neaps   neats   nests   netop   noses   notes   oaten   onset   opens   paeon   panes   panto   pants   paten   peans   peons   pones   sanes   santo   sensa   seton   snaps   sneap   snots   sones   spans   spean   spent   stane   steno   stone   tones

o -   estop   oases   oasts   paseo   pesos   pesto   poets   poses   posse   posts   psoae   psoas   soaps   soots   spots   stoae   stoas   stoop   stope   stops   toeas   topes   topos

p -   apses   estop   paseo   pases   passe   paste   pasts   pates   peats   pepos   pesos   pesto   pests   poets   popes   poses   posse   posts   psoae   psoas   septa   septs   soaps   spaes   spate   spats   spots   steps   stope   stops   tapes   tepas   topes

r -   apers   aport   apres   apter   arose   arses   asper   aster   oater   opera   orate   pareo   pares   parse   parts   pater   pears   peart   pores   ports   poser   praos   prase   prate   prats   presa   press   prest   proas   prose   pross   prost   rapes   rases   rasps   rates   ratos   reaps   repos   repot   rests   roast   ropes   roses   roset   rotas   rotes   sapor   saros   sears   soars   soras   sores   sorts   spare   spars   spear   spore   sport   sprat   stare   stars   store   strap   strep   strop   taper   tares   taros   tarps   tears   toper   toras   tores   torse   traps   trass   tress   trope   tsars

s -   apses   asses   asset   easts   estop   oases   oasts   paseo   pases   passe   paste   pasts   pates   peats   pesos   pesto   pests   poets   poses   posse   posts   psoae   psoas   sates   seats   septa   septs   soaps   spaes   spate   spats   spots   steps   stoae   stoas   stope   stops   stoss   tapes   tasse   tepas   toeas   topes

t -   asset   easts   estop   oasts   paste   pasts   pates   peats   pesto   pests   petto   poets   posts   sates   seats   septa   septs   setts   spate   spats   spots   state   stats   steps   stets   stoae   stoas   stoat   stope   stops   stopt   tapes   tasse   taste   tates   teats   tepas   testa   tests   toast   toeas   topes   totes

u -   autos   ousts   pause   pouts   puses   saute   setup   soups   souse   spout   spues   sputa   stoup   stupa   stupe   suets   supes   taupe   touse   upset

v -   oaves   ovate   paves   saves   soave   stave   stove   vases   vasts   vesta   vests   votes

w -   spews   stews   stowp   stows   swaps   swats   sweat   swept   swops   swots   tawse   twaes   wasps   waste   wasts   wests

x -   expat   expos   paxes   poxes   saxes   sexto   sexts   taxes   texas

y -   atopy   essay   pasty   patsy   peaty   pesty   poesy   potsy   sayst   sepoy   soapy   soyas   spays   stays   styes   sysop   tepoy   types   typos   yeast

z -   azote   topaz   zests   zetas   zoeas

4 letters

a -   apes   apse   asea   asps   atap   ates   atop   east   eats   etas   oast   oats   ossa   pase   pass   past   pate   pats   peas   peat   saps   sate   seas   seat   seta   soap   spae   spas   spat   stoa   taos   tapa   tape   taps   tass   teas   tepa   toea

b -   abet   abos   baps   base   bass   bast   bate   bats   beat   best   beta   bets   boas   boat   bops   boss   bota   bots   obes   sabe   sabs   sobs   stab   stob   tabs

c -   aces   acts   cape   capo   caps   case   cast   cate   cats   ceps   cess   coat   cope   cops   coss   cost   cote   cots   ocas   pace   pacs   pact   pecs   sacs   scat   scop   scot   secs   sect   spec   tace   taco

d -   ados   aped   apod   daps   date   dato   doat   does   dopa   dope   dose   doss   dost   dote   dots   odea   odes   oped   pads   peds   pods   sade   soda   sods   sped   tads   teds   toad   tods   toed

e -   apes   apse   ates   ease   east   eats   epos   eses   etas   opes   oses   pase   pate   peas   peat   pees   peso   pest   pets   poet   pose   sate   seas   seat   seep   sees   sept   seta   sets   spae   step   tape   teas   tees   tepa   toea   toes   tope

f -   efts   fast   fate   fats   feat   fess   feta   fets   foes   fops   foss   oafs   safe   sofa   soft

g -   ages   egos   gaes   gape   gaps   gasp   gast   gate   gats   gest   geta   gets   goas   goat   goes   page   peag   pegs   sage   sago   sags   sego   segs   stag   tags   tegs   toga   togs

h -   eath   epha   eths   haes   haet   haps   hasp   hast   hate   hats   heap   heat   hest   hets   hoes   hope   hops   hose   host   hots   oath   opah   pash   path   pehs   phat   phot   posh   sash   shat   shea   shes   shoe   shop   shot   soph   soth   thae   toph   tosh

i -   aits   iota   pias   pies   piso   piss   pita   pits   pois   psis   sati   seis   sipe   sips   site   sits   spit   ties   tips   topi

j -   jape   jato   jess   jest   jets   joes   joss   jota   jots   soja

k -   asks   kaes   kats   keas   keps   kept   keto   koas   kops   koss   oaks   okas   okes   peak   poke   sake   skas   skat   skep   soak   soke   take   task   teak   toke   tsks

l -   ales   aloe   alps   also   alto   alts   laps   lase   lass   last   late   lats   leap   leas   lept   less   lest   lets   lope   lops   lose   loss   lost   lota   lots   olea   oles   opal   pale   pals   peal   pelt   plat   plea   plot   pole   pols   sale   salp   sals   salt   seal   sels   slap   slat   sloe   slop   slot   sola   sole   sols   tael   tale   teal   tela   tels   tola   tole

m -   amps   atom   maes   maps   mass   mast   mate   mats   meat   mesa   mess   meta   moas   moat   mope   mops   moss   most   mote   mots   pams   poem   pome   poms   same   samp   seam   soma   some   spam   stem   tame   tamp   tams   team   temp   tome   toms

n -   aeon   anes   ante   ants   eons   etna   naos   nape   naps   neap   neat   ness   nest   nets   noes   nope   nose   nota   note   ones   open   pane   pans   pant   pean   pens   pent   peon   pone   pons   sane   sans   sent   snap   snot   sone   sons   span   tans   tens   tone   tons

o -   atop   epos   oast   oats   oops   oots   opes   opts   oses   ossa   peso   poet   pose   post   pots   soap   soot   sops   sots   spot   stoa   stop   taos   toea   toes   tope   tops   toss

p -   apes   apse   asps   atop   epos   opes   opts   paps   pase   pass   past   pate   pats   peas   peat   pepo   peps   peso   pest   pets   poet   pope   pops   pose   post   pots   psst   saps   sept   soap   sops   spae   spas   spat   spot   step   stop   tape   taps   tepa   tope   tops

q -   qats

r -   aero   aper   ares   arse   arts   ears   eras   eros   erst   oars   ores   orts   osar   pare   pars   part   pear   pert   pore   port   prao   prat   proa   pros   rape   raps   rapt   rase   rasp   rate   rato   rats   reap   repo   reps   rest   rets   roes   rope   rose   rota   rote   rots   sear   sera   sers   soar   sora   sore   sort   spar   star   tare   taro   tarp   tars   tear   tora   tore   tors   trap   trop   tsar

s -   apes   apse   asps   ates   east   eats   epos   etas   oast   oats   opes   opts   oses   ossa   pase   pass   past   pats   peas   peso   pest   pets   pose   post   pots   psst   saps   sass   sate   seas   seat   sept   seta   sets   soap   sops   sots   spae   spas   spat   spot   step   stoa   stop   taos   taps   tass   teas   toes   tops   toss

t -   ates   atop   east   eats   etas   oast   oats   opts   past   pate   pats   peat   pest   pets   poet   post   pots   psst   sate   seat   sept   seta   sets   sett   sots   spat   spot   stat   step   stet   stoa   stop   taos   tape   taps   tass   tate   tats   teas   teat   tepa   test   tets   toea   toes   tope   tops   toss   tost   tote   tots

u -   auto   opus   oust   outs   pout   puss   puts   soup   sous   spue   sues   suet   supe   sups   taus   tups   upas   uses   utas

v -   aves   avos   pave   save   tavs   vase   vast   vats   vest   veto   vets   voes   vote

w -   awes   owes   owse   paws   pews   pows   saws   sews   sows   spew   staw   stew   stow   swap   swat   swop   swot   taws   tews   tows   twae   twas   twos   waes   waps   wasp   wast   wats   wept   west   wets   woes   wops   wost   wots

x -   apex   axes   expo   oxes   sext

y -   ayes   easy   espy   eyas   oyes   paty   pays   posy   pyas   pyes   says   soya   soys   spay   stay   stey   stye   toys   tyes   type   typo   yaps   yeas

z -   spaz   zaps   zest   zeta   zoea

3 letters

a -   aas   ape   apt   asp   ass   ate   eat   eta   oat   pas   pat   pea   sae   sap   sat   sea   spa   tae   tao   tap   tas   tea

b -   abo   abs   bap   bas   bat   bet   boa   bop   bos   bot   obe   sab   sob   tab

c -   ace   act   cap   cat   cep   cop   cos   cot   oca   pac   pec   sac   sec

d -   ado   ads   dap   doe   dos   dot   eds   ode   ods   pad   ped   pod   sad   sod   tad   ted   tod

e -   ape   ate   eat   ess   eta   oes   ope   ose   pea   pee   pes   pet   sae   sea   see   set   tae   tea   tee   toe

f -   aft   efs   eft   fas   fat   fet   foe   fop   oaf   oft

g -   age   ago   ego   gae   gap   gas   gat   get   goa   gos   got   peg   sag   seg   tag   teg   tog

h -   ash   eth   hae   hao   hap   has   hat   hep   hes   het   hoe   hop   hot   ohs   pah   peh   pht   poh   sha   she   the   tho

i -   ais   ait   its   pia   pie   pis   pit   poi   psi   sei   sip   sis   sit   tie   tip   tis

j -   jet   joe   jot   taj

k -   ask   kae   kas   kat   kea   kep   koa   kop   kos   oak   oka   oke   ska   tsk

l -   ale   alp   als   alt   els   lap   las   lat   lea   let   lop   lot   ole   pal   pol   sal   sel   sol   tel

m -   amp   ems   mae   map   mas   mat   met   moa   mop   mos   mot   oms   pam   pom   som   tam   tom

n -   ane   ant   ens   eon   nae   nap   net   nos   not   one   ons   pan   pen   sen   son   tan   ten   ton

o -   oat   oes   oot   ope   ops   opt   ose   pot   sop   sos   sot   tao   toe   too   top

p -   ape   apt   asp   ope   ops   opt   pap   pas   pat   pea   pep   pes   pet   pop   pot   sap   sop   spa   tap   top

q -   qat

r -   are   ars   art   ear   era   ers   oar   ora   ore   ors   ort   par   per   pro   rap   ras   rat   rep   res   ret   roe   rot   ser   tar   tor

s -   asp   ass   ess   oes   ops   ose   pas   pes   sae   sap   sat   sea   set   sop   sos   sot   spa   tas

t -   apt   ate   att   eat   eta   oat   opt   pat   pet   pot   sat   set   sot   tae   tao   tap   tas   tat   tea   tet   toe   top   tot

u -   eau   out   pus   put   sau   sou   sue   sup   tau   tup   upo   ups   use   uta   uts

v -   ave   avo   ova   tav   vas   vat   vet   voe

w -   awe   owe   paw   pew   pow   saw   sew   sow   taw   tew   tow   twa   two   wae   wap   was   wat   wet   woe   wop   wos   wot

x -   axe   pax   pox   sax   sex   sox   tax

y -   aye   ays   pay   pya   pye   say   soy   spy   sty   toy   tye   yap   yea   yep   yes   yet

z -   azo   zap   zoa

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