More Words

Words formed from any letters in percale, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

d -   parceled   replaced

n -   preclean

p -   preplace

r -   preclear   replacer

s -   percales   replaces

t -   praelect

7 letters

a -   carpale   percale   replace

c -   percale   replace

d -   capered   cleared   creedal   declare   pearled   pleader   relaced   replead

e -   percale   replace

f -   preface

h -   cheaper   leacher   peacher

i -   calipee   caliper   replica

l -   percale   replace

m -   clamper   empaler   emplace   premeal   reclame

n -   cleaner   reclean   repanel

o -   parolee

p -   clapper   percale   replace

r -   caperer   clearer   pearler   percale   prerace   replace

s -   carpels   cereals   clasper   escaper   leapers   parcels   placers   pleaser   presale   reclasp   relaces   relapse   repeals   rescale   respace   scalper   sclerae

t -   capelet   petrale   pleater   plectra   prelate   prelect   replate   treacle

u -   cupeler   pleurae

v -   cleaver

y -   prelacy

6 letters

a -   carpal   carpel   cereal   earlap   leaper   palace   paleae   parcel   placer   relace   repeal

b -   beleap

c -   carcel   carpel   cereal   parcel   placer   relace

d -   carped   cleped   cradle   craped   credal   creped   dealer   decare   leader   leaped   pardee   parled   peaced   pealed   pedlar   pedler   placed   reaped   reclad   redcap   repled

e -   carpel   cereal   leaper   parcel   peeler   placer   relace   repeal

f -   reface

g -   galere   pelage   regale

h -   chapel   chelae   eparch   healer   helper   lecher   pleach   preach

i -   apiece   ceiler   eclair   epical   lacier   palier   pereia   piecer   pierce   plaice   plicae   recipe

k -   calker   lacker   leaker   packer   pecker   rackle   repack

l -   caller   carpel   cellae   cellar   cereal   leaper   parcel   placer   recall   relace   repeal

m -   amerce   ampere   ampler   calmer   camper   empale   marcel   palmer   raceme

n -   careen   crenel   enlace   lancer   leaner   pencel   planer   prance   recane   replan

o -   areole   coaler   creole   eloper   ocreae   oracle   parole   recoal

p -   capper   carpel   lapper   leaper   parcel   placer   rappee   rappel   repeal

r -   career   carpel   carper   carrel   cereal   leaper   parcel   parrel   placer   realer   reaper   relace   repeal

s -   asleep   capers   carles   clears   clepes   crapes   crease   creels   creeps   crepes   elapse   escape   escarp   lacers   lapser   larees   leaser   lepers   pacers   parles   parsec   peaces   pearls   places   please   reales   recaps   repels   resale   reseal   scaler   sclera   scrape   sealer   secpar   serape   spacer

t -   caplet   carpet   cartel   cerate   claret   create   ecarte   elater   palter   pelter   petrel   placet   plater   preact   recept   rectal   relate   repeat   retape   tercel

u -   apercu   culpae   pleura

v -   carvel   claver   cleave   clever   laveer   leaver   pareve   repave   reveal   vealer

w -   clawer   crewel   prelaw

y -   celery   creepy   crepey   parley   pearly   player   replay   yelper

5 letters

a -   apace   areae   areal   areca   caper   carle   clear   craal   crape   lacer   laree   pacer   palea   paler   parae   parle   peace   pearl   perea   place   recap

b -   abele   abler   acerb   baler   becap   blare   blear   bleep   brace   caber   cable   celeb   plebe   rebec   rebel

c -   caper   carle   cecal   clear   clepe   crape   creel   creep   crepe   lacer   pacer   peace   place   recap   recce

d -   acred   alder   arced   cadre   caped   cared   cedar   ceder   cered   clade   creed   decal   drape   eared   elder   laced   lader   paced   padle   padre   paled   pared   pedal   plead   preed   raced   raped

e -   caper   carle   clear   clepe   crape   creel   creep   crepe   lacer   laree   leper   pacer   paler   parle   peace   pearl   perea   place   recap   repel

f -   facer   farce   farle   fecal   feral   flare   fleer   refel

g -   aglee   agree   argle   cager   eager   eagle   eagre   gaper   glace   glare   grace   grape   lager   large   leger   pager   parge   peage   plage   ragee   regal   repeg

h -   aleph   chape   chare   cheap   cheep   cheer   chela   haler   larch   leach   leech   parch   peach   perch   ralph   raphe   reach

i -   aerie   areic   ariel   carpi   ceria   cripe   erica   ileac   peril   pical   piece   pilar   pilea   plica   plier   price   relic

j -   japer

k -   ackee   apeek   cleek   clerk   crake   creak   creek   kelep   kreep   laker   plack   rakee

l -   allee   carle   cella   clear   clepe   creel   lacer   lapel   laree   leper   paler   parle   pearl   place   repel

m -   ameer   ample   camel   clamp   cramp   cream   creme   lamer   macer   macle   maple   merle   ramee   realm   remap

n -   anele   arpen   caner   clean   crane   lance   learn   nacre   panel   pecan   penal   pence   plane   plena   preen   rance   ranee   renal

o -   carol   ceorl   claro   copal   coper   copra   coral   elope   loper   ocrea   opera   pareo   parol   polar   poler   prole

p -   appel   apple   caper   clepe   crape   creep   crepe   leper   pacer   paler   paper   parle   peace   pearl   pepla   perea   place   recap   repel

r -   caper   carer   carle   clear   crape   creel   creep   crepe   lacer   laree   leper   pacer   paler   parer   parle   pearl   perea   racer   raper   recap   repel

s -   acres   alecs   apers   apres   arles   asper   capes   cares   carls   carps   carse   cease   cepes   ceres   claps   clasp   craps   earls   easel   erase   escar   laces   lapse   lares   laser   leaps   lears   lease   leers   paces   pales   pares   parse   peals   pears   pease   peels   peers   peles   perse   pleas   prase   prees   presa   prese   races   rales   rapes   reals   reaps   reels   salep   saree   scale   scalp   scape   scare   scarp   scrap   scree   sepal   serac   seral   sleep   space   spale   spare   spear   speel   speer   spree

t -   alert   alter   apter   arete   artel   caret   carte   cater   clapt   cleat   clept   crate   crept   eater   eclat   elate   elect   epact   erect   etape   later   leapt   lepta   palet   pater   peart   petal   peter   plate   pleat   prate   ratel   react   recta   relet   taler   taper   telae   tepal   terce   trace

u -   cruel   culpa   cupel   lucre   pareu   puler   puree   rupee   ulcer   ureal

v -   calve   carve   caver   clave   crave   elver   laver   leave   lever   parve   paver   ravel   reave   revel   velar

w -   crawl   pawer   waler

x -   carex   excel   expel   laxer   relax

y -   apery   clary   crepy   early   lacey   layer   leary   leery   lycea   lycee   payee   payer   peery   plyer   relay   repay   reply

z -   craze   razee

4 letters

a -   acre   alae   alar   alec   alee   aper   area   cape   care   carl   carp   clap   crap   earl   lace   leap   lear   paca   pace   pale   para   pare   peal   pear   plea   race   rale   rape   real   reap

b -   able   bale   bare   bear   beep   beer   blae   brae   bree   carb   crab   pleb

c -   acre   alec   cape   care   carl   carp   ceca   cepe   cere   clap   crap   lace   pace   race

d -   aced   aped   cade   card   cede   clad   dace   dale   dare   deal   dear   deep   deer   dele   dere   dree   lade   lard   lead   pard   peed   pled   read   rede   reed

e -   acre   alec   alee   aper   cape   care   cepe   cere   earl   epee   lace   leap   lear   leer   pace   pale   pare   peal   pear   peel   peer   pele   plea   pree   race   rale   rape   real   reap   reel

f -   alef   cafe   calf   clef   face   fare   farl   feal   fear   feel   fere   flap   flea   flee   frae   frap   free   leaf   pelf   reef

g -   agee   ager   cage   clag   crag   egal   eger   gale   gape   gear   glee   gree   page   peag   rage

h -   ache   arch   caph   chap   char   each   eche   epha   hale   hare   harl   harp   heal   heap   hear   heel   help   here   herl   lech   lehr   pech   rhea

i -   aril   ceil   cire   clip   epic   ilea   laic   lair   lari   liar   lice   lier   lipa   lipe   lira   lire   pail   pair   peri   pial   pica   pice   pier   pile   plie   rail   rial   rice   riel   rile   ripe

j -   ajee   jape   jarl   jeep   jeer

k -   akee   cake   calk   cark   kale   keel   keep   kelp   lack   lake   lark   leak   leek   leke   pack   park   peak   peck   peek   peke   perk   rack   rake   reck   reek

l -   alec   alee   call   carl   cell   clap   earl   lace   leal   leap   lear   leer   pale   pall   peal   peel   pele   plea   rale   real   reel

m -   acme   alme   calm   came   camp   clam   cram   lame   lamp   mace   male   marc   mare   marl   meal   mere   merl   palm   perm   pram   ramp   ream

n -   acne   cane   carn   clan   earn   elan   erne   lane   lean   nape   narc   neap   near   neep   pane   pean   peen   plan

o -   aero   aloe   arco   calo   capo   cero   clop   coal   cola   cole   cope   core   crop   loca   lope   lore   olea   opal   oral   orca   orle   pole   pore   prao   proa   repo   role   rope

p -   aper   cape   carp   cepe   clap   crap   leap   pace   pale   palp   pare   peal   pear   peel   peep   peer   pele   perp   plea   pree   prep   rape   reap   repp

r -   acre   aper   care   carl   carp   carr   cere   crap   earl   lear   leer   pare   parr   pear   peer   pree   race   rale   rape   rare   real   reap   rear   reel

s -   aces   ales   alps   apes   apse   arcs   ares   arse   caps   cars   case   cees   cels   ceps   ears   ease   eels   else   eras   lacs   laps   lars   lase   leas   lees   pacs   pals   pars   pase   peas   pecs   pees   raps   rase   rasp   recs   rees   reps   sale   salp   scar   seal   sear   seel   seep   seer   sera   sere   slap   spae   spar   spec

t -   cart   cate   celt   cete   late   leet   lept   pact   part   pate   peat   pelt   pert   plat   prat   rapt   rate   rete   tace   tael   talc   tale   tape   tare   tarp   teal   tear   teel   tela   tele   tepa   trap   tree

u -   caul   clue   cure   curl   ecru   luce   lure   prau   puce   pula   pule   pure   purl   rule   urea

v -   aver   cave   eave   ever   lave   leva   pave   rave   vale   veal   veep   veer   vela   vera

w -   awee   claw   clew   craw   crew   ewer   pawl   plew   wale   ware   warp   weal   wear   weel   weep   weer   were   wrap

x -   apex   axel   axle   calx   exec   prex

y -   acyl   aery   aryl   clay   eely   eery   eyer   eyra   eyre   lacy   lyre   paly   play   pray   prey   pyre   racy   rely   yare   year   yelp

z -   czar   laze   prez   raze   zeal

3 letters

a -   aal   ace   ala   ale   alp   ape   arc   are   cap   car   ear   era   lac   lap   lar   lea   pac   pal   par   pea   rap

b -   alb   arb   bal   bap   bar   bee   bel   bra   cab   lab   reb

c -   ace   arc   cap   car   cee   cel   cep   lac   pac   pec   rec

d -   cad   dal   dap   dee   del   eld   lad   led   pad   ped   rad   red

e -   ace   ale   ape   are   cee   cel   cep   ear   eel   era   ere   lea   lee   pea   pec   pee   per   rec   ree   rep

f -   arf   elf   far   fee   fer   ref

g -   age   erg   gae   gal   gap   gar   gee   gel   lag   leg   peg   rag   reg

h -   hae   hap   hep   her   pah   peh   rah

i -   ail   air   ice   ire   lei   lie   lip   pia   pic   pie   rei   ria   rip

j -   jar   jee   raj

k -   ark   eke   elk   kae   kea   kep   lek

l -   ale   all   alp   cel   eel   ell   lac   lap   lar   lea   lee   pal

m -   amp   arm   cam   elm   eme   lam   mac   mae   map   mar   mel   pam   ram   rem

n -   ane   can   ern   nae   nap   nee   pan   pen   ran

o -   col   cop   cor   lop   oar   oca   ole   ope   ora   orc   ore   pol   pro   roc   roe

p -   alp   ape   cap   cep   lap   pac   pal   pap   par   pea   pec   pee   pep   per   rap   rep

r -   arc   are   car   ear   era   ere   err   lar   par   per   rap   rec   ree   rep

s -   als   ars   asp   els   ers   las   pas   pes   ras   res   sac   sae   sal   sap   sea   sec   see   sel   ser   spa

t -   act   alt   apt   art   ate   cat   eat   eta   lat   let   pat   pet   rat   ret   tae   tap   tar   tea   tee   tel

u -   cue   cup   cur   eau   ecu   leu   pul   pur   rue

v -   ave   eve   lav   lev   rev   vac   var   vee

w -   awe   awl   caw   ewe   law   paw   pew   raw   wae   wap   war   wee

x -   axe   lax   lex   pax   rax   rex

y -   aye   cay   cry   eye   lay   ley   lye   pay   ply   pry   pya   pye   ray   rya   rye   yap   yar   yea   yep

z -   lez   zap   zee

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