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Words formed from any letters in penoche, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

s -   penoches

7 letters

a -   cheapen   panoche

c -   penoche

e -   penoche

h -   penoche

i -   chopine   phocine

k -   henpeck

l -   echelon

m -   phoneme

n -   penoche

o -   hencoop   penoche

p -   penoche

t -   potence   potheen

u -   penuche

6 letters

a -   achene   cheapo   peahen   pechan

b -   phoebe

d -   depone   echoed   encode   opened   peched   phoned   ponced

g -   chegoe   congee   pongee

i -   chopin   phonic

l -   holpen   pencel   phenol   plench

m -   hempen   phenom

o -   ochone   poncho

r -   cheero   cohere   crepon   echoer   encore   hereon   opener   pereon   reecho   reopen

s -   cheeps   chosen   copens   echoes   epochs   peones   phones   ponces   speech   spence   sphene

t -   cenote   pecten   poteen   thence

u -   cohune   pounce

w -   nephew   whence

x -   hexone

y -   echoey   phoney

5 letters

a -   canoe   capon   chape   cheap   hance   nacho   ocean   paeon   peace   peach   pecan   poach

b -   beech   bench   boche

c -   cheep   conch   copen   epoch   hence   pence   ponce

d -   coden   coned   coped   donee   eched   ephod   epode   honed   hoped

e -   cheep   copen   epoch   hence   pence   phone   ponce

f -   fence   foehn

g -   conge   pengo

h -   cheep   epoch   hence   phone

i -   chine   chino   niche   niece   opine   piece   pinch

k -   cheek   choke   kench   pekoe

l -   clepe   clone   elope   leech   leone   pelon

m -   chemo   chomp

n -   copen   hence   nonce   pence   penne   phone   ponce

o -   cooee   copen   epoch   phone   phono   ponce   pooch

p -   cheep   copen   epoch   pence   phone   ponce

r -   cheer   chore   coper   creep   crepe   crone   ephor   heron   honer   hoper   ocher   ochre   perch   porch   preen   prone   recon

s -   cense   cepes   chops   chose   cones   copes   copse   eches   echos   hones   hopes   hosen   neeps   onces   opens   pechs   peens   penes   peons   phons   pones   scene   scone   scope   sheen   sheep   shone

t -   cento   conte   netop   notch   tench   topee   tophe

u -   coupe   ounce   ouphe   pouch   punch

v -   coven

w -   wench   wheen   wheep

y -   coney   honey   peony   phony

z -   cozen

4 letters

a -   ache   acne   aeon   cane   cape   caph   capo   chao   chap   each   epha   haen   heap   nape   neap   opah   pace   pane   pean

b -   been   beep   bene   bone   ebon   hebe

c -   cepe   chon   chop   cone   cope   eche   echo   once   pech

d -   cede   code   coed   deco   deep   dene   done   dope   heed   hoed   need   node   ohed   oped   peed   pend   pond

e -   cepe   cone   cope   eche   echo   epee   hone   hope   neep   nope   once   open   pech   peen   peon   pone

f -   chef   fohn

g -   gene   ghee   gone   hong   ogee   pong

h -   chon   chop   eche   echo   hone   hope   pech   phon

i -   chin   chip   cine   cion   coin   coni   epic   icon   inch   nice   pein   pice   pine   pion

j -   jeep   jeon   john

k -   coke   conk   heck   hock   hoke   honk   keen   keep   keno   knee   knop   koph   neck   nock   okeh   peck   peek   peke   pock   poke

l -   clon   clop   cole   enol   heel   helo   help   hole   holp   lech   leno   loch   lone   lope   noel   peel   pele   pole

m -   come   comp   heme   hemp   home   meno   mope   neem   nome   omen   poem   pome

n -   chon   cone   conn   hone   neep   nene   neon   none   nope   once   open   peen   peon   phon   pone

o -   chon   chop   coho   cone   coon   coop   cope   echo   hone   hoop   hope   nope   once   open   peon   phon   poco   pone   pooh   poon

p -   cepe   chop   cope   hope   neep   nope   open   pech   peen   peep   peon   pepo   phon   pone   pope

q -   qoph

r -   cere   cero   core   corn   crop   erne   here   hern   hero   hoer   horn   peer   pore   porn   pree   repo   rope

s -   cees   ceps   cons   cops   cosh   eons   epos   hens   hoes   hons   hops   hose   noes   nose   nosh   ones   opes   pecs   pees   pehs   pens   peso   pons   pose   posh   scop   seen   seep   sene   shoe   shop   sone   soph   spec

t -   cent   cete   cote   etch   hent   note   pent   phot   poet   teen   thee   then   tone   tope   toph

u -   coup   ouch   ouph   puce   unco   upon

v -   cove   even   hove   neve   oven   veep

w -   chew   chow   enow   hewn   howe   phew   ween   weep   whee   when   whop

x -   exec   exon   expo   oxen

y -   cony   copy   eyen   eyne   hype   hypo   pony   yech

z -   chez   zone

3 letters

a -   ace   ane   ape   can   cap   hae   hao   hap   nae   nah   nap   oca   pac   pah   pan   pea

b -   bee   ben   bop   cob   hob   neb   nob   obe

c -   cee   cep   con   cop   pec

d -   cod   dee   den   doc   doe   don   edh   end   hod   nod   ode   ped   pod

e -   cee   cep   eon   hen   hep   hoe   nee   one   ope   pec   pee   peh   pen

f -   fee   feh   fen   foe   foh   fon   fop

g -   cog   ego   eng   gee   gen   hog   nog   peg

h -   heh   hen   hep   hoe   hon   hop   noh   peh   poh

i -   chi   hic   hie   hin   hip   ice   ich   ion   nip   phi   pic   pie   pin   poi

j -   jee   joe

k -   eke   ken   kep   kop   oke

l -   cel   col   eel   lee   lop   ole   pol

m -   eme   hem   men   mho   moc   mon   mop   nom   ohm   pom

n -   con   eon   hen   hon   nee   noh   one   pen

o -   con   coo   cop   eon   hoe   hon   hop   noh   noo   oho   one   ooh   ope   poh

p -   cep   cop   hep   hop   ope   pec   pee   peh   pen   pep   poh   pop

r -   cor   ere   ern   her   nor   orc   ore   per   pro   rec   ree   rep   rho   roc   roe

s -   cos   ens   hes   nos   oes   ohs   ons   ops   ose   pes   sec   see   sen   she   son   sop

t -   cot   eth   het   hot   net   not   nth   opt   pet   pht   pot   tee   ten   the   tho   toe   ton   top

u -   cue   cup   ecu   hue   hun   hup   pun   upo

v -   eve   vee   voe

w -   cow   ewe   hew   how   new   now   owe   own   pew   pow   wee   wen   who   woe   won   wop

x -   cox   hex   pox

y -   coy   eye   hey   hoy   hyp   pye   yeh   yen   yep   yon

z -   coz   zee

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