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Words formed from any letters in pegbox, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

b -   pegbox

e -   pegbox

g -   pegbox

o -   pegbox

p -   pegbox

x -   pegbox

5 letters

b -   bebop

d -   boxed   poxed

f -   befog

i -   bogie

l -   bogle   globe

n -   pengo

r -   boxer   grope   probe   rebop

s -   boxes   expos   goxes   poxes

t -   begot

y -   bogey   epoxy   pogey

4 letters

a -   apex   gape   page   peag

c -   cope

d -   bode   doge   dope   oped

e -   beep   expo   ogee

h -   hope

i -   gibe   ibex

k -   poke

l -   bole   glob   glop   lobe   loge   lope   ogle   pleb   pole

m -   mope   poem   pome

n -   bone   bong   ebon   exon   gone   nope   open   oxen   peon   pone   pong

o -   expo   gobo   goop   oboe

p -   expo   pepo   pope

r -   berg   bore   ergo   goer   gore   gorp   ogre   pore   prex   prog   repo   robe   rope

s -   begs   bogs   bops   egos   epos   gobs   goes   obes   opes   oxes   pegs   peso   pose   sego

t -   poet   tope

x -   expo

y -   bogy   boxy   goby   gybe   obey   pogy

3 letters

a -   abo   age   ago   ape   axe   bag   bap   boa   gab   gae   gap   goa   pax   pea

b -   beg   bob   bog   bop   box   ebb   gob   obe

c -   cep   cob   cog   cop   cox   pec

d -   bed   bod   deb   dex   doe   dog   ged   god   ode   ped   pod

e -   bee   beg   ego   gee   obe   ope   pee   peg

f -   fob   foe   fog   fop   fox

g -   beg   bog   egg   ego   gob   gox   peg

h -   hep   hex   hob   hoe   hog   hop   peh   poh

i -   big   bio   gib   gie   gip   obi   pie   pig   pix   poi

j -   job   joe   jog

k -   keg   kep   kex   kob   kop   oke

l -   bel   gel   leg   lex   lob   log   lop   lox   ole   pol

m -   gem   meg   mob   mog   mop   pom

n -   ben   eng   eon   gen   neb   nob   nog   one   pen

o -   bog   boo   bop   box   ego   gob   goo   gox   obe   ope   oxo   pox

p -   bop   ope   peg   pep   pop   pox

r -   bro   erg   gor   orb   ore   per   pro   reb   reg   rep   rex   rob   roe

s -   bos   gos   oes   ops   ose   pes   seg   sex   sob   sop   sox

t -   bet   bot   get   got   opt   pet   pot   teg   toe   tog   top

u -   bug   pub   pug   upo

v -   veg   vex   voe   vox

w -   bow   owe   pew   pow   web   woe   wog   wop

x -   box   gox   pox

y -   bey   boy   bye   gey   goy   gyp   oxy   pye   pyx   yep   yob

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