More Words

Words formed from any letters in pedocal, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

s -   pedocals

t -   clodpate

u -   cupolaed

7 letters

a -   palaced   pedocal

b -   codable   placebo

c -   pedocal

d -   cladode   decapod   pedocal

e -   pedocal

g -   decalog   galoped

h -   epochal   poached

i -   oedipal   placoid   policed

j -   cajoled

k -   cloaked   padlock   polkaed

l -   pedocal

m -   clamped   clomped

n -   celadon

o -   pedocal

p -   clapped   clopped   pedocal

r -   caroled   leopard   paroled

s -   clasped   coleads   deposal   escalop   peascod   pedalos   scalped   solaced

t -   coapted   located   polecat   tadpole

u -   copulae   coupled

v -   alcoved

6 letters

a -   alcade   apodal   coaled   colead   palace   pedalo   placed

b -   albedo   cabled   doable

c -   coaled   colead   placed

d -   coaled   coddle   colead   loaded   paddle   pedalo   placed

e -   cleped   coaled   colead   elodea   eloped   leaped   peaced   pealed   pedalo   placed

f -   foaled   loafed

g -   gaoled   goaled   lapdog

h -   chapel   cheapo   cohead   haloed   pleach

i -   aliped   codeia   coiled   copied   diploe   dipole   docile   eidola   elapid   epical   placid   plaice   pleiad   plicae   police

j -   cajole

k -   calked   lacked   locked   packed   pocked

l -   called   coaled   colead   locale   palled   pedalo   placed   polled

m -   calmed   camped   comade   comped   compel   copalm   decamp   lamped   loamed   macled   palmed   pomace   pomade

n -   acnode   candle   canoed   cloned   deacon   lanced   loaned   planed   ponced

o -   coaled   colead   cooled   cooped   locoed   looped   pedalo   poodle   pooled

p -   capped   copped   dapple   lapped   lopped   pedalo   placed

r -   carped   carpel   coaler   colder   cradle   craped   credal   loader   oracle   ordeal   parcel   parled   parole   pedlar   placer   polder   reclad   recoal   redcap   reload

s -   aldose   aslope   clades   closed   copals   decals   lapsed   padles   pedals   places   pleads   scaled   scaped   scoped   sloped   soaped   solace   spaced

t -   caplet   capote   coated   locate   pelota   placet   plated   talced   toecap

u -   caudle   cedula   copula   couped   couple   culpae   cupola   louped   upload

v -   alcove   calved   coeval

w -   clawed   cowled   cowpea   declaw   dewlap   plowed

x -   coaxed   poleax

y -   clayed   cloyed   deploy   played   ployed

5 letters

a -   acold   apace   caped   clade   coala   copal   decal   laced   paced   padle   palea   paled   pedal   place   plead

b -   abode   adobe   baled   becap   blade   cable   coble   dobla   lobed

c -   acold   caped   cecal   clade   codec   coled   copal   coped   decal   dolce   laced   paced   place

d -   acold   addle   caped   clade   coded   coled   coped   decal   dedal   dolce   doled   doped   laced   laded   loped   paced   padle   paled   pedal   plead   poled

e -   caped   clade   clepe   coled   coped   decal   dolce   elope   epode   laced   loped   paced   padle   paled   peace   pedal   place   plead   poled

f -   decaf   faced   fecal   focal

g -   cadge   caged   galop   gaped   glace   glade   lodge   ogled   paged   pagod   plage

h -   ached   ahold   aleph   chape   cheap   chela   dhole   ephod   epoch   haled   haole   holed   hoped   leach   loach   peach   poach

i -   ailed   alcid   dolci   ideal   ileac   oiled   oldie   oleic   pical   pilea   piled   plaid   plica   plied   podia

j -   jalop   japed

k -   caked   cloak   coked   laked   plack   poked   polka

l -   acold   aldol   allod   cella   cello   clade   coled   copal   decal   dolce   laced   ladle   lapel   local   loped   padle   paled   pedal   place   plead   poled

m -   amole   ample   camel   cameo   campo   celom   clamp   clomp   comae   comal   dolma   domal   lamed   maced   macle   maple   medal   modal   model   moped

n -   acned   alone   anode   anole   caned   canoe   capon   clean   clone   coden   coned   copen   dance   eland   laden   lance   loden   naled   nodal   nopal   ocean   olden   paeon   paned   panel   pecan   pelon   penal   plane   plena   ponce

o -   acold   coled   cooed   copal   coped   dolce   looed   loped   poled

p -   appel   apple   caped   copal   coped   loped   paced   padle   paled   pedal   pepla   place   plead   poled

r -   acred   adore   alder   arced   cadre   caper   cared   carle   carol   cedar   ceorl   claro   clear   coder   coper   copra   coral   cored   crape   credo   decor   doper   drape   lacer   lader   loper   oared   ocrea   older   opera   oread   pacer   padre   paler   pared   pareo   parle   parol   pearl   pedro   polar   poler   pored   prole   raced   raped   recap   roped

s -   alecs   aloes   apods   cades   calos   capes   capos   cased   clads   claps   clasp   clods   clops   close   coals   codas   codes   coeds   colas   colds   coles   copes   copse   daces   dales   deals   decos   doles   dopas   dopes   laces   lades   lapse   lased   leads   leaps   loads   lodes   lopes   opals   paces   pales   paseo   peals   pleas   plods   poles   posed   psoae   salep   scald   scale   scalp   scape   scold   scope   sepal   slope   socle   soled   space   spade   spado   spaed   spale   spode

t -   acted   adept   adopt   cadet   clapt   cleat   clept   coapt   coted   dealt   delta   depot   dotal   eclat   epact   lated   leapt   lepta   octad   octal   opted   palet   pated   petal   plate   pleat   taped   tepal   toled   toped

u -   aloud   cauld   cloud   clued   coude   could   coupe   culpa   cupel   douce   ducal   duple   loupe   puled

v -   calve   caved   clave   clove   coved   laevo   laved   loved   paved   vocal   voled

w -   cawed   cowed   dowel   lawed   lowed   pawed   waldo   waled   weald   woald

x -   axled   codex   coxae   coxal   coxed   loxed   poxed

y -   coaly   coyed   decay   decoy   delay   dopey   lacey   layed   leady   lycea   odyle   payed   yodel   yodle

z -   adoze   azole   cloze   colza   lazed   zoeal

4 letters

a -   aced   alae   alec   aloe   aped   apod   cade   calo   cape   capo   clad   clap   coal   coda   cola   dace   dale   deal   dopa   lace   lade   lead   leap   load   loca   odea   olea   opal   paca   pace   pale   peal   plea

b -   abed   able   bade   bald   bale   bead   blae   bled   bloc   bode   bola   bold   bole   lobe   pleb

c -   aced   alec   cade   calo   cape   capo   ceca   clad   clap   clod   clop   coal   coca   coda   code   coed   cola   cold   cole   cope   dace   deco   lace   loca   pace

d -   aced   aped   apod   cade   clad   clod   coda   code   coed   cold   dace   dado   dale   dead   deal   deco   dole   dopa   dope   eddo   lade   lead   load   lode   odea   oped   pled   plod

e -   aced   alec   alee   aloe   aped   cade   cape   cede   cepe   code   coed   cole   cope   dace   dale   deal   deco   deep   dele   dole   dope   lace   lade   lead   leap   lode   lope   odea   olea   oped   pace   pale   peal   peed   peel   pele   plea   pled   pole

f -   alef   cafe   calf   clef   deaf   delf   face   fade   fado   feal   feod   flap   flea   fled   floc   floe   flop   foal   fold   leaf   loaf   pelf

g -   aged   cage   clag   clog   dago   doge   egad   egal   gaed   gale   gaol   gape   geld   glad   gled   glop   goad   goal   gold   loge   ogle   page   peag

h -   ache   caph   chad   chao   chap   chop   dahl   dhal   each   echo   epha   hade   haed   hale   halo   head   heal   heap   held   helo   help   hoed   hold   hole   holp   hope   lech   loch   ohed   opah   pech

i -   acid   aide   cadi   caid   cedi   ceil   ciao   clip   coil   deil   deli   dial   dice   diel   diol   epic   iced   idea   idle   idol   ilea   laic   laid   lice   lido   lied   lipa   lipe   loci   odic   padi   paid   pail   pial   pica   pice   pied   pile   plie

j -   jade   jape   jole

k -   cake   calk   coke   deck   dock   kale   kelp   koel   kola   lack   lake   leak   lock   pack   peak   peck   pock   poke

l -   alec   aloe   call   calo   cell   clad   clap   clod   clop   coal   cola   cold   cole   dale   deal   dell   dole   doll   lace   lade   lead   leal   leap   load   loca   lode   lope   olea   olla   opal   pale   pall   peal   plea   pled   plod   pole   poll

m -   acme   alme   calm   came   camp   clam   coma   come   comp   dame   damp   demo   dome   lame   lamp   loam   mace   made   male   mead   meal   meld   mode   mola   mold   mole   mope   palm   poem   pome

n -   acne   aeon   cane   clan   clon   cone   dean   dona   done   elan   enol   land   lane   lean   lend   leno   loan   lone   nape   neap   node   noel   nope   once   open   pane   pean   pend   peon   plan   pond   pone

o -   aloe   apod   calo   capo   clod   clop   coal   coda   code   coed   cola   cold   cole   cool   coop   cope   deco   dole   dopa   dope   load   loca   loco   lode   loop   lope   odea   olea   oleo   opal   oped   plod   poco   pole   polo   pood   pool

p -   aped   apod   cape   capo   clap   clop   cope   dopa   dope   leap   lope   opal   oped   pace   pale   palp   peal   pepo   plea   pled   plod   plop   pole   pope

r -   acre   aero   aper   arco   card   care   carl   carp   cero   cord   core   crap   crop   dare   dear   doer   dore   dorp   drop   earl   lard   lear   lord   lore   orad   oral   orca   orle   pard   pare   pear   pore   prao   proa   prod   race   rale   rape   read   real   reap   redo   repo   road   rode   role   rope

s -   aces   ados   ales   alps   also   apes   apse   cads   caps   case   cels   ceps   cods   cols   cops   dals   daps   dels   docs   does   dols   dose   elds   epos   lacs   lads   laps   lase   leas   lops   lose   ocas   odes   olds   oles   opes   pacs   pads   pals   pase   peas   pecs   peds   peso   pods   pols   pose   sade   sale   salp   scad   scop   seal   slap   sled   sloe   slop   soap   soda   sola   sold   sole   spae   spec   sped

t -   alto   atop   cate   celt   clot   coat   colt   cote   date   dato   delt   doat   dolt   dote   late   lept   lota   pact   pate   peat   pelt   plat   plot   poet   tace   taco   tael   talc   tale   tape   teal   tela   tepa   toad   toea   toed   tola   told   tole   tope

u -   auld   caul   clue   coup   cued   dual   duce   duel   dupe   laud   leud   loud   loup   luce   lude   puce   pula   pule   updo

v -   cave   cove   deva   dove   lave   leva   levo   love   oval   pave   vale   veal   vela   veld   vole

w -   alow   awed   awol   claw   clew   cowl   lewd   lowe   owed   pawl   plew   plow   wade   wale   weal   weld   woad   wold

x -   apex   axed   axel   axle   calx   coax   coxa   expo

y -   acyl   clay   cloy   coly   copy   dopy   lacy   lady   odyl   oldy   paly   play   ploy   poly   yald   yeld   yelp

z -   adze   daze   doze   laze   zeal   zoea

3 letters

a -   aal   ace   ado   ala   ale   alp   ape   cad   cap   dal   dap   lac   lad   lap   lea   oca   pac   pad   pal   pea

b -   abo   alb   bad   bal   bap   bed   bel   boa   bod   bop   cab   cob   dab   deb   lab   lob   obe

c -   ace   cad   cap   cel   cep   cod   col   cop   doc   lac   oca   pac   pec

d -   add   ado   cad   cod   dad   dal   dap   del   doc   doe   dol   eld   lad   led   odd   ode   old   pad   ped   pod

e -   ace   ale   ape   cee   cel   cep   dee   del   doe   eel   eld   lea   led   lee   ode   ole   ope   pea   pec   ped   pee

f -   elf   fad   fed   foe   fop   oaf

g -   age   ago   cog   dag   dog   ego   gad   gae   gal   gap   ged   gel   goa   god   lag   leg   log   peg

h -   dah   edh   had   hae   hao   hap   hep   hod   hoe   hop   pah   peh   poh

i -   aid   ail   die   dip   ice   lei   lid   lie   lip   oil   pia   pic   pie   poi

j -   joe

k -   dak   elk   kae   kea   kep   koa   kop   lek   oak   oka   oke

l -   ale   all   alp   cel   col   dal   del   dol   eld   ell   lac   lad   lap   lea   led   lop   old   ole   pal   pol

m -   amp   cam   dam   dom   elm   lam   mac   mad   mae   map   med   mel   moa   moc   mod   mol   mop   pam   pom

n -   and   ane   can   con   den   don   end   eon   nae   nap   nod   one   pan   pen

o -   ado   cod   col   coo   cop   doc   doe   dol   loo   lop   oca   ode   old   ole   ope   pod   pol

p -   alp   ape   cap   cep   cop   dap   lap   lop   ope   pac   pad   pal   pap   pea   pec   ped   pep   pod   pol   pop

r -   arc   are   car   cor   dor   ear   era   lar   oar   ora   orc   ore   par   per   pro   rad   rap   rec   red   rep   roc   rod   roe

s -   ads   als   asp   cos   dos   eds   els   las   ods   oes   ops   ose   pas   pes   sac   sad   sae   sal   sap   sea   sec   sel   sod   sol   sop   spa

t -   act   alt   apt   ate   cat   cot   dot   eat   eta   lat   let   lot   oat   opt   pat   pet   pot   tad   tae   tao   tap   tea   ted   tel   tod   toe   top

u -   cud   cue   cup   due   duo   dup   eau   ecu   leu   oud   pud   pul   udo   upo

v -   ave   avo   dev   lav   lev   ova   vac   voe

w -   awe   awl   caw   cow   daw   dew   dow   law   low   owe   owl   paw   pew   pow   wad   wae   wap   wed   woe   wop

x -   axe   cox   dex   lax   lex   lox   pax   pox

y -   aye   cay   coy   day   dey   dye   lay   ley   lye   pay   ply   pya   pye   yap   yea   yep   yod

z -   adz   azo   coz   lez   zap   zed   zoa

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