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Words formed from any letters in pawns, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

r -   prawns

s -   spawns

5 letters

a -   pawns   spawn

d -   dawns   wands

e -   aspen   napes   neaps   panes   peans   sewan   sneap   spean   wanes   weans

f -   fawns

g -   gawps   gnaws   pangs   spang   swang

h -   pshaw   shawn   whaps

i -   nipas   pains   pians   pinas   swain   wains

k -   knaps   spank   swank

l -   lawns   pawls   plans

m -   swamp

n -   pawns   spawn

p -   pawns   spawn

r -   prawn   warns   warps   wraps

s -   pawns   snaps   snaws   spans   spawn   swans   swaps   wasps

t -   pants   wants

u -   punas

w -   pawns   spawn

y -   pansy   waspy   yawns   yawps

4 letters

a -   anas   ansa   awns   naps   pans   pawn   paws   sawn   snap   snaw   span   swan   swap   wans   waps   wasp

b -   bans   baps   nabs   swab   wabs

c -   cans   caps   caws   pacs   scan

d -   ands   daps   dawn   daws   pads   sand   wads   wand

e -   anes   anew   apes   apse   awes   nape   neap   news   pane   pase   pean   peas   pens   pews   sane   sewn   spae   spew   waes   wane   wean   wens

f -   fans   fawn

g -   gaps   gasp   gawp   gnaw   nags   pang   sang   snag   swag   wags

h -   haps   hasp   haws   hwan   pash   shaw   wash   whap

i -   ains   anis   nipa   nips   pain   pian   pias   pina   pins   sain   snip   spin   wain   wins   wisp

j -   jaws

k -   knap   sank

l -   alps   awls   laps   lawn   laws   pals   pawl   plan   salp   slap   slaw

m -   amps   mans   maps   mawn   maws   pams   samp   spam   swam

n -   awns   nans   naps   pans   pawn   sawn   snap   snaw   span   swan   wans

o -   naos   nows   owns   pons   pows   snow   soap   sown   swop   wons   wops

p -   naps   pans   paps   pawn   paws   snap   span   swap   waps   wasp

r -   pars   raps   rasp   raws   spar   warn   warp   wars   wrap

s -   asps   awns   naps   pans   pass   paws   sans   saps   sawn   saws   snap   snaw   span   spas   swan   swap   wans   waps   wasp

t -   ants   pant   past   pats   spat   staw   swat   tans   taps   taws   twas   want   wast   wats

u -   anus   puna   puns   spun   upas

v -   vans   vaws

w -   awns   pawn   paws   sawn   snaw   swan   swap   wans   waps   wasp   waws

y -   awny   nays   pays   pyas   spay   sway   wany   ways   wyns   yaps   yawn   yawp   yaws

z -   spaz   zaps

3 letters

a -   aas   ana   asp   awa   awn   nap   naw   pan   pas   paw   sap   saw   spa   wan   wap   was

b -   abs   ban   bap   bas   nab   sab   wab

c -   can   cap   caw   pac   sac

d -   ads   and   dap   daw   pad   sad   wad

e -   ane   ape   awe   ens   nae   new   pea   pen   pes   pew   sae   sea   sen   sew   wae   wen

f -   fan   fas

g -   gan   gap   gas   nag   sag   wag

h -   ash   hap   has   haw   nah   pah   sha   wha

i -   ain   ais   ani   ins   nip   pia   pin   pis   psi   sin   sip   win   wis

j -   jaw

k -   ask   kas   ska

l -   alp   als   awl   lap   las   law   pal   sal

m -   amp   man   map   mas   maw   nam   pam

n -   awn   nan   nap   naw   pan   wan

o -   nos   now   ons   ops   own   pow   son   sop   sow   won   wop   wos

p -   asp   nap   pan   pap   pas   paw   sap   spa   wap

r -   ars   par   ran   rap   ras   raw   war

s -   asp   ass   pas   sap   saw   spa   was

t -   ant   apt   pat   sat   tan   tap   tas   taw   twa   wat

u -   nus   pun   pus   sau   sun   sup   uns   ups

v -   van   vas   vaw

w -   awn   naw   paw   saw   wan   wap   was   waw

x -   pax   sax   wax

y -   any   ays   nay   pay   pya   say   spy   syn   way   wyn   yap   yaw

z -   zap

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