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Words formed from any letters in orchil, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

a -   chorial

c -   chloric

d -   chlorid

n -   chlorin

s -   orchils

t -   trochil

6 letters

a -   archil   caroli   chiral   choral   lochia   lorica

c -   choric   orchil

d -   orchid   rhodic

e -   choler   coheir   coiler   heroic   holier   recoil

f -   frolic

h -   orchil

i -   orchil

l -   orchil

m -   holmic

o -   orchil

p -   orphic

r -   orchil

s -   chiros   choirs   ichors   orchis   schorl

t -   lictor   liroth   thoric

y -   richly

5 letters

a -   carol   chair   chiao   claro   coral   coria   hilar   horal   laich   larch   loach   orach   roach

b -   birch   boric   broil   cibol

c -   chico   chiro   choir   colic   croci   ichor

d -   child   chord   dolci

e -   ceorl   chiel   chile   chore   helio   ocher   ochre   oiler   oleic   oriel   relic   reoil

f -   filch

g -   corgi   logic   orgic

h -   chiro   choir   ichor

i -   chili   chiro   choir   ichor   lichi

k -   chirk   hoick

l -   chill   hillo

m -   chirm   micro   milch   ohmic

n -   chino   colin   nicol   orcin   rhino

o -   chiro   choir   cholo   color   ichor

p -   chirp   porch

r -   chiro   chirr   choir   ichor

s -   coils   coirs   lochs   loris   roils   shorl

t -   cloth   licht   lirot   litho   lotic   rotch   thiol   thirl   torch   toric   triol

u -   churl   clour   curio   houri   lurch   oculi

w -   whirl   whorl   wilco

y -   lyric   ochry   roily

z -   zilch   zorch   zoril

4 letters

a -   arch   arco   aril   calo   carl   chao   char   chia   ciao   coal   cola   hail   hair   halo   harl   hila   hoar   hora   laic   lair   lari   liar   lira   loca   ohia   oral   orca   rail   rial

b -   birl   bloc   boil   brio   crib

c -   chic   coil   coir   croc   lich   loch   loci   rich

d -   chid   clod   cold   cord   diol   dirl   hold   idol   lido   lord   odic

e -   ceil   cero   cire   cole   core   echo   elhi   heil   heir   helo   herl   hero   hire   hoer   hole   lech   lehr   lice   lier   lire   lore   orle   rice   riel   rile   role

f -   coif   corf   fico   filo   flic   floc   foci   foil   rolf

g -   clog   girl   giro

h -   lich   loch   rich

i -   coil   coir   hili   lich   liri   loci   rich   roil

k -   cork   hick   hock   holk   kilo   kohl   lick   lock   rick   rock

l -   coil   hill   lich   loch   loci   rill   roil   roll

m -   corm   holm   limo   milo   moil

n -   chin   chon   cion   clon   coin   coni   corn   horn   icon   inch   inro   iron   lino   lion   loin   lorn   noil   noir   nori

o -   coho   coil   coir   cool   loch   loci   loco   olio   roil

p -   chip   chop   clip   clop   crop   holp

r -   coir   rich   roil

s -   chis   cols   cors   cosh   cris   hols   ichs   oils   orcs   rhos   rocs   shri   silo   soil   soli   sori

t -   chit   clit   clot   colt   hilt   holt   itch   loth   loti   otic   riot   roti   rotl   thio   thir   thro   tirl   tiro   toil   torc   tori   trio

u -   curl   hour   huic   hurl   lour   ouch   uric

v -   viol   virl

w -   chow   cowl   crow   howl   whir   wich

y -   cloy   coly   cory   holy   lory   oily

z -   zoic   zori

3 letters

a -   ail   air   arc   car   hao   lac   lar   oar   oca   ora   rah   ria

b -   bio   bro   cob   hob   lib   lob   obi   orb   rib   rob

c -   chi   col   cor   hic   ich   orc   roc

d -   cod   doc   dol   dor   hid   hod   lid   old   rid   rod

e -   cel   her   hie   hoe   ice   ire   lei   lie   ole   ore   rec   rei   roe

f -   fil   fir   foh   for   fro   rif

g -   cig   cog   ghi   gor   hog   log   rig

h -   chi   hic   ich   rho

i -   chi   hic   ich   oil

k -   ick   ilk   irk   khi   kir   koi   kor

l -   col   ill   oil

m -   him   mho   mil   mir   moc   mol   mor   ohm   rim   rom

n -   con   hin   hon   ion   lin   nil   noh   nor   rin

o -   col   coo   cor   loo   oho   oil   ooh   orc   rho   roc

p -   cop   hip   hop   lip   lop   phi   pic   poh   poi   pol   pro   rip

r -   cor   orc   rho   roc

s -   cis   cos   his   lis   ohs   ors   sic   sir   sol   sri

t -   cot   hit   hot   lit   lot   ort   rot   tho   tic   til   tor

u -   cur   our

w -   cow   how   low   owl   row   who

x -   cox   lox

y -   coy   cry   hoy   icy

z -   coz

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