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Words formed from any letters in optics, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

a -   psoatic

e -   poetics

h -   photics

r -   tropics

y -   copyist

6 letters

a -   atopic   coapts   coatis   patios   patois   scotia

c -   optics   picots   topics

d -   dicots   psocid

e -   cestoi   copies   poetic   potsie   septic   sopite

g -   spigot

h -   photic

i -   optics   picots   topics

l -   pilots   pistol   spoilt

m -   compts   impost   sitcom

n -   pinots   pintos   piston   pitons   points   postin   spinto   tocsin   tonics

o -   coopts   octopi   optics   picots   topics

p -   optics   picots   topics

r -   prosit   ripost   script   tripos   tropic

s -   optics   picots   piscos   posits   ptosis   stoics   topics

t -   optics   picots   ptotic   topics

u -   coitus

v -   pivots

x -   toxics

5 letters

a -   ascot   aspic   capos   coapt   coast   coati   coats   costa   iotas   ostia   pacts   patio   picas   pitas   psoai   spait   spica   stoai   tacos   tapis

b -   obits

c -   cisco   optic   picot   pisco   stoic   topic

d -   dicot   dipso   disco   doits   odist   sodic

e -   cesti   cites   copes   copse   coset   cosie   cotes   epics   escot   estop   pesto   piste   poets   poise   scope   sepic   spice   spite   stipe   stope   topes

f -   coifs   foist

h -   chips   chits   chops   hoist   phots   pitch   piths   stich   tophi   tophs

i -   optic   picot   pisco   posit   stoic   tipis   topic   topis

j -   joist

k -   picks   pocks   sicko   spick   stick   stock   ticks

l -   clips   clipt   clits   clops   clots   coils   colts   lotic   pilot   plots   polis   slipt   spilt   split   spoil   toils

m -   comps   compt   moist   omits   osmic   stomp

n -   cions   coins   icons   ontic   opsin   pinot   pinto   pints   pions   piton   point   scion   sonic   tonic

o -   coops   coopt   coots   optic   picot   pisco   posit   scoop   scoot   stoic   stoop   topic   topis   topoi   topos

p -   optic   picot   pisco   posit   topic   topis

r -   coirs   corps   crisp   crops   ports   prost   riots   rotis   scrip   spirt   sport   sprit   stirp   strip   strop   tiros   torcs   toric   torsi   trios   trips   trois

s -   cists   costs   pisco   pisos   posit   posts   scops   scots   spics   spits   spots   stoic   stops   topis

t -   optic   picot   posit   stoic   stopt   toits   topic   topis

u -   coups   cutis   ictus   pious   pouts   scout   situp   spout   stoup

v -   pivot

w -   stowp

x -   toxic

y -   potsy   spicy   tipsy   typic   typos

z -   spitz

4 letters

a -   acts   aits   asci   atop   capo   caps   cast   cats   ciao   coat   iota   oast   oats   ocas   pacs   pact   past   pats   pias   pica   pita   sati   scat   soap   spat   stoa   taco   taos   taps

b -   bios   bits   bops   bots   cobs   obis   obit   stob

c -   cist   cops   cost   cots   otic   pics   scop   scot   spic   tics

d -   cods   dips   dipt   disc   dits   docs   doit   dost   dots   odic   pods   tods

e -   ceps   cite   cope   cote   epic   epos   etic   ices   opes   pecs   peso   pest   pets   pice   pies   poet   pose   sect   sept   sice   sipe   site   spec   step   ties   toes   tope

f -   coft   coif   fico   fisc   fist   fits   foci   fops   sift   soft

g -   cigs   cogs   gips   gist   gits   pigs   togs

h -   chip   chis   chit   chop   cosh   hips   hist   hits   hops   host   hots   ichs   itch   phis   phot   pish   pith   posh   ship   shit   shop   shot   sith   soph   soth   thio   this   toph   tosh

i -   cist   otic   pics   piso   pits   pois   spic   spit   tics   tipi   tips   topi

j -   jots

k -   kips   kist   kits   kois   kops   pick   pock   sick   skip   skit   sock   spik   tick

l -   clip   clit   clop   clot   coil   cols   colt   lips   lisp   list   lits   loci   lops   lost   loti   lots   oils   plot   pols   silo   silt   slip   slit   slop   slot   soil   soli   tils   toil

m -   comp   imps   miso   mist   mocs   mops   most   mots   omit   poms   simp   smit   toms

n -   cion   coin   coni   cons   icon   into   ions   nips   nits   pins   pint   pion   pons   snip   snit   snot   spin   tins   tons

o -   coop   coos   coot   cops   cost   cots   oops   oots   opts   otic   piso   poco   pois   post   pots   scop   scot   soot   spot   stop   topi   tops

p -   cops   opts   pics   pips   piso   pits   pois   pops   post   pots   scop   spic   spit   spot   stop   tips   topi   tops

r -   coir   cors   cris   crop   orcs   orts   port   pros   riot   rips   rocs   roti   rots   sori   sort   stir   tiro   torc   tori   tors   trio   trip   trop

s -   cist   cops   coss   cost   cots   opts   pics   piso   piss   pits   pois   post   pots   psis   psst   scop   scot   sics   sips   sits   sops   sots   spic   spit   spot   stop   tics   tips   tops   toss

t -   cist   cost   cots   opts   otic   pits   post   pots   scot   spit   spot   stop   tics   tips   tits   toit   topi   tops   tost   tots

u -   coup   cups   cusp   cuts   opus   oust   outs   pout   puts   scup   scut   soup   suit   tuis   tups

v -   spiv

w -   cows   pows   scow   stow   swop   swot   tows   twos   wisp   wist   wits   wops   wost   wots

y -   city   copy   cosy   coys   cyst   pity   posy   pyic   toys   typo   yips

z -   zips   zits   zoic

3 letters

a -   act   ais   ait   apt   asp   cap   cat   oat   oca   pac   pas   pat   pia   sac   sap   sat   spa   tao   tap   tas

b -   bio   bis   bit   bop   bos   bot   cob   obi   sib   sob

c -   cis   cop   cos   cot   pic   sic   tic

d -   cod   dip   dis   dit   doc   dos   dot   ids   ods   pod   sod   tod

e -   cep   ice   oes   ope   ose   pec   pes   pet   pie   sec   sei   set   tie   toe

f -   fit   fop   ifs   oft

g -   cig   cog   gip   git   gos   got   pig   tog

h -   chi   hic   hip   his   hit   hop   hot   ich   ohs   phi   pht   poh   tho

i -   cis   its   pic   pis   pit   poi   psi   sic   sip   sit   tic   tip   tis

j -   jot

k -   ick   kip   kit   koi   kop   kos   ski   tsk

l -   col   lip   lis   lit   lop   lot   oil   pol   sol   til

m -   imp   ism   mis   moc   mop   mos   mot   oms   pom   sim   som   tom

n -   con   ins   ion   nip   nit   nos   not   ons   pin   sin   son   tin   ton

o -   coo   cop   cos   cot   oot   ops   opt   poi   pot   sop   sot   too   top

p -   cop   ops   opt   pic   pip   pis   pit   poi   pop   pot   psi   sip   sop   tip   top

r -   cor   orc   ors   ort   pro   rip   roc   rot   sir   sri   tor

s -   cis   cos   its   ops   pis   psi   sic   sip   sis   sit   sop   sos   sot   tis

t -   cot   its   opt   pit   pot   sit   sot   tic   tip   tis   tit   top   tot

u -   cup   cut   out   piu   pus   put   sou   sup   tui   tup   upo   ups   uts

v -   vis

w -   cow   pow   sow   tow   two   wis   wit   wop   wos   wot

x -   cox   pix   pox   six   sox   xis

y -   coy   icy   soy   spy   sty   toy   yip

z -   coz   zip   zit

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