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Words formed from any letters in ollas, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

c -   locals

d -   aldols   allods

h -   hallos   hollas

m -   slalom

n -   llanos

s -   salols

t -   allots   atolls

w -   allows   sallow

y -   alloys

5 letters

a -   ollas   salal   salol

b -   balls   bolas   bolls

c -   calls   calos   coals   colas   local   scall

d -   aldol   allod   dolls   loads

e -   aloes   losel

f -   falls   foals   loafs

g -   galls   gaols   goals

h -   hallo   halls   halos   holla   shall   shoal

k -   kolas   skoal

l -   lalls   lolls   ollas   salol

m -   loams   malls   molal   molas   molls   small

n -   llano   loans   salon   solan

o -   ollas   salol

p -   opals   palls   polls   spall

r -   loral   orals   rolls   solar

s -   lasso   ollas   salol

t -   allot   altos   atoll   lotas   stall   tolas   tolls

v -   ovals   salvo

w -   allow   awols   walls

y -   alloy   loyal   sally

4 letters

a -   aals   alas   alls   also   olla   sall   sola

b -   abos   albs   ball   bals   boas   bola   boll   labs   lobs   slab   slob

c -   call   calo   coal   cola   cols   lacs   loca   ocas

d -   ados   dals   doll   dols   lads   load   olds   soda   sold

e -   ales   aloe   ells   lase   leal   leas   lose   olea   oles   sale   seal   sell   sloe   sole

f -   fall   foal   loaf   oafs   sofa

g -   gall   gals   gaol   goal   goas   lags   logs   sago   slag   slog

h -   hall   halo   hols   lash

i -   ails   ills   oils   sail   sial   sill   silo   soil   soli

j -   soja

k -   koas   kola   oaks   okas   soak

l -   alls   also   lall   loll   olla   sall   sola

m -   alms   lams   loam   mall   moas   mola   moll   mols   slam   soma

n -   loan   naos

o -   also   loos   olla   sola   solo

p -   alps   laps   lops   opal   pall   pals   poll   pols   salp   slap   slop   soap

r -   lars   oars   oral   osar   roll   soar   sora

s -   alls   also   lass   loss   ossa   sall   sals   sola   sols

t -   alto   alts   last   lats   lost   lota   lots   oast   oats   salt   slat   slot   stoa   tall   taos   tola   toll

u -   saul   soul

v -   avos   lavs   oval

w -   alow   awls   awol   laws   lows   owls   slaw   slow   wall

y -   ally   lays   slay   soya

3 letters

a -   aal   aas   ala   all   als   las   sal

b -   abo   abs   alb   bal   bas   boa   bos   lab   lob   sab   sob

c -   col   cos   lac   oca   sac

d -   ado   ads   dal   dol   dos   lad   ods   old   sad   sod

e -   ale   ell   els   lea   oes   ole   ose   sae   sea   sel

f -   fas   oaf

g -   ago   gal   gas   goa   gos   lag   log   sag

h -   ash   hao   has   ohs   sha

i -   ail   ais   ill   lis   oil

k -   ask   kas   koa   kos   oak   oka   ska

l -   all   als   las   sal   sol

m -   lam   mas   moa   mol   mos   oms   som

n -   nos   ons   son

o -   loo   sol

p -   alp   asp   lap   lop   ops   pal   pas   pol   sap   sop   spa

r -   ars   lar   oar   ora   ors   ras

s -   als   ass   las   sal   sol   sos

t -   alt   lat   lot   oat   sat   sot   tao   tas

u -   sau   sou

v -   avo   lav   ova   vas

w -   awl   law   low   owl   saw   sow   was   wos

x -   lax   lox   sax   sox

y -   ays   lay   say   sly   soy

z -   azo   zoa

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