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Words formed from any letters in nymphs, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

o -   nymphos

6 letters

a -   mynahs   nympha

e -   hymens

h -   nymphs

l -   lymphs

m -   nymphs

n -   nymphs

o -   nympho   syphon

p -   nymphs

s -   nymphs

y -   nymphs

5 letters

a -   mashy   mynah   mynas   pansy

c -   psych   synch

e -   hemps   hempy   hymen   hypes   meshy

h -   hymns   nymph

i -   pyins   shiny   spiny

l -   lymph   sylph

m -   hymns   nymph

n -   hymns   nymph

o -   hypos   hyson   phons   phony   sophy

p -   nymph

s -   hymns   syphs

t -   myths   synth

u -   humps   humpy   mushy   pushy   spumy

y -   hymns   nymph

4 letters

a -   amps   ashy   hams   haps   hasp   hays   mans   many   maps   mash   mays   myna   naps   nays   pams   pans   pash   pays   pyas   samp   sham   shay   snap   spam   span   spay   yams   yaps

c -   sync

e -   espy   hemp   hems   hens   hype   mesh   pehs   pens   pyes   snye   syne   yens

g -   gyms   gyps

h -   hymn   hyps   syph

i -   hins   hips   hisn   imps   nims   nips   phis   pins   piny   pish   pyin   shim   shin   ship   simp   sinh   snip   spin   yins   yips

m -   hymn

n -   hymn

o -   homy   hons   hops   hoys   hypo   mhos   mons   mony   mops   mopy   mosh   noms   nosh   nosy   ohms   phon   poms   pons   pony   posh   posy   shmo   shop   soph

p -   hyps   syph

r -   spry

s -   hyps   syph

t -   myth

u -   hump   hums   huns   muns   mush   puns   puny   push   shun   spun   sump   umps   yups

w -   whys   wyns

y -   hymn   hyps   syph

3 letters

a -   amp   any   ash   asp   ays   ham   hap   has   hay   man   map   mas   may   nah   nam   nap   nay   pah   pam   pan   pas   pay   pya   sap   say   sha   spa   yah   yam   yap

b -   bys

e -   ems   ens   hem   hen   hep   hes   hey   men   peh   pen   pes   pye   sen   she   yeh   yen   yep   yes

g -   gym   gyp

h -   hyp   shh   shy

i -   him   hin   hip   his   imp   ins   ism   mis   nim   nip   phi   pin   pis   psi   sim   sin   sip   yin   yip

k -   sky

l -   ply   sly

m -   hmm

n -   syn

o -   hon   hop   hoy   mho   mon   mop   mos   noh   nom   nos   ohm   ohs   oms   ons   ops   poh   pom   som   son   sop   soy   yom   yon

p -   hyp   spy

r -   pry

s -   shy   spy   syn

t -   nth   pht   sty   thy

u -   hum   hun   hup   mun   mus   nus   pun   pus   sum   sun   sup   ump   uns   ups   yum   yup

w -   why   wyn

x -   pyx

y -   hyp   shy   spy   syn

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