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Words formed from any letters in nocks, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

k -   knocks

l -   clonks

5 letters

a -   canso   kaons   koans   snack

b -   bocks   bonks   knobs

c -   cocks   conks   nocks

d -   docks

e -   cokes   cones   kenos   necks   onces   scone   sneck

h -   hocks   honks   shock

i -   cions   coins   icons   ikons   kinos   nicks   oinks   scion   sicko   snick   sonic

j -   jocks

k -   conks   knock   konks   nocks

l -   clonk   clons   locks

m -   mocks   monks   smock

n -   conks   conns   nocks

o -   conks   cooks   coons   nocks   nooks   snook   socko

p -   knops   knosp   pocks

r -   corks   corns   rocks   scorn

s -   conks   nocks   socks

t -   knots   stock

u -   conus   snuck   uncos

w -   knows   wonks

y -   conky   yocks

z -   zonks

4 letters

a -   cans   cask   kaon   koan   koas   naos   oaks   ocas   okas   sack   sank   scan   soak

b -   bock   bonk   bosk   cobs   knob   kobs   nobs   snob

c -   cock   conk   cons   nock   sock

d -   cods   dock   docs   dons   nods

e -   coke   cone   eons   keno   kens   neck   noes   nose   okes   once   ones   soke   sone

f -   fons

g -   cogs   nogs   snog   song

h -   chon   cosh   hock   honk   hons   nosh

i -   cion   coin   coni   icon   ikon   inks   ions   kino   kins   kois   nick   oink   sick   sink   skin

j -   jock

k -   conk   konk   nock   sock

l -   clon   cols   lock

m -   mock   mocs   monk   mons   mosk   noms

n -   conk   conn   cons   nock

o -   conk   cons   cook   coon   coos   nock   nook   sock   sook   soon

p -   cops   knop   kops   pock   pons   scop

r -   cork   corn   cors   kors   orcs   rock   rocs   sorn

s -   cons   coss   koss   sock   sons

t -   cost   cots   knot   scot   snot   tons

u -   cusk   nous   onus   souk   suck   sunk   unco

w -   cows   know   nows   owns   scow   snow   sown   woks   wonk   wons

y -   cony   cosy   coys   nosy   sync   yock   yoks

z -   zonk

3 letters

a -   ask   can   kas   koa   oak   oca   oka   sac   ska

b -   bos   cob   kob   nob   sob

c -   con   cos

d -   cod   doc   don   dos   nod   ods   sod

e -   ens   eon   ken   oes   oke   one   ose   sec   sen

f -   fon

g -   cog   gos   nog

h -   hon   noh   ohs

i -   cis   ick   ink   ins   ion   kin   koi   sic   sin   ski

k -   kos

l -   col   sol

m -   moc   mon   mos   nom   oms   som

n -   con   nos   ons   son

o -   con   coo   cos   kos   noo   nos   ons   son

p -   cop   kop   ops   sop

r -   cor   kor   nor   orc   ors   roc

s -   cos   kos   nos   ons   son   sos

t -   cot   not   sot   ton   tsk

u -   nus   sou   sun   uns

w -   cow   now   own   sow   wok   won   wos

x -   cox   sox

y -   coy   sky   soy   syn   yok   yon

z -   coz

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