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Words formed from any letters in niche, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

a -   chaine

d -   chined   inched   niched

g -   eching

i -   echini

l -   lichen

r -   enrich   richen

s -   chines   inches   niches

t -   ethnic

y -   hyenic

z -   zechin

5 letters

a -   chain   china   hance

b -   bench

c -   chine   cinch   niche

d -   chide

e -   chine   hence   niche   niece

f -   chief   fiche   finch

g -   genic   hinge   neigh

h -   chine   niche

i -   chine   niche

k -   chink   kench

l -   chiel   chile   cline

m -   chime   hemic   hemin   miche   mince

n -   chine   niche

o -   chino

p -   pinch

r -   nicer

s -   chins   cines   shine   since

t -   ethic   tench   thein   thine

v -   chive

w -   wench   whine   wince   winch

x -   xenic

y -   yince

4 letters

a -   ache   acne   cain   cane   chia   each   haen

b -   bice   bine

c -   chic   chin   cine   inch   nice

d -   cedi   chid   deni   dice   dine   hide   hied   hind   iced   nide

e -   cine   eche   nice

f -   chef   fice   fine   neif

g -   gien   nigh

h -   chin   inch

i -   chin   cine   inch   nice

k -   heck   hick   hike   kine   neck   nick

l -   ceil   elhi   heil   lech   lice   lich   lien   line

m -   emic   mice   mien   mine

n -   chin   cine   inch   nice   nine

o -   chon   cion   coin   cone   coni   echo   hone   icon   once

p -   chip   epic   pech   pein   pice   pine

r -   cire   heir   hern   hire   rein   rice   rich

s -   chis   hens   hies   hins   hisn   ices   ichs   shin   sice   sine   sinh

t -   cent   chit   cite   etch   etic   hent   hint   itch   nite   then   thin   tine

u -   huic   unci

v -   hive   nevi   vein   vice   vine

w -   chew   hewn   when   whin   wich   wine

x -   nixe

y -   yech

z -   chez   zein   zinc

3 letters

a -   ace   ain   ane   ani   can   hae   nae   nah

b -   ben   bin   neb   nib

c -   chi   hic   ice   ich

d -   den   die   din   edh   end   hid

e -   cee   hen   hie   ice   nee

f -   feh   fen   fie   fin

g -   cig   eng   gen   ghi   gie   gin

h -   chi   heh   hen   hic   hie   hin   ich

i -   chi   hic   hie   hin   ice   ich

j -   jin

k -   ick   ink   ken   khi   kin

l -   cel   lei   lie   lin   nil

m -   hem   him   men   nim

n -   hen   hin   inn

o -   con   eon   hoe   hon   ion   noh   one

p -   cep   hep   hip   nip   pec   peh   pen   phi   pic   pie   pin

r -   ern   her   ire   rec   rei   rin

s -   cis   ens   hes   his   ins   sec   sei   sen   she   sic   sin

t -   eth   het   hit   net   nit   nth   ten   the   tic   tie   tin

u -   cue   ecu   hue   hun

v -   vie

w -   hew   new   wen   win

x -   hex   nix

y -   hey   icy   yeh   yen   yin

z -   zin

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