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Words formed from any letters in newt, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

e -   tween

i -   twine

s -   newts

4 letters

a -   anew   ante   etna   neat   twae   wane   want   wean

b -   bent

c -   cent

d -   dent   tend   wend

e -   newt   teen   twee   ween   weet   went

f -   weft

g -   gent

h -   hent   hewn   then   thew   when   whet

i -   nite   tine   twin   wine   wite

k -   kent   knew

l -   lent   welt

n -   newt   went

o -   enow   note   nowt   tone   town   wont

p -   pent   wept

r -   rent   tern   wert   wren

s -   nest   nets   news   sent   sewn   stew   tens   tews   wens   west   wets

t -   nett   newt   tent   went

u -   tune

v -   vent

w -   newt   went

x -   next

y -   tyne   wyte

3 letters

a -   ane   ant   ate   awe   awn   eat   eta   nae   naw   tae   tan   taw   tea   twa   wae   wan   wat

b -   ben   bet   neb   web

d -   den   dew   end   ted   wed

e -   ewe   nee   net   new   tee   ten   tew   wee   wen   wet

f -   eft   fen   fet   few

g -   eng   gen   get   teg

h -   eth   hen   het   hew   nth   the

i -   nit   tie   tin   win   wit

j -   jet   jew

k -   ken

l -   let   tel

m -   men   met   mew

n -   net   new   ten   wen

o -   eon   not   now   one   owe   own   toe   ton   tow   two   woe   won   wot

p -   pen   pet   pew

r -   ern   ret

s -   ens   sen   set   sew

t -   net   ten   tet   tew   wet

u -   nut   tun

v -   vet

w -   new   tew   wen   wet

y -   tye   wye   wyn   yen   yet   yew

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