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Words formed from any letters in mouch, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

a -   macho   mocha

c -   couch   mouch

e -   chemo

g -   cough

h -   mouch

i -   humic   ohmic

k -   hokum   khoum

l -   locum   mulch

m -   mouch

n -   munch

o -   mooch   mouch

p -   chomp   chump   pouch

r -   humor   mohur   mucor   mucro

s -   chums   hocus   schmo

t -   couth   mouth   mutch   touch

u -   mouch

v -   vouch

4 letters

a -   cham   chao   coma   mach

b -   chub   comb   umbo

c -   chum   much   ouch

d -   doum

e -   come   echo   home   meou   moue

g -   chug

h -   chum   much   ouch

i -   huic

k -   hock   huck   mock   muck

l -   culm   holm   loch

m -   chum   much

n -   chon   muon   unco

o -   coho   homo   ouch

p -   chop   comp   coup   hump   ouph

r -   corm   hour

s -   cosh   hums   mhos   mocs   mosh   mush   ohms   scum   shmo   such   sumo

t -   moth   thou

u -   chum   much   ouch

v -   ovum

w -   chow   whom

y -   homy   yuch

3 letters

a -   amu   cam   ham   hao   mac   moa   oca

b -   bum   cob   cub   hob   hub   mob

c -   cum   moc

d -   cod   cud   doc   dom   duh   duo   hod   mod   mud   oud   udo

e -   cue   ecu   emu   hem   hoe   hue

f -   foh   fou

g -   cog   gum   hog   hug   mog   mug   ugh

h -   huh   hum   mho   ohm

i -   chi   hic   him   ich

l -   col   lum   mol

m -   cum   hmm   hum   mho   moc   mom   mum   ohm   umm

n -   con   hon   hun   mon   mun   noh   nom

o -   coo   mho   moc   moo   ohm   oho   ooh

p -   cop   cup   hop   hup   mop   poh   pom   ump   upo

r -   cor   cur   mor   orc   our   rho   roc   rom   rum

s -   cos   mos   mus   ohs   oms   som   sou   sum

t -   cot   cut   hot   hut   mot   mut   out   tho   tom

u -   cum   hum

w -   cow   cwm   how   mow   who

x -   cox

y -   coy   hoy   yom   you   yum

z -   coz

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