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Words formed from any letters in moth, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

n -   month

s -   moths

u -   mouth

y -   mothy

4 letters

a -   atom   math   moat   oath

b -   both   tomb

d -   doth

e -   home   meth   mote   them   tome

h -   moth

i -   omit   thio

l -   holm   holt   loth   molt

m -   moth

o -   homo   hoot   moot   moth   toom

p -   phot   toph

r -   mort   thro

s -   host   hots   mhos   mosh   most   mots   ohms   shmo   shot   soth   toms   tosh

t -   moth   mott

u -   thou

w -   whom

y -   homy   myth

3 letters

a -   ham   hao   hat   mat   moa   oat   tam   tao

b -   bot   hob   mob

c -   cot   moc

d -   dom   dot   hod   mod   tod

e -   eth   hem   het   hoe   met   the   toe

f -   foh   oft

g -   got   hog   mog   tog

h -   hot   mho   ohm   tho

i -   him   hit

j -   jot

l -   lot   mol

m -   hmm   mho   mom   mot   ohm   tom

n -   hon   mon   noh   nom   not   nth   ton

o -   hot   mho   moo   mot   ohm   oho   ooh   oot   tho   tom   too

p -   hop   mop   opt   pht   poh   pom   pot   top

r -   mor   ort   rho   rom   rot   tor

s -   mos   ohs   oms   som   sot

t -   hot   mot   tho   tom   tot

u -   hum   hut   mut   out

w -   how   mow   tow   two   who   wot

y -   hoy   thy   toy   yom

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