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Words formed from any letters in mews, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

a -   wames

l -   mewls

o -   meows

s -   smews

4 letters

a -   awes   maes   maws   mesa   same   seam   swam   waes   wame

b -   webs

c -   cwms

d -   dews   weds

e -   emes   ewes   mews   seem   seme   smew   wees

f -   emfs   fems

g -   gems   megs

h -   hems   hews   mesh   shew

i -   mise   semi   swim   wise

j -   jews

k -   skew

l -   elms   mels   mewl   slew

m -   mems   mews   smew

n -   news   sewn   wens

o -   meow   mows   owes   owse   some   woes

p -   pews   spew

r -   rems

s -   mess   mews   sews   smew

t -   stem   stew   tews   west   wets

u -   emus   muse   swum

w -   mews   smew

y -   wyes   yews

3 letters

a -   awe   mae   mas   maw   sae   saw   sea   wae   was

b -   web

c -   cwm   sec

d -   dew   eds   med   wed

e -   eme   ems   ewe   mew   see   sew   wee

f -   efs   emf   fem   few

g -   gem   meg   seg

h -   hem   hes   hew   she

i -   ism   mis   sei   sim   wis

j -   jew

l -   elm   els   mel   sel

m -   ems   mem   mew

n -   ens   men   new   sen   wen

o -   mos   mow   oes   oms   ose   owe   som   sow   woe   wos

p -   pes   pew

r -   ers   rem   res   ser

s -   ems   ess   sew

t -   met   set   tew   wet

u -   emu   mus   sue   sum   use

w -   mew   sew

x -   sex

y -   wye   yes   yew

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