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Words formed from any letters in medevac, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

s -   medevacs

7 letters

a -   academe   medevac

c -   medevac

d -   medevac

e -   medevac

l -   cleaved

m -   medevac

n -   cavemen   menaced   vendace

o -   cameoed

r -   amerced   creamed   racemed

v -   medevac

6 letters

b -   beamed   became

c -   accede

d -   deaved   decade   evaded

e -   emceed

f -   deface   defame

g -   degame

h -   heaved

i -   advice   device   mediae

l -   calmed   calved   cleave   leaved   macled   vealed

n -   decane   demean   menace

o -   comade   oedema

p -   camped   decamp   paveed   peaced   vamped

r -   amerce   carved   craved   decare   evader   raceme   reamed   reaved   remade

s -   adeems   ceased   deaves   edemas   evades   seamed

t -   advect   meated   teamed

w -   weaved

z -   eczema

5 letters

a -   adeem   caved   deave   eaved   edema   evade   maced

b -   embed

c -   caved   maced   mecca

d -   adeem   caved   ceded   deave   eaved   edema   evade   maced

e -   adeem   caved   deave   eaved   edema   emcee   evade   maced

f -   decaf   faced   famed

g -   cadge   caged   gamed

h -   ached   eched   heave   mache

i -   aimed   amice   amide   cavie   deice   mavie   media   medic   viced

k -   ackee   caked

l -   calve   camel   clade   clave   decal   delve   devel   laced   lamed   laved   leave   macle   medal

m -   adeem   edema   maced

n -   acned   admen   amend   caned   dance   daven   emend   enema   maned   maven   menad   named   vaned   veena   venae

o -   cameo   comae   coved   moved

p -   caped   paced   paved   peace

r -   acred   ameer   arced   armed   cadre   cared   carve   caver   cedar   ceder   cered   crave   cream   creed   creme   derma   drave   dream   eared   macer   madre   merde   raced   ramee   raved   reave

s -   acmes   aedes   cades   cames   cased   caves   cease   cedes   daces   dames   deems   demes   devas   eased   eaves   maces   meads   meeds   saved

t -   acted   cadet   mated   meted   tamed

u -   deuce   educe   mauve

v -   caved   deave   eaved   evade

w -   cawed   mawed   mewed   waved   weave

x -   vexed

y -   cymae   decay   emyde   mayed

z -   mazed

4 letters

a -   aced   acme   cade   came   cave   dace   dame   deva   eave   mace   made   mead

b -   abed   bade   bead   beam   bema   mabe

c -   aced   acme   cade   came   cave   ceca   cede   dace   mace

d -   aced   cade   cede   dace   dame   dead   deed   deem   deme   deva   made   mead   meed

e -   aced   acme   cade   came   cave   cede   dace   dame   deem   deme   deva   eave   mace   made   mead   meed

f -   cafe   deaf   face   fade   fame   fave   feed   feme

g -   aged   agee   cage   edge   egad   gaed   game   gave   geed   mage

h -   ache   ahem   chad   cham   each   eche   hade   haed   haem   hame   have   head   heed   heme   mach

i -   acid   aide   amid   amie   avid   cadi   caid   cedi   dice   dime   diva   dive   eide   emic   iced   idea   idem   maid   mica   mice   vice   vide   vied

j -   ajee   jade   jeed

k -   akee   cake   deck   deke   eked   kame   mack   make   meek

l -   alec   alee   alme   calm   clad   clam   dale   deal   dele   lace   lade   lame   lave   lead   leva   male   meal   meld   vale   veal   vela   veld

m -   acme   came   dame   deem   deme   mace   made   mead   meed   meme

n -   acne   amen   cane   damn   dean   dene   even   mane   mean   mend   name   nave   need   neem   nema   neve   vane   vena   vend

o -   coda   code   coed   coma   come   cove   deco   demo   dome   dove   mode   move   odea

p -   aped   camp   cape   cepe   damp   deep   pace   pave   peed   vamp   veep

r -   acre   aver   card   care   cere   cram   dare   dear   deer   dere   derm   dram   dree   ever   marc   mare   mere   race   rave   read   ream   rede   reed   veer   vera

s -   aces   aves   cads   cams   case   cees   dams   dees   devs   ease   emes   eves   macs   mads   maes   mesa   sade   same   save   scad   scam   seam   seed   seem   seme   vacs   vase   vees

t -   cate   cete   date   deet   mate   meat   meet   meta   mete   tace   tame   team   teed   teem

u -   cued   duce   duma   emeu   maud   uvea

v -   cave   deva   eave

w -   awed   awee   wade   wame   wave   weed

x -   axed   exam   exec

y -   cavy   cyma   cyme   davy   demy   emyd   eyed

z -   adze   daze   maze   meze

3 letters

a -   ace   ama   ava   ave   cad   cam   dam   mac   mad   mae   vac

b -   bad   bam   bed   bee   cab   dab   deb

c -   ace   cad   cam   cee   mac   vac

d -   add   cad   dad   dam   dee   dev   mad   med

e -   ace   ave   cee   dee   dev   eme   eve   mae   med   vee

f -   emf   fad   fed   fee   fem

g -   age   dag   gad   gae   gam   ged   gee   gem   mag   meg   veg

h -   dah   edh   had   hae   ham   hem

i -   aid   aim   ami   die   dim   ice   mid   via   vie   vim

j -   jam   jee

k -   dak   eke   kae   kea

l -   ale   cel   dal   del   eel   eld   elm   lac   lad   lam   lav   lea   led   lee   lev   mel

m -   cam   dam   eme   mac   mad   mae   med   mem

n -   and   ane   can   den   end   man   men   nae   nam   nee   van

o -   ado   avo   cod   doc   doe   dom   moa   moc   mod   oca   ode   ova   voe

p -   amp   ape   cap   cep   dap   map   pac   pad   pam   pea   pec   ped   pee

r -   arc   are   arm   car   ear   era   ere   mar   rad   ram   rec   red   ree   rem   rev   var

s -   ads   eds   ems   mas   sac   sad   sae   sea   sec   see   vas

t -   act   ate   cat   eat   eta   mat   met   tad   tae   tam   tav   tea   ted   tee   vat   vet

u -   amu   cud   cue   cum   due   eau   ecu   emu   mud   vau

v -   ave   dev   eve   vac   vav   vee

w -   awe   caw   cwm   daw   dew   ewe   maw   mew   vaw   wad   wae   wed   wee

x -   axe   dex   max   vex

y -   aye   cay   day   dey   dye   eye   may   yam   yea

z -   adz   zed   zee

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