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Words formed from any letters in maps, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

c -   camps   scamp

d -   damps

g -   gamps

i -   pimas

l -   lamps   palms   plasm   psalm

r -   prams   ramps

s -   samps   spams   spasm

t -   stamp   tamps

u -   pumas

v -   vamps

w -   swamp

4 letters

a -   amas   amps   maps   pams   samp   spam

b -   bams   baps

c -   camp   cams   caps   macs   pacs   scam

d -   damp   dams   daps   mads   pads

e -   apes   apse   maes   mesa   pase   peas   same   seam   spae

g -   gamp   gams   gaps   gasp   mags

h -   hams   haps   hasp   mash   pash   sham

i -   aims   amis   imps   pias   pima   sima   simp

j -   jams

k -   mask

l -   alms   alps   lamp   lams   laps   palm   pals   salp   slam   slap

m -   amps   maps   pams   samp   spam

n -   mans   naps   pans   snap   span

o -   moas   mops   poms   soap   soma

p -   amps   maps   pams   paps   samp   spam

r -   arms   mars   pars   pram   ramp   rams   raps   rasp   spar

s -   amps   asps   maps   mass   pams   pass   samp   saps   spam   spas

t -   mast   mats   past   pats   spat   tamp   tams   taps

u -   amus   puma   sump   umps   upas

v -   vamp

w -   maws   paws   swam   swap   waps   wasp

y -   mays   pays   pyas   spay   yams   yaps

z -   spaz   zaps

3 letters

a -   aas   ama   amp   asp   map   mas   pam   pas   sap   spa

b -   abs   bam   bap   bas   sab

c -   cam   cap   mac   pac   sac

d -   ads   dam   dap   mad   pad   sad

e -   ape   ems   mae   pea   pes   sae   sea

f -   fas

g -   gam   gap   gas   mag   sag

h -   ash   ham   hap   has   pah   sha

i -   aim   ais   ami   imp   ism   mis   pia   pis   psi   sim   sip

j -   jam

k -   ask   kas   ska

l -   alp   als   lam   lap   las   pal   sal

m -   amp   map   mas   pam

n -   man   nam   nap   pan

o -   moa   mop   mos   oms   ops   pom   som   sop

p -   amp   asp   map   pam   pap   pas   sap   spa

r -   arm   ars   mar   par   ram   rap   ras

s -   asp   ass   mas   pas   sap   spa

t -   apt   mat   pat   sat   tam   tap   tas

u -   amu   mus   pus   sau   sum   sup   ump   ups

v -   vas

w -   maw   paw   saw   wap   was

x -   max   pax   sax

y -   ays   may   pay   pya   say   spy   yam   yap

z -   zap

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