More Words

Words formed from any letters in lusts, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

a -   saults   tussal

e -   tussle

l -   stulls

y -   stylus

5 letters

a -   lasts   salts   sauls   sault   slats   talus

b -   busts   slubs   stubs

c -   cults   scuts

d -   dusts   studs

e -   lutes   slues   suets   tules

g -   gluts   gusts   slugs

h -   shuls   shuts   slush

i -   lists   silts   situs   slits   suits

j -   justs

k -   sulks   tusks

l -   lusts   sluts   stull

m -   musts   slums   smuts   stums

n -   lunts   stuns

o -   lotus   louts   ousts   slots   solus   souls   tolus

r -   rusts   slurs   truss

s -   lusts   sluts

t -   lusts   sluts

u -   lusts   lusus   sluts   sulus

y -   lusty

4 letters

a -   alts   lass   last   lats   sals   salt   saul   slat   tass   taus   utas

b -   buss   bust   buts   slub   stub   subs   tubs

c -   cult   cuss   cuts   scut

d -   dust   stud   suds

e -   less   lest   lets   lues   lute   sels   sets   slue   sues   suet   tels   tule   uses

f -   flus   fuss

g -   glut   guls   gust   guts   lugs   slug   tugs

h -   huts   lush   shul   shut   thus   tush

i -   list   lits   litu   silt   sits   slit   suit   tils   tuis

j -   just   juts

k -   sulk   tsks   tusk

l -   lust   slut

m -   lums   muss   must   muts   slum   smut   stum   sums

n -   lunt   nuts   stun   suns   tuns

o -   loss   lost   lots   lout   oust   outs   slot   sols   sots   soul   sous   tolu   toss

p -   plus   psst   puls   puss   puts   sups   tups

q -   suqs

r -   rust   ruts   slur

s -   lust   slut   suss

t -   lust   slut   tuts

u -   lust   slut   sulu   ulus

v -   luvs

w -   wuss

z -   lutz

3 letters

a -   als   alt   ass   las   lat   sal   sat   sau   tas   tau   uta

b -   bus   but   sub   tub

c -   cut

e -   els   ess   let   leu   sel   set   sue   tel   use

f -   flu

g -   gul   gut   lug   tug

h -   hut

i -   its   lis   lit   sis   sit   til   tis   tui

j -   jus   jut

k -   tsk

m -   lum   mus   mut   sum

n -   nus   nut   sun   tun   uns

o -   lot   out   sol   sos   sot   sou

p -   pul   pus   put   sup   tup   ups

q -   suq

r -   rut

s -   uts

t -   tut   uts

u -   ulu   uts

v -   luv

x -   lux   tux

y -   sly   sty

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