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Words formed from any letters in lunch, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

a -   launch   nuchal

g -   glunch

s -   schuln

5 letters

a -   nucha   uhlan

b -   bunch

c -   culch   lunch

d -   dunch

e -   uncle

g -   clung   gulch

h -   hunch   lunch

k -   chunk   clunk

l -   lunch

m -   mulch   munch

n -   lunch

p -   punch

r -   churl   churn   lurch

s -   schul   shuln

u -   lunch

y -   lynch

4 letters

a -   caul   clan   haul   hula   luna   ulan   ulna

b -   buhl   chub   club

e -   clue   lech   luce   lune

g -   chug   hung   lung

h -   hunh

i -   chin   huic   inch   lich   unci

k -   huck   hulk   hunk   luck   lunk

l -   cull   hull   null

m -   chum   culm   much

o -   chon   clon   loch   ouch   unco

r -   curl   curn   hurl   nurl

s -   huns   lush   shul   shun   such

t -   cult   cunt   hunt   lunt

y -   luny   yuch

3 letters

a -   can   lac   nah

b -   bun   cub   hub   nub

d -   cud   duh   dun

e -   cel   cue   ecu   hen   hue   leu

f -   flu   fun

g -   gnu   gul   gun   hug   lug   ugh

h -   huh   hun

i -   chi   hic   hin   ich   lin   nil

j -   jun

m -   cum   hum   lum   mun

n -   hun   nun

o -   col   con   hon   noh

p -   cup   hup   pul   pun

r -   cur   run   urn

s -   nus   sun   uns

t -   cut   hut   nth   nut   tun

u -   hun   ulu

v -   luv

x -   lux

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