More Words

Words formed from any letters in lumpy, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

c - clumpy  

g - glumpy  

h - phylum  

m - plummy  

r - rumply  

5 letters

a - amply   ampul   layup   palmy  

b - bumpy   plumb  

c - clump  

d - dumpy  

e - muley   plume  

f - flump  

g - gulpy  

h - humpy   lymph   muhly  

i - imply  

j - jumpy  

l - lumpy   plumy  

m - lumpy   plumy  

p - lumpy   plump   plumy   pulpy  

s - lumps   plums   slump   spumy  

u - lumpy   plumy  

y - lumpy   plumy  

4 letters

a - alum   amyl   lamp   maul   palm   paly   play   pula   puma   yaup  

b - bump   upby  

c - culm  

d - duly   dump  

e - elmy   mule   pule   yelp   ylem   yule  

f - fumy  

g - glum   gulp   plug   ugly  

h - hump  

i - limp   limy   pily   puli  

j - jump  

l - lump   mull   plum   pull  

m - lump   mump   plum  

n - luny   puny  

o - loup   moly   mopy   ploy   poly  

p - lump   plum   pulp   pump  

r - purl   ruly   rump  

s - lums   plus   puls   slum   sump   umps   yups  

t - tump  

u - lump   plum  

3 letters

a - alp   amp   amu   lam   lap   lay   map   may   pal   pam   pay   pya   yam   yap  

b - bum   buy   pub  

c - cum   cup  

d - dup   mud   pud  

e - elm   emu   leu   ley   lye   mel   pye   yep  

f - flu   fly  

g - gul   gum   guy   gym   gyp   lug   mug   pug  

h - hum   hup   hyp  

i - imp   lip   mil   piu   yip  

k - yuk  

l - lum   ply   pul  

m - lum   mum   umm   ump   yum  

n - mun   pun  

o - lop   mol   mop   pol   pom   upo   yom   you  

p - ply   pul   pup   ump   yup  

r - pry   pur   rum  

s - mus   pus   sly   spy   sum   sup   ups  

t - mut   put   tup  

u - lum   pul   ulu   ump   yum   yup  

v - luv  

x - lux   pyx  

y - ply   yum   yup  

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