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Words formed from any letters in lumpily, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

g -   glumpily

s -   psyllium

t -   multiply

7 letters

a -   pallium

b -   bumpily

d -   dumpily

i -   lumpily

j -   jumpily

l -   lumpily

m -   lumpily

p -   lumpily   plumply   pulpily

u -   lumpily

y -   lumpily

6 letters

a -   allium

c -   clumpy

d -   dimply   mildly

e -   illume   mulley   pileum   pilule   pulley

g -   gluily   glumly   glumpy   uglily

h -   phylum   uphill

i -   limply   limuli

j -   jimply

l -   limply

m -   limply   plummy

n -   punily

p -   limply   pimply

r -   primly   rumply

s -   limpsy   simply   slimly

y -   limply

5 letters

a -   amply   ampul   layup   limpa   maill   miaul   milpa   mulla   pally   palmy   pilau

b -   billy   blimp   blimy   bully   bumpy   limby   plumb

c -   clump   cully   picul

d -   dilly   dimly   dully   dumpy   idyll

e -   ileum   impel   limey   mille   muley   plume

f -   filly   filmy   filum   flump   fully

g -   gilly   gimpy   gully   gulpy   pigmy

h -   hilly   hilum   humpy   lymph   muhly

i -   ilium   imply

j -   jimpy   jumpy

k -   milky   pulik

l -   imply   lumpy   plumy

m -   imply   lumpy   plumy

n -   linum   lupin

o -   molly   opium   poilu

p -   imply   lippy   lumpy   plump   plumy   pulpy   pupil

q -   quill

r -   prill

s -   limps   lumps   mills   mulls   pills   pilus   plums   pulis   pulls   silly   slily   slimy   slump   spill   spumy   sully   yills

t -   milty   tulip   uplit

u -   lumpy   plumy

w -   willy   wimpy

x -   mixup

y -   imply   lumpy   plumy

4 letters

a -   ally   alum   amyl   lamp   lima   lipa   mail   mall   maul   pail   pall   palm   paly   pial   pima   play   pula   puma   yaup

b -   bill   blip   bull   bump   limb   upby

c -   clip   cull   culm   pyic

d -   dill   dull   duly   dump   idly   idyl   mild

e -   elmy   lieu   lime   lipe   mell   mile   mule   pile   plie   pule   yell   yelp   yipe   ylem   yule

f -   fill   film   flip   full   fumy   pfui

g -   gill   gimp   glim   glum   gull   gulp   iglu   plug   ugly

h -   hill   hull   hump

i -   illy   impi   lily   limp   limy   mill   pili   pill   pily   puli   yill

j -   jill   jimp   jump

k -   kill   milk

l -   illy   lily   limp   limy   lull   lump   mill   mull   pill   pily   plum   puli   pull   yill

m -   immy   limp   limy   lump   mill   mull   mump   plum

n -   inly   limn   liny   luny   muni   nill   null   piny   puny   pyin

o -   limo   loup   milo   moil   moll   moly   mopy   oily   ploy   poll   poly

p -   limp   lump   pill   pily   pimp   pipy   plum   puli   pull   pulp   pump

q -   quip

r -   miry   prim   puri   purl   rill   rimy   ruly   rump

s -   ills   imps   lips   lisp   lums   mils   plus   puls   sill   simp   slim   slip   slum   sump   syli   umps   yips   yups

t -   lilt   litu   milt   mity   pity   till   tump

u -   lulu   lump   mull   plum   puli   pull

v -   vill

w -   will   wily   wimp

x -   pixy

y -   illy   lily   limy   pily   yill

z -   zill

3 letters

a -   ail   aim   all   alp   ami   amp   amu   lam   lap   lay   map   may   pal   pam   pay   pia   pya   yam   yap

b -   bum   buy   lib   mib   pub

c -   cum   cup   icy   pic

d -   dim   dip   dui   dup   lid   mid   mud   pud   yid

e -   ell   elm   emu   lei   leu   ley   lie   lye   mel   pie   pye   yep

f -   fil   flu   fly

g -   gip   gul   gum   guy   gym   gyp   lug   mig   mug   pig   pug

h -   him   hip   hum   hup   hyp   phi

i -   ill   imp   lip   mil   piu   yip

k -   ilk   kip   yuk

l -   ill   lip   lum   mil   ply   pul

m -   imp   lum   mil   mim   mum   umm   ump   yum

n -   lin   mun   nil   nim   nip   pin   pun   yin

o -   lop   mol   mop   oil   poi   pol   pom   upo   yom   you

p -   imp   lip   pip   piu   ply   pul   pup   ump   yip   yup

r -   mir   pry   pur   rim   rip   rum

s -   ism   lis   mis   mus   pis   psi   pus   sim   sip   sly   spy   sum   sup   ups

t -   lit   mut   pit   put   til   tip   tui   tup

u -   lum   piu   pul   ulu   ump   yum   yup

v -   ivy   luv   vim

x -   lux   mix   pix   pyx

y -   ply   yip   yum   yup

z -   zip

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