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Words formed from any letters in logion, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

c -   cooling   locoing

f -   fooling

k -   looking

m -   looming

n -   glonoin

p -   looping   pooling

s -   logions   loosing   soloing

t -   looting   tooling

6 letters

a -   lagoon

b -   booing   globin   goblin   oblong

c -   coloni   cooing

d -   doling

e -   eloign   goonie   legion

g -   gigolo   logion   looing   ogling

h -   holing   oohing

i -   logion   looing   oiling

l -   logion   looing

m -   mongol   mooing

n -   gonion   logion   looing

o -   logion   looing   oolong

p -   loping   poling

s -   igloos   isogon   isolog   losing   soling   solion

t -   lotion   tiglon   toling

v -   loving   voling

w -   lowing   wooing

x -   loxing

z -   oozing

5 letters

a -   algin   align   aloin   along   gonia   liang   ligan   linga   logan   logia

b -   bingo   boing   bongo   oboli

c -   cling   cogon   coign   colin   colog   colon   congo   incog   logic   nicol

d -   dingo   doing   indol

e -   eloin   ingle   longe   looie   olein

f -   fling   flong   folio   gonif   gonof

g -   going   igloo   lingo   logoi

h -   ohing

i -   igloo   lingo   logoi

j -   jingo

k -   klong

l -   igloo   lingo   logoi

m -   gloom   mongo   nomoi

n -   lingo   onion

o -   igloo   lingo   logoi

p -   gipon   oping   pingo   polio

r -   giron   groin

s -   goons   lings   linos   lions   logos   loins   longs   loons   noils   nolos   olios   sling   snool   solon

t -   glint   ingot   tigon

u -   gluon   lungi

v -   ovoli

w -   owing

y -   goony   lingy   loony   lying   noily   ology   yogin

z -   gonzo

4 letters

a -   agin   agio   agon   anil   gain   gaol   glia   goal   lain   lang   loan   nail   naoi

b -   blin   boil   bolo   bong   boon   glib   glob   gobo   lobo   obol

c -   cion   clog   clon   coil   coin   coni   cool   coon   icon   loci   loco

d -   ding   diol   dong   gild   gold   good   idol   lido   nodi

e -   enol   gien   glen   gone   leno   lien   line   loge   lone   noel   ogle   oleo

f -   filo   fino   flog   foil   foin   fool   golf   goof   info   loof

g -   gogo   gong   goon   ling   logo   long   nogg

h -   hong   nigh

i -   ling   lino   lion   loin   noil   olio

j -   join

k -   gink   gook   ikon   kiln   kilo   king   kino   kolo   link   look   nook   oink

l -   gill   ling   lino   lion   logo   loin   long   loon   nill   noil   nolo   olio

m -   glim   glom   limn   limo   loom   milo   moil   mono   mool   moon

n -   goon   ling   linn   lino   lion   loin   long   loon   noil   nolo   noon

o -   goon   lino   lion   logo   loin   long   loon   noil   nolo   olio

p -   glop   goop   loop   ping   pion   polo   pong   pool   poon

r -   girl   girn   giro   grin   inro   iron   lorn   noir   nori   ring   roil

s -   gins   goos   ions   lins   logs   loos   nils   nogs   oils   sign   silo   sing   slog   snog   soil   soli   solo   song   soon

t -   gilt   into   lint   loot   loti   onto   ting   toil   tong   tool   toon

u -   iglu   lung

v -   vino   viol

w -   glow   gown   lown   wing   wino   wool

y -   inly   liny   logy   oily   only   yogi   yoni

z -   zing   zoon

3 letters

a -   ago   ail   ain   ani   gal   gan   goa   lag   nag

b -   big   bin   bio   bog   boo   gib   gob   lib   lob   nib   nob   obi

c -   cig   cog   col   con   coo

d -   dig   din   dog   dol   don   gid   god   lid   nod   old

e -   ego   eng   eon   gel   gen   gie   leg   lei   lie   ole   one

f -   fig   fil   fin   fog   fon

g -   gig   gin   goo   log   nog

h -   ghi   hin   hog   hon   noh   oho   ooh

i -   gin   ion   lin   nil   oil

j -   jig   jin   jog

k -   ilk   ink   kin   koi

l -   ill   lin   log   loo   nil   oil

m -   mig   mil   mog   mol   mon   moo   nim   nom

n -   gin   inn   ion   lin   nil   nog   noo

o -   goo   ion   log   loo   nog   noo   oil

p -   gip   lip   lop   nip   pig   pin   poi   pol

r -   gor   nor   rig   rin

s -   gos   ins   lis   nos   ons   sin   sol   son

t -   git   got   lit   lot   nit   not   oot   til   tin   tog   ton   too

u -   gnu   gul   gun   lug

v -   vig

w -   low   now   owl   own   wig   win   wog   won   woo

x -   gox   lox   nix   oxo

y -   goy   yin   yon

z -   zig   zin   zoo

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