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Words formed from any letters in lockup, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

s -   lockups

t -   potluck

6 letters

a -   copula   cupola

c -   cockup   lockup

e -   couple

i -   oilcup   upcoil

k -   lockup

l -   lockup

m -   mockup

n -   unlock

o -   lockup   lookup

p -   lockup

s -   plucks

u -   lockup

y -   plucky

5 letters

a -   caulk   cloak   copal   culpa   plack   polka   pucka

b -   block   bucko

c -   clock   cluck   pluck

d -   cloud   could

e -   coupe   cupel   loupe

f -   flock

h -   pouch

i -   oculi   picul   poilu   pulik

k -   pluck

l -   pluck

m -   clomp   clump   locum

n -   clonk   clunk   plonk   plunk

p -   pluck

r -   clour   croup

s -   clops   coups   locks   locus   loups   lucks   pocks   pucks   sculk   sculp

t -   clout   poult

u -   pluck

y -   coypu   lucky   pocky

4 letters

a -   calk   calo   capo   caul   clap   coal   cola   kola   lack   loca   opal   pack   pula

b -   bloc   bock   buck   bulk   club

c -   clop   cock   coup   lock   luck   pock   puck

d -   clod   cold   dock   duck   kudo   loud   plod   updo

e -   clue   coke   cole   cope   cuke   kelp   koel   leku   lope   luce   peck   poke   pole   puce   puke   pule

f -   floc   flop   folk   foul   fuck   pouf

g -   clog   glop   guck   gulp   plug

h -   chop   hock   holk   holp   huck   hulk   kohl   koph   loch   ouch   ouph

i -   clip   coil   kilo   lick   loci   pick   puli

j -   jock   jouk

k -   lock   luck   pock   puck

l -   clop   cull   lock   loup   luck   poll   pull

m -   comp   culm   lump   mock   muck   plum

n -   clon   conk   knop   lunk   nock   punk   unco   upon

o -   clop   cook   cool   coop   coup   kolo   lock   loco   look   loop   loup   pock   poco   polo   pool

p -   clop   coup   loup   plop   pock   puck   pulp

r -   cork   crop   curl   lour   lurk   pork   pour   purl   rock   roup   ruck

s -   cols   cops   cups   cusk   cusp   kops   lops   opus   plus   pols   puls   scop   scup   slop   sock   souk   soul   soup   suck   sulk

t -   clot   colt   cult   lout   plot   pout   tolu   tuck

u -   coup   loup   luck   puck

w -   cowl   plow

y -   cloy   coly   copy   ploy   poky   poly   yock   yolk   yuck

3 letters

a -   alp   auk   cap   koa   lac   lap   oak   oca   oka   pac   pal

b -   bop   cob   cub   kob   lob   pub

c -   col   cop   cup

d -   cod   cud   doc   dol   duo   dup   old   oud   pod   pud   udo

e -   cel   cep   cue   ecu   elk   kep   kue   lek   leu   oke   ole   ope   pec   uke

f -   flu   fop   fou

g -   cog   gul   log   lug   pug

h -   hop   hup   poh

i -   ick   ilk   kip   koi   lip   oil   pic   piu   poi

k -   kop

l -   col   lop   pol   pul

m -   cum   lum   moc   mol   mop   pom   ump

n -   con   pun

o -   col   coo   cop   kop   loo   lop   pol   upo

p -   cop   cup   kop   lop   pol   pop   pul   pup   upo

r -   cor   cur   kor   orc   our   pro   pur   roc

s -   cos   kos   ops   pus   sol   sop   sou   sup   ups

t -   cot   cut   lot   opt   out   pot   put   top   tup

u -   cup   pul   ulu   upo

v -   luv

w -   cow   low   owl   pow   wok   wop

x -   cox   lox   lux   pox

y -   coy   ply   yok   you   yuk   yup

z -   coz

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