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Words formed from any letters in linns, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

e -   linens

i -   linins

5 letters

a -   anils   nails   slain   snail

e -   lenis   liens   linen   lines   nines

g -   lings   sling

i -   linin   linns

j -   jinns

k -   kilns   links   slink

l -   linns   nills

m -   limns

n -   linns

o -   linos   lions   loins   noils

s -   linns

t -   lints

y -   lysin

4 letters

a -   ails   ains   anil   anis   lain   nail   nans   sail   sain   sial

b -   bins   blin   libs   nibs   snib

d -   dins   lids   sild   slid

e -   isle   leis   lens   lien   lies   line   nine   sine

f -   fils   fins

g -   gins   ling   sign   sing

h -   hins   hisn   shin   sinh

i -   inns   linn   lins   nils   nisi

j -   jinn   jins

k -   ilks   inks   kiln   kins   link   silk   sink   skin

l -   ills   linn   lins   nill   nils   sill

m -   limn   mils   nims   slim

n -   inns   linn   lins   nils

o -   ions   lino   lion   loin   noil   oils   silo   soil   soli

p -   lips   lisp   nips   pins   slip   snip   spin

r -   rins

s -   inns   lins   nils   sins

t -   lint   list   lits   nits   silt   slit   snit   tils   tins

u -   nuns   sunn

w -   wins

y -   inly   liny   syli   yins

z -   zins

3 letters

a -   ail   ain   ais   als   ani   las   nan   sal

b -   bin   bis   lib   nib   sib

c -   cis   sic

d -   din   dis   ids   lid

e -   els   ens   lei   lie   sei   sel   sen

f -   fil   fin   ifs

g -   gin

h -   hin   his

i -   inn   ins   lin   lis   nil   sin

j -   jin

k -   ilk   ink   kin   ski

l -   ill   lin   lis   nil

m -   ism   mil   mis   nim   sim

n -   inn   ins   lin   nil   sin

o -   ion   nos   oil   ons   sol   son

p -   lip   nip   pin   pis   psi   sip

r -   rin   sir   sri

s -   ins   lis   sin   sis

t -   its   lit   nit   sit   til   tin   tis

u -   nun   nus   sun   uns

v -   vis

w -   win   wis

x -   nix   six   xis

y -   sly   syn   yin

z -   zin

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