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Words formed from any letters in limped, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

a -   impaled   implead

d -   dimpled

i -   implied

o -   implode

p -   pimpled

r -   rimpled

s -   dimples   mispled

w -   wimpled

6 letters

a -   aliped   elapid   impale   lamped   mailed   medial   palmed   pleiad

b -   limbed

d -   dimple   limped   middle   piddle

e -   delime   dimple   impede   limped

f -   filmed

g -   gimped   glimed   megilp   midleg

i -   dimple   limped   limpid   lipide

k -   milked

l -   dimple   limped   milled   pilled

m -   dimple   limped

n -   impend   limned   milden

o -   diploe   dipole   meloid   moiled

p -   dimple   limped   lipped   pimped   pimple

r -   limper   milder   prelim   primed   rimple

s -   dispel   impels   lisped   misled   simple   slimed   sliped   smiled   spiled

t -   limpet   milted

u -   lumped   pileum   plumed

w -   mildew   wimple

x -   diplex

y -   dimply

5 letters

a -   ailed   aimed   amide   ample   email   ideal   lamed   limpa   maile   maple   medal   media   milpa   padle   paled   pedal   pilea   plaid   plead

b -   bedim   bield   biped   blimp   imbed

c -   clime   medic   melic

d -   idled   imped   limed   piled   plied

e -   edile   elemi   elide   imped   impel   limed   piled   plied

f -   felid   field   filed   flied

g -   gelid   gimel   glide   glime   midge

i -   imide   imped   impel   limed   lipid   medii   piled   pilei   plied

k -   kelim   liked   miked   piked

l -   impel   limed   mille   piled   plied

m -   imped   impel   limed   mimed

n -   denim   limen   lined   mined   pined

o -   loped   model   moped   oiled   oldie   poled

p -   imped   impel   piled   piped   plied

r -   dimer   idler   miler   mired   peril   plier   pride   pried   prime   redip   riled   rimed   riped

s -   deils   deism   delis   dimes   disme   idles   isled   limes   limps   melds   miles   piles   plies   sidle   siped   slide   slime   slipe   smile   speil   spied   spiel   spile

t -   demit   tempi   tepid   tilde   tiled   timed

u -   duple   ileum   muled   plume   puled   umped

v -   devil   lived

w -   wield   wiled   wiped

x -   mixed   pixel

y -   dimly   imply   limey   yield

4 letters

a -   aide   alme   amid   amie   aped   dale   dame   damp   deal   dial   idea   ilea   lade   laid   lame   lamp   lead   leap   lima   lipa   made   maid   mail   male   mead   meal   padi   paid   pail   pale   palm   peal   pial   pima   plea

b -   bide   bile   bled   blip   limb   pleb

c -   cedi   ceil   clip   dice   emic   epic   iced   lice   mice   pice

d -   deil   deli   died   diel   dime   idem   idle   lied   meld   mild   pied   pled

e -   deem   deep   deil   dele   deli   deme   diel   dime   eide   idem   idle   lied   lime   lipe   meed   meld   mile   peed   peel   pele   pied   pile   pled   plie

f -   defi   delf   file   film   fled   flip   lief   life   pelf

g -   geld   gied   gild   gimp   gled   glim

h -   elhi   heil   held   helm   help   hemp   hide   hied

i -   deil   deli   diel   dime   idem   idle   imid   impi   lied   lime   limp   lipe   midi   mild   mile   pied   pile   pili   plie

j -   jimp

k -   dike   kelp   kemp   kepi   like   mike   milk   pike

l -   deil   deli   dell   diel   dill   idle   lied   lime   limp   lipe   meld   mell   mild   mile   mill   pile   pill   pled   plie

m -   dime   idem   lime   limp   meld   mild   mile   mime

n -   deni   dine   lend   lien   limn   line   mend   mien   mind   mine   nide   pein   pend   pine

o -   demo   diol   dole   dome   dope   idol   lido   limo   lode   lope   milo   mode   modi   moil   mold   mole   mope   oped   plod   poem   pole   pome

p -   limp   lipe   pied   pile   pimp   pipe   pled   plie

r -   derm   dire   dirl   drip   emir   ired   lier   lire   merl   mire   peri   perm   pier   prim   ride   riel   rile   rime   ripe

s -   dels   dies   dims   dips   elds   elms   ides   imps   isle   leis   lids   lies   lips   lisp   mels   mids   mils   mise   peds   pies   semi   side   sild   simp   sipe   sled   slid   slim   slip   sped

t -   delt   diet   dipt   dite   edit   emit   item   lept   lite   melt   milt   mite   pelt   temp   tide   tied   tile   time

u -   duel   dump   dupe   leud   lieu   lude   lump   mule   plum   pule   puli

v -   dive   evil   live   veil   veld   vide   vied   vile

w -   lewd   lwei   mewl   plew   weld   wide   wild   wile   wimp   wipe

x -   ilex

y -   demy   elmy   emyd   idly   idyl   limy   pily   yeld   yelp   yipe   ylem

3 letters

a -   aid   ail   aim   ale   alp   ami   amp   ape   dal   dam   dap   lad   lam   lap   lea   mad   mae   map   pad   pal   pam   pea   pia

b -   bed   bel   bid   deb   dib   lib   mib

c -   cel   cep   ice   pec   pic

d -   del   did   die   dim   dip   eld   led   lid   med   mid   ped

e -   dee   del   die   eel   eld   elm   eme   led   lee   lei   lie   med   mel   ped   pee   pie

f -   elf   emf   fed   fem   fid   fie   fil

g -   dig   ged   gel   gem   gid   gie   gip   leg   meg   mig   peg   pig

h -   edh   hem   hep   hid   hie   him   hip   peh   phi

i -   die   dim   dip   imp   lei   lid   lie   lip   mid   mil   pie

k -   elk   ilk   kep   kid   kip   lek

l -   del   eld   ell   elm   ill   led   lei   lid   lie   lip   mel   mil

m -   dim   elm   imp   med   mel   mem   mid   mil   mim

n -   den   din   end   lin   men   nil   nim   nip   pen   pin

o -   doe   dol   dom   lop   mod   mol   mop   ode   oil   old   ole   ope   pod   poi   pol   pom

p -   dip   imp   lip   ped   pep   pie   pip

r -   ire   mir   per   red   rei   rem   rep   rid   rim   rip

s -   dis   eds   els   ems   ids   ism   lis   mis   pes   pis   psi   sei   sel   sim   sip

t -   dit   let   lit   met   pet   pit   ted   tel   tie   til   tip

u -   due   dui   dup   emu   leu   lum   mud   piu   pud   pul   ump

v -   dev   lev   vie   vim

w -   dew   mew   pew   wed

x -   dex   lex   mix   pix

y -   dey   dye   ley   lye   ply   pye   yep   yid   yip

z -   lez   zed   zip

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