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Words formed from any letters in legal, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

b -   begall

d -   galled

e -   allege

s -   legals

t -   gallet

u -   ullage

y -   galley

5 letters

a -   algae   algal   galea   legal

b -   bagel   belga   gable   gleba   label

c -   cella   glace

d -   glade   ladle

e -   aglee   allee   eagle   legal

f -   fella

g -   legal

i -   agile   glial   ileal

l -   legal

m -   gleam

n -   angel   angle   glean

p -   lapel   plage

r -   argle   glare   lager   large   regal

s -   gales   galls

t -   aglet

v -   gavel

y -   agley   alley   gally

z -   glaze

4 letters

a -   alae   alga   egal   gala   gale   gall   leal

b -   able   bale   ball   bell   blae

c -   alec   cage   call   cell   clag   lace

d -   aged   dale   deal   dell   egad   gaed   geld   glad   gled   lade   lead

e -   agee   alee   egal   gale   glee   leal

f -   alef   fall   feal   fell   flag   flea   leaf

g -   egal   gage   gale   gall   gleg

h -   hale   hall   heal   hell

i -   gill   glia   ilea

j -   jell

k -   kale   lake   leak

l -   egal   gale   gall   lall   leal

m -   alme   game   lame   mage   male   mall   meal   mell

n -   elan   gaen   gane   glen   lane   lang   lean

o -   aloe   gaol   goal   loge   ogle   olea   olla

p -   gape   leap   page   pale   pall   peag   peal   plea

r -   ager   earl   gear   lear   rage   rale   real

s -   ages   ales   alls   ells   gaes   gals   gels   lags   lase   leas   legs   sage   sale   sall   seal   sell   slag

t -   gate   gelt   geta   late   tael   tale   tall   teal   tela   tell

u -   ague   glue   gull   luge

v -   gave   lave   leva   vale   veal   vela

w -   wage   wale   wall   weal   well

x -   axel   axle

y -   agly   ally   gley   yell

z -   gaze   laze   zeal

3 letters

a -   aal   aga   age   ala   ale   all   gae   gal   lag   lea

b -   alb   bag   bal   beg   bel   gab   lab

c -   ace   cel   lac

d -   dag   dal   del   eld   gad   ged   lad   led

e -   age   ale   eel   ell   gae   gee   gel   lea   lee   leg

f -   elf   fag

g -   age   egg   gae   gag   gal   gel   lag   leg

h -   hae   hag

i -   ail   gie   ill   lei   lie

j -   jag

k -   elk   kae   kea   keg   lek

l -   ale   all   ell   gal   gel   lag   lea   leg

m -   elm   gam   gem   lam   mae   mag   meg   mel

n -   ane   eng   gan   gen   nae   nag

o -   ago   ego   goa   log   ole

p -   alp   ape   gap   lap   pal   pea   peg

r -   are   ear   era   erg   gar   lar   rag   reg

s -   als   els   gas   las   sae   sag   sal   sea   seg   sel

t -   alt   ate   eat   eta   gat   get   lat   let   tae   tag   tea   teg   tel

u -   eau   gul   leu   lug

v -   ave   lav   lev   veg

w -   awe   awl   law   wae   wag

x -   axe   lax   lex

y -   aye   gay   gey   lay   ley   lye   yea

z -   lez   zag

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