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Words formed from any letters in lechwes, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

a -   eschewal

r -   welchers

7 letters

a -   leaches

b -   belches

c -   lechwes   welches

d -   welched   welshed

e -   lechwes   leeches   welches

f -   fleches

h -   lechwes   welches

i -   helices   lichees

k -   heckles

l -   lechwes   welches

n -   wenches

r -   chewers   crewels   lechers   rechews   welcher   welsher

s -   eschews   lechwes   welches   welshes

t -   letches

w -   lechwes   welches

y -   lychees

6 letters

a -   cashew   chelae   chelas   laches   weasel   whales   wheals

b -   celebs

c -   eschew   leches   lechwe

d -   chewed   clewed   leched   shewed   slewed   wedels

e -   cheese   eschew   leches   lechwe   wheels

f -   fleche   fleech

h -   eschew   leches   lechwe   wheels

i -   chiels   chiles   chisel   lichee   liches   seiche   whiles   wiches

j -   jewels

k -   cheeks   cleeks   heckle   shekel   whelks

l -   leches   lechwe   wheels

m -   scheme   whelms

n -   newels   wheens   whence

o -   chowse   echoes   wholes

p -   cheeps   clepes   schlep   speech   wheeps   whelps

q -   sheqel

r -   cheers   chewer   creels   creesh   crewel   hewers   lecher   rechew   shewer   wheres

s -   eschew   leches   wheels

t -   elects   etches   lethes   select   wechts

v -   helves   shelve

w -   eschew   lechwe   wheels

x -   excels

y -   cheesy   chyles   lycees   lychee   wyches

5 letters

a -   aches   alecs   cease   chase   chaws   chela   clash   claws   easel   hales   hawse   heals   laces   leach   lease   leash   scale   schwa   selah   shale   shawl   sheal   swale   wales   weals   whale   wheal

b -   beech   belch   celeb   hebes

c -   chews   clews   eches   leech   welch

d -   cedes   deles   eched   heeds   hewed   sewed   swede   wedel   weeds   welds

e -   chews   clews   eches   heels   leech   welch   welsh   wheel

f -   chefs   clefs   feces   feels   flees   flesh   flews   shelf

g -   ghees   glees   leges

h -   chews   eches   heels   leech   welch   welsh   wheel

i -   ceils   chiel   chile   heils   lewis   lweis   shiel   slice   while   wiles

j -   jewel

k -   cheek   cleek   hecks   keels   leeks   sleek   weeks   whelk

l -   cells   clews   heels   hells   leech   selle   shell   swell   welch   wells   welsh   wheel

m -   helms   hemes   mewls   whelm

n -   cense   hence   lenes   lense   newel   scene   sheen   shewn   weens   wench   wheen   whens

o -   chose   chows   close   coles   cowls   echos   helos   holes   hosel   howes   howls   lochs   lowes   lowse   scowl   sheol   socle   whole   whose

p -   cepes   cheep   clepe   helps   pechs   peels   peles   plews   sheep   shlep   sleep   speel   sweep   weeps   wheep   whelp

r -   ceres   cheer   creel   crews   ewers   heres   herls   hewer   leers   lehrs   reels   resew   scree   screw   sewer   sheer   shrew   sweer   where

s -   chess   chews   clews   eches   heels   seels   shews   slews   welsh

t -   celts   cetes   chest   elect   leets   letch   lethe   sheet   sleet   steel   stele   sweet   teels   teles   these   thews   wecht   weest   weets   welts   whets

u -   clues   luces   schul

v -   elves   helve

w -   chews   clews   welch   welsh   wheel   whews

x -   excel   execs   hexes   lexes

y -   chewy   chyle   lycee   seely   sycee   wheys   wyles   yechs

4 letters

a -   aces   ache   alec   alee   ales   awee   awes   awls   case   cash   caws   chaw   claw   each   ease   haes   hale   haws   heal   lace   lacs   lase   lash   laws   leas   sale   seal   shaw   shea   slaw   waes   wale   wash   weal

b -   bees   bels   blew   hebe   webs

c -   cees   cels   chew   clew   eche   lech

d -   cede   dees   dele   dels   dews   edhs   elds   heed   held   lewd   seed   shed   sled   weds   weed   weld

e -   cees   cels   chew   clew   eche   eels   else   ewes   heel   hews   lech   lees   seel   shew   slew   weel   wees   whee

f -   chef   clef   feel   fees   fehs   flee   flew   self

g -   gees   gels   ghee   glee   legs

h -   chew   eche   heel   hehs   hews   lech   shew   whee

i -   ceil   chis   elhi   heil   hies   ices   ichs   isle   leis   lice   lich   lies   lwei   sice   wich   wile   wise   wish

j -   jees   jews

k -   ekes   elks   heck   keel   leek   leke   leks   seek   skee   skew   week

l -   cell   cels   clew   eels   ells   else   heel   hell   lech   lees   seel   sell   slew   weel   well

m -   cwms   elms   emes   helm   heme   hems   mels   mesh   mewl   mews   seem   seme   smew

n -   hens   hewn   lens   news   seen   sene   sewn   ween   wens   when

o -   chow   cole   cols   cosh   cowl   cows   echo   helo   hoes   hole   hols   hose   howe   howl   hows   loch   lose   lowe   lows   oles   owes   owls   owse   scow   shoe   show   sloe   slow   sole   woes

p -   cepe   ceps   help   pech   pecs   peel   pees   pehs   pele   pews   phew   plew   seep   spec   spew   weep

r -   cere   crew   ewer   here   herl   hers   leer   lehr   recs   reel   rees   resh   seer   sere   weer   were

s -   cees   cels   cess   eels   else   eses   ewes   hews   lees   less   secs   seel   sees   sels   sews   shes   shew   slew   wees

t -   celt   cete   etch   eths   hest   hets   leet   lest   lets   sect   stew   teel   tees   tele   tels   tews   thee   thew   twee   weet   welt   west   wets   whet

u -   clue   cues   ecus   hues   luce   lues   lush   shul   slue   such

v -   eves   vees

w -   chew   clew   ewes   hews   shew   slew   weel   wees   whee   whew

x -   exec   exes

y -   eely   eyes   leys   lyes   lyse   syce   whey   whys   wych   wyes   wyle   yech   yews

z -   chez   zees

3 letters

a -   ace   ale   als   ash   awe   awl   caw   hae   has   haw   lac   las   law   lea   sac   sae   sal   saw   sea   sha   wae   was   wha

b -   bee   bel   web

c -   cee   cel   sec

d -   dee   del   dew   edh   eds   eld   led   wed

e -   cee   cel   eel   els   ewe   hes   hew   lee   sec   see   sel   sew   she   wee

f -   efs   elf   fee   feh   few

g -   gee   gel   leg   seg

h -   heh   hes   hew   she   shh

i -   chi   cis   hic   hie   his   ice   ich   lei   lie   lis   sei   sic   wis

j -   jee   jew

k -   eke   elk   lek

l -   cel   eel   ell   els   lee   sel

m -   cwm   elm   eme   ems   hem   mel   mew

n -   ens   hen   nee   new   sen   wen

o -   col   cos   cow   hoe   how   low   oes   ohs   ole   ose   owe   owl   sol   sow   who   woe   wos

p -   cep   hep   pec   pee   peh   pes   pew

r -   ere   ers   her   rec   ree   res   ser

s -   els   ess   hes   sec   see   sel   sew   she

t -   eth   het   let   set   tee   tel   tew   the   wet

u -   cue   ecu   hue   leu   sue   use

v -   eve   lev   vee

w -   ewe   hew   sew   wee

x -   hex   lex   sex

y -   eye   hey   ley   lye   shy   sly   why   wye   yeh   yes   yew

z -   lez   zee

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