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Words formed from any letters in lamb, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

e -   amble   blame

i -   limba

s -   balms   blams   lambs

u -   album

y -   balmy   lamby

4 letters

a -   alba   alma   baal   balm   blam   lama   lamb

b -   balm   blab   blam   lamb

c -   calm   clam

d -   bald

e -   able   alme   bale   beam   bema   blae   lame   mabe   male   meal

f -   flab   flam

g -   gamb

h -   blah   halm

i -   bail   bima   iamb   lima   limb   mail

j -   jamb

k -   balk

l -   ball   balm   blam   lamb   mall

m -   balm   blam   lamb   malm

o -   ambo   bola   loam   mola

p -   lamp   palm

r -   barm   marl

s -   albs   alms   bals   bams   labs   lams   slab   slam

t -   blat   malt

u -   alum   maul

w -   bawl   blaw

y -   ably   amyl

3 letters

a -   aal   aba   ala   alb   ama   baa   bal   bam   lab   lam

b -   alb   bal   bam   lab

c -   cab   cam   lac   mac

d -   bad   dab   dal   dam   lad   mad

e -   ale   bel   elm   lea   mae   mel

g -   bag   gab   gal   gam   lag   mag

h -   bah   ham

i -   ail   aim   ami   lib   mib   mil

j -   jab   jam

k -   kab

l -   alb   all   bal   lab   lam

m -   bam   lam

n -   ban   man   nab   nam

o -   abo   boa   lob   moa   mob   mol

p -   alp   amp   bap   lap   map   pal   pam

r -   arb   arm   bar   bra   lar   mar   ram

s -   abs   als   bas   las   mas   sab   sal

t -   alt   bat   lat   mat   tab   tam

u -   amu   bum   lum

v -   lav

w -   awl   law   maw   wab

x -   lax   max

y -   aby   bay   lay   may   yam

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