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Words formed from any letters in kohl, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

s -   holks   kohls

4 letters

a -   halo   kola   lakh

c -   hock   loch   lock

d -   hold

e -   helo   hoke   hole   koel   okeh

f -   folk

h -   holk   kohl

i -   kilo

k -   holk   kohl

l -   holk   kohl

m -   holm

n -   honk

o -   holk   hook   kohl   kolo   look

p -   holp   koph

s -   hols

t -   holt   loth

u -   hulk

w -   howk   howl

y -   holy   yolk

3 letters

a -   hao   koa   oak   oka

b -   hob   kob   lob

c -   col

d -   dol   hod   old

e -   elk   hoe   lek   oke   ole

f -   foh

g -   hog   log

i -   ilk   khi   koi   oil

m -   mho   mol   ohm

n -   hon   noh

o -   loo   oho   ooh

p -   hop   kop   lop   poh   pol

r -   kor   rho

s -   kos   ohs   sol

t -   hot   lot   tho

w -   how   low   owl   who   wok

x -   lox

y -   hoy   yok

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