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Words formed from any letters in knacked, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

a -   knacked

c -   knacked

d -   knacked

e -   knacked

k -   knacked

l -   clanked

n -   knacked

o -   knocked

r -   cranked   knacker

s -   snacked

u -   uncaked

6 letters

b -   backed   banked

d -   danced

e -   decane   kecked   necked

h -   hacked   hanked

i -   kicked   kinked   nicked

j -   jacked

l -   ankled   calked   candle   lacked   lanced

n -   canned

o -   acnode   canoed   conked   deacon   konked   nocked

p -   packed

r -   arcked   canker   carked   cedarn   craned   dacker   dancer   danker   darken   kraken   nacred   narked   racked   ranked

s -   ascend   casked   dances   knacks   kneads   sacked   snaked

t -   cadent   canted   decant   tacked   tanked

u -   uncake

y -   yacked   yakked   yanked

5 letters

a -   acned   caked   caned   dance   knack   knead   naked

b -   baked   baned

c -   acned   caked   caned   dance   knack

d -   acned   caked   caned   dance   knead   naked

e -   ackee   acned   akene   caked   caned   dance   knead   kneed   naked

f -   decaf   faced   faked   kenaf

g -   cadge   caged

h -   ached   hacek   hance   kench   kheda

i -   canid   inked   nicad

k -   caked   knack   knead   naked

l -   ankle   clade   clank   clean   decal   eland   laced   laden   laked   lance   naled

m -   admen   amend   maced   maned   menad   named

n -   acned   caned   dance   knack   knead   naked   nance

o -   anode   canoe   coden   coked   coned   dekko   kendo   knock   oaken   ocean

p -   caped   paced   paned   pecan   pekan

r -   acred   arced   cadre   caner   cared   cedar   crake   crane   crank   creak   denar   drake   drank   dreck   nacre   raced   raked   rance   redan

s -   acnes   asked   cades   cakes   canes   cased   daces   deans   decks   kanes   kecks   necks   saned   scena   scend   sedan   skean   snack   snake   sneak   sneck

t -   acted   anted   cadet   enact   taken

u -   adunc   dunce   nuked

v -   caved   daven   knave   vaned

w -   awned   cawed   dawen   dewan   wacke   waked   waken   waned

y -   cakey   candy   decay   kyack

4 letters

a -   aced   acne   cade   cake   cane   dace   dank   dean   kaka   kana   kane   nada

b -   abed   back   bade   bake   band   bane   bank   bead   beak   bean   beck   bend   nabe

c -   aced   acne   cade   cake   cane   ceca   dace   deck   keck   neck

d -   aced   cade   dace   dank   dead   dean   deck

e -   aced   acne   akee   cade   cake   cane   cede   dace   dean   deck   deke   dene   eked   kane   keck   keek   keen   knee   neck   need

f -   cafe   deaf   face   fade   fake   fane   feck   fend

g -   aged   cage   dang   egad   gaed   gaen   gane   geck

h -   ache   ankh   chad   dhak   each   hack   hade   haed   haen   hake   hand   hank   head   heck   khan

i -   acid   aide   akin   cadi   caid   cain   cedi   cine   deni   dice   dick   dike   dine   dink   iced   idea   kadi   kain   kaki   kick   kike   kina   kind   kine   kink   nice   nick   nide

j -   jack   jade   jake   jane   jean

k -   cake   dank   deck   kane   keck   neck

l -   alec   calk   clad   clan   dale   deal   elan   kale   lace   lack   lade   lake   land   lane   lank   lead   leak   lean   lend

m -   acme   amen   came   dame   damn   kame   mace   mack   made   make   mane   mead   mean   mend   name   nema

n -   acne   cane   dank   dean   kane   neck

o -   aeon   coda   code   coed   coke   cone   conk   deco   dock   dona   done   kaon   keno   koan   konk   nock   node   odea   once

p -   aped   cape   knap   nape   neap   pace   pack   pane   peak   pean   peck   pend

r -   acre   card   care   cark   carn   dare   dark   darn   dear   drek   earn   karn   kern   knar   narc   nard   nark   near   nerd   race   rack   rake   rand   rank   read   reck   rend

s -   aces   ands   anes   cads   cans   case   cask   daks   dens   desk   ends   kaes   keas   kens   sack   sade   sake   sand   sane   sank   scad   scan   send   sned

t -   ante   cant   cate   cent   date   dent   etna   kent   neat   tace   tack   take   tank   teak   tend

u -   cued   cuke   duce   duck   duke   dune   dunk   kuna   kune   neuk   nude   nuke   unde

v -   cave   deva   nave   vane   vena   vend

w -   anew   awed   dawk   dawn   knew   wack   wade   wake   wand   wane   weak   wean   weka   wend

x -   axed

y -   caky   cyan   deny   dyke   dyne   kyak   yack   yank   yean

z -   adze   daze

3 letters

a -   ace   ana   and   ane   cad   can   dak   kae   kea   nae

b -   bad   ban   bed   ben   cab   dab   deb   kab   nab   neb

c -   ace   cad   can

d -   add   and   cad   dad   dak   den   end

e -   ace   ane   cee   dee   den   eke   end   kae   kea   ken   nae   nee

f -   fad   fan   fed   fen   kaf   kef

g -   age   dag   eng   gad   gae   gan   ged   gen   keg   nag

h -   dah   edh   had   hae   hen   nah

i -   aid   ain   ani   die   din   ice   ick   ink   kid   kin

k -   dak   kae   kea   ken

l -   ale   cel   dal   del   eld   elk   lac   lad   lea   led   lek

m -   cam   dam   mac   mad   mae   man   med   men   nam

n -   and   ane   can   den   end   ken   nae   nan

o -   ado   cod   con   doc   doe   don   eon   koa   nod   oak   oca   ode   oka   oke   one

p -   ape   cap   cep   dap   kep   nap   pac   pad   pan   pea   pec   ped   pen

r -   arc   are   ark   car   ear   era   ern   rad   ran   rec   red

s -   ads   ask   eds   ens   kas   sac   sad   sae   sea   sec   sen   ska

t -   act   ant   ate   cat   eat   eta   kat   net   tad   tae   tan   tea   ted   ten

u -   auk   cud   cue   due   dun   eau   ecu   kue   uke

v -   ave   dev   vac   van

w -   awe   awn   caw   daw   dew   naw   new   wad   wae   wan   wed   wen

x -   axe   dex   kex

y -   any   aye   cay   day   dey   dye   kay   key   nay   yak   yea   yen

z -   adz   zed   zek

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