More Words

Words formed from any letters in khoum, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

s -   hokums   khoums

5 letters

a -   oakum

c -   mouch

h -   hokum   khoum

k -   hokku   hokum   khoum

m -   hokum   khoum

o -   hokum   khoum

r -   humor   mohur

t -   mouth

u -   hokum   khoum

4 letters

a -   amok   mako

b -   umbo

c -   chum   hock   huck   mock   much   muck   ouch

d -   doum   kudo

e -   hoke   home   meou   moke   moue   okeh

j -   jouk

l -   holk   holm   hulk   kohl

n -   honk   hunk   monk   muon

o -   homo   hook

p -   hump   koph   ouph

r -   hour   murk

s -   hums   husk   mhos   mosh   mosk   mush   musk   ohms   shmo   souk   sumo

t -   moth   thou

v -   ovum

w -   howk   whom

y -   homy

3 letters

a -   amu   auk   ham   hao   koa   moa   oak   oka

b -   bum   hob   hub   kob   mob

c -   cum   moc

d -   dom   duh   duo   hod   mod   mud   oud   udo

e -   emu   hem   hoe   hue   kue   oke   uke

f -   foh   fou

g -   gum   hog   hug   mog   mug   ugh

h -   huh   hum   mho   ohm

i -   him   khi   koi

l -   lum   mol

m -   hmm   hum   mho   mom   mum   ohm   umm

n -   hon   hun   mon   mun   noh   nom

o -   mho   moo   ohm   oho   ooh

p -   hop   hup   kop   mop   poh   pom   ump   upo

r -   kor   mor   our   rho   rom   rum

s -   kos   mos   mus   ohs   oms   som   sou   sum

t -   hot   hut   mot   mut   out   tho   tom

u -   hum

w -   how   mow   who   wok

y -   hoy   yok   yom   you   yuk   yum

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