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Words formed from any letters in kench, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

u -   kuchen

5 letters

a -   hacek   hance

b -   bench

c -   check   kench

e -   cheek   hence   kench

h -   kench

i -   chine   chink   niche

k -   kench

n -   kench

o -   choke

s -   hecks   necks   sneck

t -   ketch   tench

u -   chunk

w -   wench

4 letters

a -   ache   acne   ankh   cake   cane   each   hack   haen   hake   hank   kane   khan

b -   beck

c -   heck   neck

d -   deck

e -   eche   heck   keen   knee   neck

f -   chef   feck

g -   geck

h -   heck

i -   chin   cine   hick   hike   inch   kine   nice   nick

k -   heck   keck   neck

l -   lech

n -   neck

o -   chon   coke   cone   conk   echo   hock   hoke   hone   honk   keno   nock   okeh   once

p -   pech   peck

r -   hern   kern   reck

s -   hens   kens

t -   cent   etch   hent   kent   khet   then

u -   cuke   huck   hunk   kune   neuk   nuke

w -   chew   hewn   knew   when

y -   yech

z -   chez

3 letters

a -   ace   ane   can   hae   kae   kea   nae   nah

b -   ben   neb

d -   den   edh   end

e -   cee   eke   hen   ken   nee

f -   feh   fen   kef

g -   eng   gen   keg

h -   heh   hen

i -   chi   hic   hie   hin   ice   ich   ick   ink   khi   kin

k -   ken

l -   cel   elk   lek

m -   hem   men

n -   hen   ken

o -   con   eon   hoe   hon   noh   oke   one

p -   cep   hep   kep   pec   peh   pen

r -   ern   her   rec

s -   ens   hes   sec   sen   she

t -   eth   het   net   nth   ten   the

u -   cue   ecu   hue   hun   kue   uke

w -   hew   new   wen

x -   hex   kex

y -   hey   key   yeh   yen

z -   zek

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