Words formed from any letters in kaleidoscopes, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

12 letters

11 letters

10 letters

9 letters

8 letters

j - jalopies  

r - aerosols   airspeed   aspersed   calipers   calories   capriole   careless   caressed   carioles   carpools   claspers   classier   coleader   colessor   coloreds   coopered   cordials   cordless   cordlike   coreless   corodies   creolise   creosols   cropless   darioles   deciares   declares   decolors   decrials   deplores   deposers   descries   despairs   despiser   diaspore   discolor   disperse   disposer   doorless   dripless   dropsies   droskies   earlocks   escapers   escarole   escarped   escolars   espalier   idocrase   kilorads   lackered   lacrosse   leopards   leporids   lordoses   lordosis   oarlocks   odorless   parceled   parodies   parolees   parslied   pedalier   pelorias   peracids   percales   percoids   picadors   pickeers   pickerel   pleaders   pleasers   polarise   precised   precises   precodes   precooks   precools   presides   preslice   presoaks   prickled   prickles   proceeds   prosodic   radicels   radicles   realised   realises   reckless   reclasps   recoaled   recoiled   recooked   recopied   recopies   relapsed   relapses   relocked   relooked   repacked   repassed   replaced   replaces   repleads   replicas   reposals   resailed   rescaled   rescales   resoaked   respaced   respaces   respades   respeaks   resplice   roadless   rockless   ropelike   roselike   roseolas   sarcoids   scalpers   scariose   sclereid   scleroid   sclerose   scolders   scoopers   scorepad   scrapies   screaked   scrooped   sidecars   sidereal   slackers   slickers   solacers   solarise   soldiers   sparkled   sparkles   sparlike   sparoids   speakers   spielers   spiracle   spiraled   splicers   spoilers   spookier   sporadic  

t - adoptees   apostils   apostles   capelets   capitols   casketed   celestas   cestodes   cestoids   citadels   cladists   clodpate   closeted   coaliest   coalpits   coatless   coesites   copilots   cosseted   dateless   delicate   depilate   deposits   desktops   desolate   despites   despotic   detassel   dialects   diastole   diestock   dioptase   discepts   ectopias   elastics   epidotes   epistles   epitases   escapist   isolated   isolates   isotopes   keitloas   lactoses   leadiest   leakiest   lepidote   lockstep   loopiest   lopstick   osteoids   ostioles   packeted   peakiest   peckiest   pectases   pedestal   peskiest   petaloid   petioled   petioles   picketed   picotees   pileated   pistoled   pistoles   plackets   plastics   plastids   plicated   pocketed   pockiest   podestas   poetical   poetised   poetises   poetless   poetlike   polecats   poloists   postcode   postdocs   potassic   scaliest   scotopia   septical   sidestep   skatoles   skeptics   slackest   slickest   soapiest   societal   socketed   sodalist   sodalite   solecist   solidest   solstice   spaciest   speciate   spicated   spikelet   spoliate   stapedes   steadies   steplike   stickled   stickles   stockade   stokesia   stoolies   tackless   tadpoles   talipeds   tapeless   tapelike   tasseled   tickseed   tideless   tieclasp   toadless   toadlike   topsails   topsides   topsoils  

7 letters

n - acinose   acnodes   aliened   alkenes   alkines   alnicos   alpines   aniseed   anisole   apnoeic   ascends   caisson   calends   calkins   candies   candles   capelin   caplins   caseins   casinos   cassino   celadon   cession   cineole   cineols   clanked   cleaned   cleanse   clinked   clonked   codeina   codeine   codeins   codlins   colones   condoes   condole   conoids   console   consols   cosines   daikons   dapsone   deacons   decanes   decline   delaine   denials   deplane   depones   dickens   doeskin   eidolon   eikones   elapine   eloined   encased   encases   enclasp   enclose   encodes   endless   enisled   enisles   enlaced   enlaces   enolase   ensiled   ensiles   enskied   enskies   eosines   epinaos   epsilon   espanol   incased   incases   inclasp   inclose   indoles   inkless   inlaced   inlaces   inscape   insoles   islands   kalends   kaoline   kaolins   keelson   kelsons   kenosis   kidnaps   kinases   kindles   kineses   kneecap   kneepad   ladinos   lesions   license   likened   linseed   lioness   loonies   loosens   napless   nickels   nickled   nickles   nodical   noodles   nookies   oilcans   oldness   oleines   oodlins   opaline   opsonic   oscines   pandies   paneled   panicle   pansies   passion   pelican   pencels   pencils   penises   pensile   pensils   peonies   pineals   pinkoes   pinocle   pinoles   plained   planked   plinked   plonked   plosion   pocosin   poisons   salines   saloons   sanicle   sapiens   scalene   scaleni   seances   seconde   secondi   secondo   seconds   selenic   sendals   senecas   senecio   seniles   senopia   sickens   silanes   silence   skeanes   skeined   slacken   slinked   snacked   snailed   sneaked   sneaped   snicked   snooked   snooled   snooped   solands   solanos   soldans   solions   sonlike   spancel   spaniel   spanked   speaned   spelean   spences   spinals   spindle   spinels   spinose   spleens   splenia   splenic   splined   splines   spondee   sponsal   spooned  

r - acerose   aerosol   airless   aperies   areoles   ariosos   arkoses   arkosic   asperse   aspired   aspires   caliper   calkers   calorie   capered   cariole   carless   caroled   carpels   carpool   ceilers   cereals   cerises   claries   claroes   clasper   classer   cleared   clerids   clerked   closers   coalers   coalier   coilers   colored   cookers   coolers   coopers   copiers   cordial   corpses   cradles   creaked   creased   creases   creedal   creoles   creosol   cresols   crisped   crissal   croaked   crooked   crossed   dackers   daikers   dariole   darkies   darkles   dealers   dearies   decares   deciare   deckers   declare   decolor   decrial   decries   deicers   dekares   deplore   deposer   depress   derails   desires   despair   dialers   diapers   dickers   dipolar   dockers   dorsals   dorsels   dossier   earless   earlock   eclairs   eldress   elopers   escaper   escarps   escolar   ireless   kaisers   kilorad   lackers   lapsers   lassoer   leaders   leadier   leakers   leakier   leapers   leasers   leopard   leporid   leprose   lickers   lispers   loaders   lockers   lookers   loopers   loopier   loricae   lorises   oarless   oarlike   oarlock   ooralis   operose   oracles   ordeals   oreides   orioles   oroides   packers   parcels   pareses   paresis   parises   parodic   parodoi   parodos   paroled   parolee   paroles   parsecs   peakier   pearled   peckers   peckier   pedlars   pedlers   peloria   peloric   peracid   percale   percoid   periled   periods   peskier   picador   picaros   pickeer   pickers   piecers   pierced   pierces   placers   pleader   pleaser   plessor   pockier   poisers   polders   porkies   praised   praises   precess   precise   precode   precook   precool   predial   presale   preside   presoak   presold   pressed   pricked   prickle   prissed   proceed   process   prosaic   prossie   radicel   radices   radicle   rassled   readies   realise   recipes   reclasp   recoals   recodes   recoils   recooks   redcaps   redials   redocks   relaced   relaces   relapse   reloads   relocks   relooks   reoiled   repacks   repeals   replace   replead   replica   replied   replies   reposal   reposed   reposes   resails   resales   rescale   reseals   resedas   resides   resiled   resiles   resoaks   resoled   resoles   respace   respade   respeak   respoke   rissole   roadeos   roadies   rodless   rodlike   rookies   roscoes   roseola   sackers   sailers   sailors   sarcoid   sarodes   scalers   scalier   scalper   scarped   sclerae   scleras   scolder   scooper   scoriae   scraped   scrapes   scrapie   screaks   screeds   scroops   sealers   secpars   serails   serapes   serials   serosae   serosal   sidecar   sidlers   skirled   slacker   slakers   slicers   slicker   sliders   slopers   soakers   soapers   soapier   soirees   solacer   solders   soldier   solider   spacers   spacier   spaders   sparids   sparked   sparkle   sparoid   speaker   speared   speired   spicers   spiders   spieler   spiered   spikers   spirals   spireas   splicer   splores   spoiler   spoored   sporoid   spreads  

t - acetose   adoptee   aloetic   aplites   apostil   apostle   ascites   aseptic   aspects   atopies   cakiest   capelet   capitol   caplets   capotes   caskets   castled   castles   catlike   celesta   cesspit   cestode   cestoid   citadel   citolas   citoles   cladist   cleated   closest   closets   coalpit   coapted   coasted   coatees   coedits   coesite   coldest   coolest   coopted   cooties   copilot   coplots   cosiest   cotidal   dacoits   dakoits   deceits   delates   delicts   delists   deltaic   depicts   deposit   desalts   desktop   despite   despots   details   deticks   dialect   dicasts   dilates   discept   disseat   dissect   dockets   dopiest   easiest   ectases   ectasis   ectopia   edictal   elastic   epidote   epistle   escoted   etoiles   ideates   iodates   isolate   isotope   keitloa   ketoses   ketosis   laciest   lactose   lakiest   latices   listees   located   locates   lockets   loosest   lotoses   oatlike   ocelots   oleates   oolites   opiated   opiates   optical   osteoid   ostiole   packets   paliest   pastels   pasties   pastils   patsies   pectase   pelites   pelotas   pesetas   pestled   pestles   petaled   petasos   petiole   petsais   pickets   picoted   picotee   pileate   piloted   piolets   pistole   pistols   placets   placket   plaited   plastic   plastid   platies   pleated   plicate   pockets   podesta   podites   poetess   poetics   poetise   pokiest   polecat   poloist   posited   postals   postdoc   potlike   potsies   psoatic   salties   sapotes   scooted   scotias   sectile   sedates   selects   septics   sickest   skatole   skatols   skelpit   skeptic   sleekit   sockets   solated   solates   soloist   sopited   sopites   spastic   spicate   spitals   stacked   stalked   stapled   staples   sticked   stickle   stipels   stocked   stoical   stooked   stooled   stoolie   stooped   tackled   tackles   tadpole   talcked   talcose   taliped   talipes   talkies   tapises   tealike   teasels   telesis   teloses   tickled   tickles   tieless   tipless   toadies   toecaps   toeless   toelike   toledos   topical   topless   topsail   topside   topsoil  

6 letters

n - acnode   adonis   aedine   aeonic   akenes   aliens   alined   alines   alkene   alkine   alnico   aloins   alpine   aneled   aneles   anises   ankled   ankles   anodes   anodic   anoles   apneic   ascend   aspens   calkin   candle   canids   canoed   canoes   cansos   caplin   capons   casein   casino   censed   censes   cineol   clanks   cleans   clines   clinks   cloned   clones   clonks   codein   codens   codlin   codons   coined   colins   colone   coloni   colons   condos   conies   conked   conoid   consol   copens   cosine   daikon   dances   danios   deacon   decane   denial   denies   depone   dienes   donees   donsie   edenic   eikons   elains   elands   eloins   encase   encode   enisle   enlace   enokis   enolic   enosis   ensile   eolian   eosine   eosins   essoin   icones   incase   indole   indols   inkles   inlace   insole   island   kaolin   kelson   kendos   kidnap   kilned   kinase   kindle   kneads   kneels   knosps   koines   ladens   ladino   lanced   lances   lanose   lapins   leaden   leaned   lensed   lenses   leones   lesion   lessen   lesson   lianes   likens   linacs   linked   loaned   lodens   loosen   nailed   naleds   necked   nicads   nicked   nickel   nickle   nicols   nieces   nocked   nodose   noesis   noised   noises   noodle   noosed   nooses   nopals   oceans   odeons   oilcan   oinked   oleine   oleins   onside   opened   opined   opines   opsins   oscine   ossein   paeons   pained   panels   panics   peasen   pecans   peined   pekans   pekins   pencel   pencil   penial   penile   pensil   peones   pianos   pineal   pinked   pinkos   pinole   plains   planed   planes   planks   plinks   plonks   poinds   poison   ponced   ponces   ponied   ponies   sained   saline   salons   saloon   sanies   sansei   scenas   scends   scenes   scions   scones   seance   season   second   sedans   seined   seines   sendal   seneca   senile   sensed   sicken   silane   silken   skeane   skeans   skeens   skeins   skenes   slinks   snacks   snails   snaked   snakes   sneaks   sneaps   snecks   snicks   sniped   snipes   snoods   snooks   snools   snoops   soland   solano   solans   soldan   solion   solons   sondes   sonics   sonsie   spanks   speans   spence   spends   spense   spinal   spined   spinel   spines   spleen   spline   spoken   spoons  

r - across   adores   aeried   aeries   aiders   alders   arcked   areole   ariels   ariled   ariose   arioso   arises   arkose   aroids   askers   aspers   aspire   cadres   cairds   cakier   calker   capers   capris   caress   caried   caries   carked   carles   caroli   carols   carped   carpel   carses   cedars   ceders   ceiler   ceorls   cereal   cerias   cerise   ciders   claros   clears   clerid   clerks   closer   coaler   coarse   coders   coiler   colder   colors   cooers   cooker   cooler   cooper   copers   copier   copras   corals   corked   corpse   corses   cosier   cradle   crakes   craped   crapes   crases   crasis   creaks   crease   credal   credos   creeds   creeks   creels   creeps   creole   creped   crepes   cresol   cripes   crises   crisps   crissa   croaks   crooks   crosse   dacker   daiker   darics   darkie   darkle   deairs   dealer   dearie   decare   decker   decors   deicer   dekare   derail   desire   dialer   diaper   dicers   dicker   dikers   docker   dolors   dopers   dopier   dories   dorsal   dorsel   dosers   dosser   drails   drakes   drapes   drecks   drools   droops   easier   eclair   eiders   elders   eloper   erased   erases   ericas   erodes   eroses   escarp   escars   eskars   eskers   ickers   idlers   irades   irokos   kaiser   karoos   kaross   kisser   kreeps   krises   lacers   lacier   lacker   laders   lairds   laired   lakers   lakier   lapser   larees   larked   lasers   leader   leaker   leaper   leaser   lepers   lesser   lessor   liards   licker   lidars   lieder   likers   lisper   loader   locker   looker   looper   looser   lopers   lorica   lories   losers   ockers   ocreae   oilers   oorali   operas   oracle   ordeal   oreads   oreide   oriels   oriole   orlops   oroide   osiers   pacers   packer   padres   paired   palier   parcel   pardee   pardie   pareos   paries   parked   parled   parles   parole   parols   parsec   parsed   parses   passer   pearls   pecker   pedlar   pedler   pedros   perdie   pereia   perils   period   perked   perses   picaro   picker   piecer   pierce   pikers   pisser   placer   pliers   poiser   pokers   pokier   polars   polder   polers   pooris   porose   posers   praise   prases   precis   priced   prices   pricks   prides   prised   prises   proles   prosed   proses   prosos   racked   rackle   radios   railed   raised   raises   rakees   rapids   rasped   rassle   reales   reaped   recaps   recess   recipe   recked   reclad   recoal   recode   recoil   recook   redcap   rediae   redial   redias   redips   redock   redoes   relace   relaid   relics   relied   relies   reload   relock   relook   reoils   repack   repaid   repass   repeal   repels   repled   repose   resaid   resail   resale   reseal   reseda   reside   resids   resile   resoak   resods   resold   resole   ricked   risked   roadeo   roadie   rocked   rodeos   roiled   rooked   rookie   roosed   rooses   roscoe   sacker   sacred   sailer   sailor   sakers   sapors   sarees   sarode   sarods   scaler   scared   scares   scarps   sclera   scored   scores   scoria   scrape   scraps   screak   screed   screes   scried   scries   scrips   scrods   scroop   sealer   seared   secpar   seders   seiser   seisor   seracs   serail   serais   serape   serial   series   serosa   sicker   sidler   sirees   skiers   skirls   slaker   slicer   slider   sloper   soaker   soaper   soared   soiree   solder   sopors   sorels   spacer   spader   spared   spares   sparid   sparks   sparse   spears   speers   speirs   spicer   spider   spiers   spiker   spiral   spirea   spired   spires   splore   spoors   sporal   spored   spores   spread   sprees  

t - adepts   adopts   aplite   ascots   aspect   atelic   atopic   cadets   caplet   capote   casket   castes   castle   cestas   cestoi   cestos   citola   citole   claspt   clasts   cleats   cloots   closet   coapts   coasts   coated   coatee   coatis   coedit   coital   coopts   cootie   coplot   cosets   cosset   costae   costal   costed   dacoit   dakoit   deceit   deists   delate   delict   delist   deltas   deltic   depict   depots   desalt   desist   despot   detail   detick   dicast   dicots   dilate   distal   docket   eclats   edicts   elated   elates   eldest   elects   elites   epacts   escots   estops   etapes   etoile   ideate   idlest   iodate   islets   istles   ketols   ketose   kilted   lasted   latkes   leasts   likest   listed   listee   locate   locket   looted   ocelot   octads   octopi   odists   oldest   oleate   oolite   ootids   opiate   optics   osteal   otiose   packet   palest   palets   pasted   pastel   pastes   pastie   pastil   pastis   patios   patois   pedate   pelite   pelota   pelted   peseta   pestle   pestos   petals   petsai   picket   picots   pietas   pilots   piolet   pistes   pistol   placet   plaits   plated   plates   pleats   pocket   podite   poetic   polite   posits   posset   postal   posted   potsie   ptoses   ptosis   sadist   salted   saltie   sapote   scoots   scotia   seated   sedate   select   septal   septic   setose   siesta   silted   skated   skates   skatol   skeets   skited   skites   slated   slates   sleets   sliest   socket   solate   sooted   sopite   sotols   spaits   spates   spelts   spital   spited   spites   splats   splits   spoilt   stacks   stades   staked   stakes   staled   stales   stalks   stapes   staple   steads   steaks   steals   steeds   steeks </