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Words formed from any letters in inflows, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

g -   fowlings

7 letters

b -   bowfins

d -   infolds

e -   olefins

f -   inflows

g -   flowing   fowling   lowings   slowing   wolfing

h -   wolfish

i -   inflows

l -   inflows

n -   inflows

o -   inflows

r -   florins

s -   inflows

w -   inflows

y -   snowily

6 letters

a -   aloins   finals

b -   bowfin

c -   clowns   colins   nicols

d -   disown   indols   indows   infold

e -   elfins   eloins   felons   filose   insole   lesion   nowise   olefin   oleins   winoes

f -   inflow

g -   flings   flongs   gonifs   losing   lowing   soling   sowing

h -   lowish   owlish

i -   inflow

l -   fillos   follis   inflow

n -   inflow

o -   foison   folios   inflow   solion

r -   florin   frowns

s -   fossil

t -   flints   tonsil

u -   fusion   insoul   sinful

w -   inflow

y -   nosily

5 letters

a -   alifs   aloin   anils   awols   fails   fanos   fawns   final   flans   flaws   foals   folia   lawns   loafs   loans   naifs   nails   salon   slain   snail   solan   swail   swain   waifs   wails   wains

b -   bison   blown   blows   boils   bowls

c -   cions   clons   clown   coifs   coils   coins   colin   cowls   flics   flocs   icons   nicol   scion   scowl   sonic   wilco

d -   diols   downs   fidos   finds   folds   fonds   idols   indol   indow   lidos   sloid   soldi   solid   wilds   winds   wolds

e -   elfin   eloin   enols   enows   eosin   felon   files   fines   flews   flies   floes   lenis   lenos   lewis   liens   lines   lowes   lowse   lweis   neifs   noels   noise   olein   owsen   sinew   solei   swine   wifes   wiles   wines

f -   filos   finos   flown   flows   foils   foins   fowls   infos   sniff   wolfs

g -   fling   flogs   flong   glows   golfs   gonif   gowns   lingo   lings   longs   owing   sling   swing   wings

h -   fohns   howfs   howls   shown   whins

i -   filos   finis   finos   foils   foins   infos   linos   lions   loins   noils   winos

j -   joins   jowls

k -   finks   folks   ikons   kilns   kilos   kinos   knows   links   oinks   slink   swink   winks   wonks

l -   fillo   fills   filos   flown   flows   foils   fowls   linos   lions   loins   nills   noils   swill   wills   wolfs

m -   films   limns   limos   milos   moils

n -   finos   flown   foins   infos   linns   linos   lions   loins   noils   winos

o -   filos   finos   flown   flows   foils   foins   folio   fools   fowls   infos   linos   lions   loins   loofs   loons   noils   nolos   olios   snool   solon   swoon   winos   wolfs   woofs   wools

p -   flips   flops   opsin   pions   plows   polis   spoil

r -   firns   frons   frown   frows   irons   loris   noirs   noris   ornis   roils   rolfs   rosin   swirl   sworn

s -   filos   finos   floss   flows   foils   foins   fowls   infos   linos   lions   loins   noils   silos   slows   snows   soils   winos   wolfs

t -   flint   flits   foist   fonts   lifts   lints   lofts   nowts   swift   toils   towns   twins   wilts   wonts

u -   fouls   fusil   louis   sulfo   swoun   woful

v -   vinos   viols

w -   flown   flows   fowls   winos   wolfs

y -   lysin   noily   noisy   snowy   sonly   yonis   yowls

z -   sozin

4 letters

a -   ails   ains   alif   alow   also   anil   anis   awls   awns   awol   fail   fain   fano   fans   fawn   fila   flan   flaw   foal   lain   lawn   laws   loaf   loan   naif   nail   naoi   naos   oafs   sail   sain   sawn   sial   slaw   snaw   sofa   sola   swan   waif   wail   wain   wans

b -   bins   bios   blin   blow   boil   bowl   bows   fibs   fobs   libs   lobs   nibs   nobs   obis   slob   snib   snob   swob

c -   cion   clon   coif   coil   coin   cols   coni   cons   cowl   cows   fico   fisc   flic   floc   foci   icon   loci   scow

d -   dins   diol   dols   dons   down   dows   fido   fids   find   fold   fond   idol   lido   lids   nodi   nods   olds   sild   slid   sold   wild   wind   wold

e -   enol   enow   eons   fens   file   fine   flew   floe   foes   isle   leis   leno   lens   lief   lien   lies   life   line   lone   lose   lowe   lwei   neif   news   noel   noes   nose   oles   ones   owes   owse   seif   self   sewn   sine   slew   sloe   sole   sone   wens   wife   wile   wine   wise   woes

f -   filo   fils   fino   fins   flow   foil   foin   fons   fowl   info   offs   wolf

g -   figs   flog   fogs   gins   glow   golf   gown   ling   logs   long   nogs   sign   sing   slog   snog   song   swig   wigs   wing   wogs

h -   fish   fohn   hins   hisn   hols   hons   howf   howl   hows   nosh   shin   show   sinh   whin   wish

i -   filo   fils   fino   fins   foil   foin   info   ions   iwis   lino   lins   lion   loin   nils   nisi   noil   oils   silo   soil   soli   wino   wins

j -   jins   join   jowl   jows

k -   fink   folk   ikon   ilks   inks   kifs   kiln   kilo   kino   kins   know   kois   link   oink   silk   sink   skin   wink   woks   wonk

l -   fill   filo   fils   flow   foil   fowl   ills   lino   lins   lion   loin   lown   lows   nill   nils   noil   oils   owls   sill   silo   slow   soil   soli   will   wolf

m -   film   limn   limo   milo   mils   miso   moil   mols   mons   mown   mows   nims   noms   slim   swim

n -   fino   fins   foin   fons   info   inns   ions   linn   lino   lins   lion   loin   lown   nils   noil   nows   owns   snow   sown   wino   wins   wons

o -   filo   fino   flow   foil   foin   fons   fool   fowl   info   ions   lino   lion   loin   loof   loon   loos   lown   lows   noil   nolo   nows   oils   olio   owls   owns   silo   slow   snow   soil   soli   solo   soon   sown   wino   wolf   wons   woof   wool   woos

p -   flip   flop   fops   lips   lisp   lops   nips   pins   pion   piso   plow   pois   pols   pons   pows   slip   slop   snip   spin   swop   wisp   wops

r -   firn   firs   frow   inro   iron   lorn   noir   nori   rifs   rins   roil   rolf   rows   sori   sorn   worn

s -   fils   fins   fons   foss   ions   lins   loss   lows   nils   nows   oils   owls   owns   silo   sins   slow   snow   soil   soli   sols   sons   sown   sows   wins   wiss   wons

t -   fist   fits   flit   font   into   lift   lint   list   lits   loft   lost   loti   lots   nits   nowt   sift   silt   slit   slot   snit   snot   soft   stow   swot   tils   tins   toil   tons   town   tows   twin   twos   wilt   wist   wits   wont   wost   wots

u -   flus   foul   funs   nous   onus   soul

v -   vino   viol   vows

w -   flow   fowl   lown   lows   nows   owls   owns   slow   snow   sown   wino   wins   wolf   wons   wows

y -   foys   inly   liny   nosy   oily   only   syli   wily   winy   wyns   yins   yoni   yowl   yows   ywis

z -   zins

3 letters

a -   ail   ain   ais   als   ani   awl   awn   fan   fas   las   law   naw   oaf   sal   saw   wan   was

b -   bin   bio   bis   bos   bow   fib   fob   lib   lob   nib   nob   obi   sib   sob

c -   cis   col   con   cos   cow   sic

d -   din   dis   dol   don   dos   dow   fid   ids   lid   nod   ods   old   sod

e -   efs   elf   els   ens   eon   fen   few   fie   foe   lei   lie   new   oes   ole   one   ose   owe   sei   sel   sen   sew   wen   woe

f -   fil   fin   fon   iff   ifs   off

g -   fig   fog   gin   gos   log   nog   wig   wog

h -   foh   hin   his   hon   how   noh   ohs   who

i -   fil   fin   ifs   ins   ion   lin   lis   nil   oil   sin   win   wis

j -   jin   jow

k -   ilk   ink   kif   kin   koi   kos   ski   wok

l -   fil   ill   lin   lis   low   nil   oil   owl   sol

m -   ism   mil   mis   mol   mon   mos   mow   nim   nom   oms   sim   som

n -   fin   fon   inn   ins   ion   lin   nil   nos   now   ons   own   sin   son   win   won

o -   fon   ion   loo   low   noo   nos   now   oil   ons   owl   own   sol   son   sow   won   woo   wos

p -   fop   lip   lop   nip   ops   pin   pis   poi   pol   pow   psi   sip   sop   wop

r -   fir   for   fro   nor   ors   rif   rin   row   sir   sri

s -   ifs   ins   lis   nos   ons   sin   sis   sol   son   sos   sow   wis   wos

t -   fit   its   lit   lot   nit   not   oft   sit   sot   til   tin   tis   ton   tow   two   wit   wot

u -   flu   fou   fun   nus   sou   sun   uns

v -   vis   vow

w -   low   now   owl   own   sow   win   wis   won   wos   wow

x -   fix   fox   lox   nix   six   sox   xis

y -   fly   foy   sly   soy   syn   wyn   yin   yon   yow

z -   fiz   wiz   zin

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